Global problems continue to worsen, and an alternative force in favor of life, security, and peace has not yet emerged. Has the human species reached the end of its existence on Earth? Is the human species a danger to planetary life? Why save humanity?

Many ask these questions; each one provides an explanation. We often hear people say, "Why work so hard if you'll just go to the other world and take nothing with you?" This reasoning is valid if we believe that life ends in this world, and our body goes into the ground. In such reasoning, we are following the principle of destruction. This principle of destruction applies to material bodies and temporary systems. It is true that human life has two components: the biological material body and consciousness as energy.

Our body is governed by the principle of destruction, and consciousness by the principle of conservation. Life is energy-dependent on the material body. This premise may be the reason to save humanity. Life is energy, and death belongs to matter. Misunderstanding or not understanding this thesis has given a destructive sense to human life. We have abandoned the path of conservation because we have associated life with matter, so we are tied to the biological body, and we make our lives depend on material possessions. Power is seen in possession when it is actually the opposite; the more we depend on matter, the weaker we become. Life is energy and is destined to grow, evolve, and be preserved. If we had followed the path of conservation, we would be a flourishing species on the planet today, the rulers of life in nature, and with the possibility of discovering new civilizations in other parts of the universe.

According to the Princonser philosophy, life continues in successive planes; life is energy and indestructible. We follow the principle of conservation, as do other beings that together makeup nature. In other words, nature itself is the result of the principle of conservation. The principle of conservation is the path of energy. Through energy, the universe is interconnected. If beings in the universe were disconnected from each other, there would be no point in thinking about humanity, society, or life. It would be like in a jungle where the struggle for survival establishes the rule of the strongest, where the one with the most physical strength prevails.

The origin of man is the overcoming of all forms of life on the planet. Man is governed by rules, codes, laws, norms, principles, and values. Each of these elements is a form of energy. With these forms of energy, we have entered a new era, but we failed to understand the hierarchy of energy. For example, universal values are higher driving forces, but we do not cultivate them. We take different driving forces indiscriminately, all weak; that is why we have entered a new struggle among humans, where the struggle for survival is determined by destructive forces. In this stage of human life, the strong survive, and the weak forces succumb.

Education appears as a means of survival that prepares man based on strong forces. What are the strong forces? They are forces that move consciousness toward its development, growth, and attainment of universal wisdom. Over time, the search for strong forces has given rise to myths, religions, science, and today, the Princonser philosophy. Princonser is based on universal forces that govern the universe. The universe is interconnected; individual self-preservation is impossible; that is why individual struggle is the sure path to failure. Universal force encompasses everyone, and integrates everyone; at this level, as Parmenides mentions, being and thinking are one and the same thing.

Currently, the question of whether it is worth saving humanity remains. The principle of conservation is the only reason. Today, humanity follows the principle of destruction, uses physical force, fights for physical possession, and uses intelligence for destruction and self-annihilation, all due to weak forces. Leaders are guided by weak forces; therefore, they can only respond to their groups. Weak moral forces make them insecure; insecurity is the mother of wars. War is the materialization of weak energy. The weak energy that governs modern life is the source of self-destruction.

Today's children are the new seeds of humanity that need fertile soil, strong energy, and universal energy. It is of no use for each one to care only for their child, as they will still be victims of the weak energy prevailing in humanity. Saving humanity does not mean carrying it on one's shoulders. Saving humanity means preparing fertile ground for childhood, for the new seeds of humanity. Fertile ground means cultivating universal force in consciousness through education. This is the role of the university and the school. The university trains the universal teacher, and in school, the universal teacher shapes universal consciousness in childhood.

Is the university prepared to take on the new role of forming the universal teacher?

Professionals with universal wisdom must emerge from the university. Currently, the university graduates professionals with specialties but without universal wisdom. In other words, citizens graduate with a weak mentality. This indicates that there is a problem in the university that needs to be addressed. Responding to this need, the Princonser University emerges to innovate the new spirit of the university, as the center for forming universal consciousness, integrating all the achievements of humanity. The innovation of a university comprises two defined fields: creating knowledge through research and professional training, which includes mastery of the specialty and universal wisdom. This is the contribution of Princonser University to universities on the planet: cultivating universal wisdom.

What is expected to be achieved with universal wisdom? Universal wisdom is the first condition for integrating humanity. Why is it necessary to integrate humanity? To guarantee security, peace, and the preservation of life, and prepare for the next era of interaction with other civilizations in the universe. Life continues beyond Earth.