Fidel Gutierrez Vivanco
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Fidel Gutierrez Vivanco

Fidel Gutiérrez Vivanco, Vice President of the World Philosophical Forum, PhD and Master in epistemology, graduated from the Major National University of San Marcos, and graduated in Medical Technology from the Federico Villarreal National University in Lima, Peru. He was awarded the Gusi Peace Prize in philosophy and science in the city of Manila in 2012. He is the author of the Princonser method, an innovation in the field of philosophy, science and technology. He is also the author of the following publications:

  • The Man and His Spirit, published in Lima, Peru, in 2000.
  • Philosophy of Conservation, published in Lima Peru in 2000.
  • The Beginning of Success, published in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2005.
  • Author of the chapter, The Philosophy of Conservation and Bioethics, in the book Bioethics, Volume II, edited by the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, published in Spain in 2005.
  • Philosophy of Destruction, published in Lima Peru in 2007.
  • The Princonser method and the Human Dimension, published in Madrid Spain in 2014.

He has participated as a speaker in World Philosophy Congresses, such as in Istanbul, Turkey in 2003, in Athens, Greece in 2013, in Warsaw, Poland in 2016, in Lima, Peru in 2018, and in Beijing, China in 2018. He has also participated in World Philosophy Forums in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2019 and in Coahuila, Mexico in 2021.

He has worked as a postgraduate professor at the following universities: National University of San Cristóbal de Huamanga, César Vallejo University and Hermilio Valdizan National University. He is currently the General Manager of the Princonser School of Philosophy. This school promotes the innovation of the philosophical foundations of education, politics and science, in order to contribute to the education and formation of planetary consciousness and universal wisdom, which is a necessary condition for the integration and conservation of humanity.

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