The universal essence is the inseparable unity of matter and energy that constitutes the nature of all systems in the universe. All systems in the universe are entities of different levels of organization. The beings of nature are organizational systems of different evolutionary levels. Within the evolutionary levels are living beings. Within the living beings of nature are plants, animals and humans. The human being has the ability to reach the universal essence through universal reason. The interaction and integration of universal reason with the universal essence give birth to universal consciousness. Universal consciousness manifests itself in the universal wisdom. Thus, universal wisdom is the goal of fulfillment of the human being. The realization of the human being is achieved by following the path of education. The education of the human being consists in cultivating universal wisdom through interaction and integration with the universal essence. The universal essence is everywhere, in all the elements. It is also in the instruments created by man.

The universal essence is characterized by the continuous transformation of energy into matter and matter into energy. This continuous transformation determines the universal movement of entities and the unidirectional sense of time. This unidirectional sense of time also determines the history of humanity and the evolution of consciousness. The universal essence is the reason why our mind requires a biological body. The continuous transformation of the universal essence is the reason for biological temporality and spiritual timelessness in the human being. The timelessness of the spiritual being determines the need to attain universal wisdom.

Human reality

The inseparability of energy and matter is reflected in the nature of the human being. The nature of the human being constitutes the biological being, the social being and the spiritual being. The biological being represents matter and the spiritual being represents energy. The social being is the field of interaction between the biological and the spiritual. This field of interaction varies according to the evolutionary level of the mind. The first field of interaction is the family. The next field of interaction is the community. Both the family and the community are systems of social interaction. These systems of social interaction are the result of the spiritual evolutionary level. Thus, we have the levels of integration ascending as a result of the levels of evolution of the spirit: the individual, society, humanity, planet Earth and the universe. At the individual level, the field of interaction between the spiritual being and the biological being is the family as an elementary unit of society. In the social field, the levels of integration also determine the levels of spiritual identity. Thus, the levels of spiritual identity correspond to the levels of the organization, thus, we can identify individual identity, social identity, human identity, planetary identity, and universal identity. Naturally, the universal identity reflects the formation of the universal consciousness that is equivalent to the highest level of spirituality.

We can have different approaches to human life and we can develop different theories to lead humanity. In fact, throughout history, we have seen different conservation attempts, some successful, others unsuccessful. The right path is what allows humanity to reach universal wisdom. The ancient cultures that reached universal wisdom failed in their attempt to preserve society due to a problem with education. To guarantee the conservation of society, it is necessary to form a universal conscience in every citizen. At present, education is focused on training man for work, the universal essence in the human being is forgotten, this universal essence is the spiritual being and the biological being, in other words, we educate man for society. But society is only a means of interaction that materializes in work. Work is only a means, it is not the end of the human being. This error in focus is the cause of humanity's frustration. A change in this approach allows us to understand the meaning of the life of man oriented to the realization of his spiritual being. The goal of human life is to achieve universal wisdom, society is only a means of interaction. If we mistakenly consider society to be an end of human life, we will only develop political theories of social conservation; thus we will neglect the universal essence, the neglect of the universal essence of our time is expressed in a world population with a mentality out of date with its time and this same world population suffers from health problems. This global problem is the basis of the instability and uncertainty of our human species.


Considering the nature of the human being, biological, social and spiritual, three possibilities can be identified for the conservation of humanity.

Biological dimension

The biological dimension is determined by the laws of nature. The biological being is the perfect work of nature where the universal essence is expressed through its principles and laws. At this level little or nothing has to intervene the human being. All human intervention must be adopted to the laws of nature taking into account the conservation of humanity. The perfection of biological reality is manifested in the genetic code. The genetic code is the materialization of information. One of the characteristics of the genetic code is its universality. This universality is expressed in the presence of DNA in all the cells of the organism. This universality is a pending issue in the spiritual dimension. That is, we have a perfect biological being and a spiritual being in the process of formation.

Social dimension

The social dimension is a field of interaction determined by the evolution of human consciousness, therefore, the greatest emphasis of human life should be education to form the universal consciousness. At present, greater emphasis is placed on the social dimension to solve the problems of humanity with negative results. That is, we still cannot resolve human conflicts. For this reason, it is important to consider the universal essence in order to develop a sound approach to human life. The social dimension is a consequence of the interaction between the perfect biological being and the spiritual being in formation. Considering that the goal of the formation of the human being is to reach universal wisdom, it is necessary to create a field of interaction for the citizens of the Earth. This new field of interaction is the integration of humanity within the Universal State of Earth.

Spiritual dimension

This is the main problem of humanity, we have neglected this dimension by trying to solve global problems from the field of social interaction, considering that the essence of the human being is his social condition. This error in approach has triggered major problems in human survival. Today's task is to return to the universal essence as a starting point and reference to give meaning to human life by cultivating universal consciousness through education.


  1. Humanity is an organizational system that has nature and essence. The nature of humanity is its three dimensions, to be biological, to be social, and to be spiritual.
  2. The essence of humanity is the unity of the biological being and the spiritual being. According to the universal essence, the conservation of humanity depends on the evolution of its spiritual being. Thus, the fundamental purpose of education is to lead the human being to universal consciousness.
  3. The biological being represents matter and as such is a temporary support for the spiritual being.
  4. The biological being is temporary support of the spiritual being. The social being is a means of interaction between the biological being and the spiritual being. Therefore, the spiritual being is the true end of human life.