The method, the truth, and the investigation are like the way, the truth, and the life. The method is the way to reach the truth. The truth is the objective of the investigation. Research is the interaction with the world, it is integration and disintegration, it is analysis and synthesis, it is itself, the flow of life.

The discovery of the truth reveals to us the efficiency of the method. Both the method and the investigation are means, what matters is the result of the investigation, that is, the truth. To know the importance of the truth, let's see what do we investigate? We investigate the absence of truth, we investigate the cause of an unknown fact or phenomenon, we investigate the essence of a problem. The unknown fact is the starting point of an investigation. That fact has a specific truth that is necessary to know. Why is it necessary to know the specific truth of a fact? It is necessary to know the truth for certainty, for the security of life, therefore, the truth is the support of life. Human knowledge arises from this need to be certain of the fact. With the knowledge of the facts also arises the manipulation of the facts and objects. Later, during evolution, the manipulation of objects gives rise to the creation of instruments. The evolution of instruments gives birth to technique, and technique to technology. Thus, knowledge and the instrument have been inseparable.

The manipulation of objects became technology. And the knowledge of the objects became the discovery of the laws. With the discovery of laws came technique. The technique is the most advanced level of manipulation of objects through knowledge and management of their laws. All technology is based on technique and all technique is based on law. And all law is of nature. Therefore, nature is not only the source of life but also of knowledge. Knowledge is also subject to evolution. Human intelligence has evolved from the simple knowledge of empirical reality to the deeper and more universal knowledge of the world. This knowledge process has stages that go from empirical knowledge to scientific knowledge, and from scientific knowledge to universal knowledge. Each stage has its means of knowledge. Empirical knowledge has as its means the sensory organs. Scientific knowledge is based on the scientific method that combines scientific theory with experiment, reason, and experience. Universal knowledge is through the philosophical method. Just as universal knowledge is the basis of scientific knowledge, the philosophical method is also the basis of the scientific method.

The philosophical method is also subject to evolution. In this process of evolution of the method, and in view of the complex problems that humanity faces, the need arises to innovate the philosophical method to facilitate philosophical, scientific, and empirical research. In response to this need of humanity, the Princonser philosophical method arises. The Princonser method works with universal reason, scientific reason, and empirical reason. The integration of the method in the three levels also allows you to integrate empirical, scientific, and philosophical knowledge.

The Princonser research method has the following advantages:

  • Integrates the empirical, scientific, and philosophical method.
  • Integrates empirical, scientific and philosophical knowledge.
  • It is applied in empirical, scientific and philosophical research.
  • The speed in understanding and handling is due to its theoretical foundations.
  • The speed of its application and management derives from the speed in its understanding.

The most important thing about the Princonser method is the guarantee of achieving the result, that is, the truth. The research method is intended to discover the truth, the truth in science is based on scientific law. The Princonser method is designed to discover scientific law.

In everyday life, human beings are constantly investigating at the empirical level. At the scientific level, our research follows the experimental method. With the experimental method, the hypothesis is contrasted with the facts and a rational explanation of the facts is reached. But this scientific method lacks the next step, the discovery of the law. For this reason, and due to the social implications in the world, it is necessary to innovate the research method in science. The innovation of the research method implies previously innovating the philosophical method. Thus, the Princonser research method is a philosophical, scientific, and empirical method.

With the philosophical method we can solve the global problems of humanity. With the scientific method we can solve the limits of science, or the still unresolved problems of science. And with the empirical method we can solve the problems of everyday life.

Therefore, the Princonser method is the way, the truth and the life.