From the point of view of the universal essence, war is destructive, it destroys people, structures, constructions, organizations, in short, everything that is destroyed is matter. The agent that forms and destroys matter is energy. Energy arises from the disintegration of matter. A missile as a destructive weapon is created by the energy that is the creative mind. A missile is only an instrument of destruction, the author of destruction is the human mind. Why does the human mind direct its creation to destroy its own species? The cause is in your weak energy, weak thinking, weak morals. On the other hand, strong energy has the ability to integrate, unite, and lead humanity. The moral strength of humanity depends on its universal values. Today's humanity is governed by individual values, therefore, energy is weak, thought is weak and morality is weak, consequently, it is destined to perish, the evidence is conflict as part of its destruction. Thus, war is inevitable, self-destruction is inevitable. The only species that self-destructs is humanity.

In nature, the solution to war is integration, where a smaller organization is integrated into a larger organization, and this into a higher one, so successively the organizations are integrated into the universal order. The problem of humanity is its lack of organization as a species integrated into the universe. This lack of organization is due to their weak thinking.

The human species cannot rely on itself, nor can the human being be governed by the human being himself. All government of man by man tends to fail. Just as physical structures are consistent because they are supported by physical laws, the human species to be consistent must be supported by universal principles and laws. Some countries can be considered destructive powers, but they are not powers of hope and preservation of life; Therefore, they are not references of life values to follow. An insignificant country or organization can be a powerhouse of life if it is governed by universal values. The weakness of the countries that seek to govern the world is manifested in the crisis of the individual, in the family crisis, in the social crisis, the international crisis and the global crisis. Crisis means disintegration and every disintegration releases energy. The release of energy implies at the same time the alteration of the balance of the interaction environment. This is the process of wars that have their source in existential weakness. This weakness as in atoms ends in disintegration. Wars are manifestations of disintegration, therefore, they are inevitable.

Generally, where there are losers and winners, capitulation occurs, and a new order is established. The strength of a new order depends on the superior force of integration. This superior force is supported by universal values. Based on universal values, the first rule that we have to adopt as humanity is our dependence on the universal order. That is, the order of humanity does not depend on itself, but on the universal order. Under this premise it is necessary to rebuild everything. Thus, the new judges will be based on universal principles and laws. The new teachers will be those who lead to universal wisdom through universal principles and laws. The rulers will lead society based on universal principles and laws. Indeed, humanity today has the task of cultivating universal peace based on universal principles and laws, this is the strong energy that orders all the weak energies that have failed throughout history. Ideologies, political forces, and philosophical currents failed. The common cause of all failures is disconnection from the essence and universal principles.

Currently, humanity experiences war as the only resource it has because it has not foreseen a real solution from its organizations created for peace. The universal declaration of human rights has demonstrated its weakness in the face of global conflicts. The weakness of the universal declaration of human rights reflects the weakness of its foundations. The weakness of its foundations is the philosophical approach of modernity that has the individual, the person, as its centre. The 21st century demands a solid philosophical foundation based on the universal essence. Human beings have to integrate into the universal order through the principles and laws that govern the universe.

Regardless of the principles and laws of the universe, whatever the outcome of the ongoing wars that humanity is experiencing today, it will continue to be a latent problem that will trigger successive wars. Humanity has to be aware that life depends on energy, and strong energy is in universal values. Universal values are represented in the universal truth, in the universal wisdom and in the universal morality of the human being. Universal wisdom must be the guide of humanity. Until today, humanity has been driven by physical force, political forces, social forces and diversity of norms of coexistence. All these forces are weak, therefore, in their application they become destructive for humanity and nature. Superior forces are needed to order the weak forces. These higher forces are universal values that are based on universal principles and laws.

As long as humanity does not rebuild its paradigm of life based on the universal essence, it will continue to be weak as an organization that will enter into new conflicts where war will be inevitable even though it is not the solution.