In these times of global tension, we are interested in our human species, we are interested in the home where we live, we are interested in life on Earth, we are interested in ensuring that all elements of the universe are preserved in accordance with the laws of the universe. In the past and present, everything was understood and thought of in terms of the laws of nature.

Today, everything has changed, the laws of nature have other laws that govern them. The same laws of nature obey the laws of the universe; therefore, humans have the urgency to understand the laws of the universe to rearrange the meaning of our lives. Something new is happening with the human species, much of its ideals are materializing in extinction. War is not made by humans, it is made by the laws of the universe, as humans, we only do what energy commands us, directs us, leads us from our consciences.

Forces govern our consciousness, our intelligence, these forces are the universal laws. There is no intelligence without reasoning, there is no reasoning without truth, there is no truth without universal law. Universal law is what determines actions, human behavior. The only way to save humanity is by knowing and managing the universal laws. One way to manage is by adapting our lives to the laws of the universe, one way to manage is by creating techniques based on universal laws to guide human behaviour.

We are facing a new irrationality. The irrationality of acting without knowing the universal laws, the irrationality of thinking without the universal laws, the irrationality of creating without the universal laws, the irrationality of leading society without the universal laws, and the result of this new irrationality is the self-destruction of humanity. When Newton presented us with the laws of nature, humans acquired the power of transformation, but the next task of completing the transformation cycle was missing to avoid waste, to avoid contamination, to avoid destruction.

Humanity is in time to know the universal laws to save itself. The path is not war, the path is power in itself, power is not in the capacity for destruction. Power is in energy, and energy moves by its universal laws. Everything we perceive is matter, matter has its principle of destruction and its laws of disintegration and temporality. Humanity follows exactly the principle of destruction of matter, forgets energy and its principle of conservation with its laws of integration and temporality that allows us to transcend. Humans seek all forms of transcendence, however, they do just the opposite by following the principle of destruction of matter.

If we want to climb in the awakening of consciousness we can reach the universal essence. Being in the universal essence means for the human being its salvation. In universal essence is the unification of all beings in the universe, in universal essence all beings in the universe "speak the same language" colloquially speaking. All human conflicts dissolve in universal essence. Therefore, it is important, urgent and in the state in which our human species is, it is an emergency to reach universal essence. To reach universal essence, it is only necessary to accept our reality, our human condition of helplessness, loneliness, uncertainty, without ideals, without dreams, without hope, everything is reduced to here and now, of something we are sure of, of our self-destruction.

How much will exists within us to get out of this path of extinction? How high must the values be that drive us to abandon this path of destruction? It is only an instant of decision, everything else is a sequence that guides us the laws of the universe. We lack a planetary consciousness that we have not cultivated through education, we lack a universal ethic due to the lack of universal values that we have also not cultivated through education. We lack universal wisdom that we have also not cultivated through education. Today's education remains a problem, a limitation, and a deception. The higher the education, the more self-deception. So many bright minds on the planet have not noticed that the force that moves the human being is energy, and energy has its universal laws.

Science, pure science, has blinded us, has deprived us of the awakening of consciousness. Our intelligence has been reduced to empirical evidence as a criterion of truth. Empirical evidence tests matter, but not energy, measures matter, but not energy, therefore, from matter we cannot solve human problems. We need to understand the forces that move humanity, these forces have their laws, these laws we have presented through the Princonser method. Princonser means the principle of conservation of being, that is, it is the path that beings of the universe have followed, follow, and will continue to follow. The human being cannot be the exception of not following the principle of conservation of being.

At the individual level, each one can survive. At the social level, we lack survival capacity because we do not know the universal laws. At the level of humanity, we lack conservation capacity because we do not know the universal laws. According to the order of movement of energy, it is necessary for us humans to know the universal laws, because the conservation of humanity depends on the conservation of society, and the conservation of society depends on the conservation of the person. Understanding the law of the descending hierarchy of energy can stop the self-destruction of humanity. Since energy moves humanity and energy has its universal laws that we need to know to conduct ourselves as beings of the universe. This is the path of hope, peace, and life for our planet.