Sunday, July 21, 2024
Explore the compelling mummy portrait of a youthful soldier displayed at the Altes Museum in Berlin, offering insight into ancient Egyptian funerary practices and artistic expression
Delve into the exquisite mummy portrait of a woman, adorned with encaustic paintings on lime panels—crafted from imported Mediterranean wood, commonly utilized for Hawara portraits. This panel, designed to cover the face of a mummy, offers a captivating glimpse into ancient Egyptian burial customs and artistic techniques
Mummy portrait of a woman from Fauym, Hawara,modern-day Egypt. The portrait was painted in encaustic on wood. Roman, 300-325 CE. The British Museum, London
Uncover the striking Mummy Portrait of a Bearded Man exhibited at the Altes Museum in Berlin, revealing the artistry of ancient Egyptian burial customs
Explore the captivating mummy trappings including a striking painted portrait of a bearded man, originating from Egypt and possibly discovered in Negatine-Ella or Hawara. Crafted from wood and adorned with intricate paintwork, this artifact offers a glimpse into ancient Egyptian artistry

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