The events in the world evidence the advent of the era of the flourishing of humanity. Humanity is an element of the universe and is governed by its universal principles and laws. Even when we humans make efforts oriented towards our points of view with healthy intentions, only those intentions that agree with universal principles and laws will come true. The universal principles and laws have their foundation in the universal essence. The knowledge of the universal essence is the first step that the human being should take to order his actions, objectives, intentions, and ideals correctly. The lack of ideals is one of humanity's weaknesses, which is why it is inevitably disintegrating and self-destructing.

If humanity is on the way to its self-destruction, how is the era of its flourishing possible? According to the universal essence, all disintegration releases energy. The energy released by the self-destruction of humanity is the ideas that arise as a consequence, in the form of concerns, attitudes of responsibility, investigation of the causes, and creation of thoughts, all aimed at responding to the world's problems. The problem of the current world is the self-destruction of humanity, the intensity of this problem proportionally generates the same intensity of the reaction in ideas. However, to guarantee the integration of humanity, the superiority of energy expressed in values, ideals and thoughts is necessary. This superiority of energy is the result of the integration of human energy with the energy of the universe. This integration of forces constitutes the new universal force that leads humanity to its flourishing.

According to the principle of inseparability of energy and matter, the disintegration of material systems generates the release of energy, this energy tends to integrate into a new system. In humanity it happens in the same way, the new ideas and universal thoughts lead to the integration of humanity. In other words, humanity integrates because of the energy that is superior to the conservation of humanity. Superior energy does not arise from the human mind, nor from human values, the energy that is capable of integrating humanity has universal bases, the same universal bases that make life in nature and existence in the universe possible.

According to the principle of conservation of energy, ideals are integrated into humanity through planetary consciousness, this planetary consciousness is the force that drives humanity's destiny towards its conservation. For this reason, human forces are not sufficient for their conservation over time since all forces are interconnected in the universe. For this reason, humanity in all times has searched for the universal essence, has searched for the universal principles to connect with the forces of the universe. When humanity decided to annul the universal truths, at the same time it is disconnected from the universal forces, conducting itself only with the human forces that arise as political ideas and philosophical currents grouped in weak thought. The worst mistake of humanity is to lean on weak thinking. Weak thought is the low energy that makes human life inconsistent and therefore leads to self-destruction.

According to the principle of destruction, any system that is driven by weak energy is destined to disintegrate. In humanity, disintegration is a process that includes global conflicts, social conflicts, and personal conflicts. This concatenation of conflicts reflects the concatenation of energy levels. The rupture of energy at a certain level of connection triggers the rupture at lower levels.

The concatenation of conflicts also shows us the inseparability of energy and matter; therefore, the weakness of energy leads to the disintegration of the system. Weak thought generates the disintegration of humanity. This fact leads us to reflect and generate new thoughts. This creation of new thoughts leads us to substantiation, to seek the universal foundations, that is, to return to the universal principles to give consistency to the new ideals of humanity.

To return to universal principles, the interaction of the human mind with reality is necessary. In this interaction, false ideas are canceled to reach universal ideas that are based on universal truth. The universal truth is based on universal principles and laws. Knowledge of universal principles and laws are new truths that must be cultivated through education. Education is a process that leads the human being to the universal essence. The universal essence is the basis of universal wisdom. Universal wisdom is the integration of universal energy into human consciousness.

The formation of human consciousness reflects the integration of energy into the person. Universal principles and laws are the identification of universal energy. This universal energy is conceptualized in thought as universal truth. Therefore, all truth is based on the energy represented in the law. The strength of the truth is proportional to the strength of its foundation, which can be a principle, a universal law or a specific law. Knowledge of universal principles and laws is the process of integrating energy into human consciousness. This knowledge of universal principles and laws has the highest hierarchy, as such, it is the strong energy that guarantees the conservation of humanity. The strength of thought depends on its foundation. If the foundation of truth is universal, its force will also be universal.

On the other hand, when the force of thought is weak because its foundations are false ideas, beliefs, untested hypotheses, or temporary scientific theories, sooner or later they generate conflicts with reality, and if these ideas are applied in humanity they originate global conflicts, starting the disintegration of humanity, society and the person.

The disintegration of humanity generates the creation of new ideas, new thoughts, and new ideals. Energy is indestructible; therefore, humanity will continue to generate new ideas for its conservation. Only matter is destructible, only people are subject to the law of temporality because as living beings we have material biological support that depends on energy, this dependence on energy makes us temporary beings. This is the reason why human beings have always sought timelessness, transcendence, and immortality and found it in the universal truth.