The bond between universal wisdom and the Universal State of Earth is inseparable. There can't be humanity organized in a Universal State of Earth without citizenship that possesses universal wisdom. The "Universal State of Earth" represents the highest level of organization, reflecting the highest level of human realization. Therefore, we find ourselves with the following question: which comes first, "universal wisdom" or the "Universal State of Earth"? This question leads us to the basics, that is, the universal essence.

At the level of the universal essence, we can ask ourselves: which comes first, energy or matter? If we consider that the universal essence is the inseparable unity of energy and matter, these two elements form a unit and, together, constitute systems. Thus, the existence of the "Universal State of Earth" reflects the existence of universal wisdom. That it has not yet been established at the planetary level means that universal wisdom has not yet been established at the planetary level either. For now, this is the path that is being envisioned for humanity.

Today's humanity seeks peace, but its search often ends in conflict because it has not yet achieved its integration. Currently, international organizations have their own plans to achieve world peace. Each plan fails because it does not possess enough strength to integrate humanity. Where is the sufficient strength to integrate humanity? This strength resides in universal values, which until now are not being used.

Current plans for the integration of humanity are based on economic power and the power of destructive weapons. Economic power manages matter, and weapon power destroys it. Neither economic power nor weapon power is enough to integrate humanity. The integration of humanity requires superior forces found in universal values. Spiritual forces cannot be dominated by physical forces. Physical forces have a different hierarchy than spiritual forces. If we apply physical forces to integrate humanity, we simply won't achieve it due to their weakness; therefore, their application results in destruction. This destruction manifests in global conflicts.

Even though it is certain that universal values constitute enough force to integrate humanity, humanity itself is not prepared to manage universal values, which does not mean that it is doomed to self-destruction. The first task is to prepare humanity so that it can be governed by universal values. Nowadays, the first step to preparing humanity is to open the mind to the laws of nature and the universe.

Reality comes first, then the human mindset. You cannot adapt the world to the human mindset; it is the human mind that must adapt and integrate itself into the world to reality. Reality is governed by universal principles and laws. These universal principles and laws direct the movement of energy, which has a downward direction, from a greater energy to a lesser one. Universal principles and laws make up a hierarchy that reflects the order of nature and the universe. This universal order must be learned by humanity.

The universe is the living environment of humanity. Every living being had its living environment and is obliged to recognize it, understand it, and adapt to it. For its survival, humanity is obligated to understand and integrate itself into its living environment, which is the universe. In this process of understanding and integrating the universe, worldviews have been created throughout history in the form of myths, religions, and science. Now, in the 21st century, we need philosophy to understand the principles and laws of the universe and to build universal wisdom equivalent to the worldview.

If humanity were a single person, it would understand the moment and change the direction of its destiny, opting to cultivate universal values. However, people move by social, political, ideological, religious, and rational forces. This set of forces is in motion, determining the multidirectional sense of human life. You cannot stop this multidirectional movement from one moment to the next; each movement has to come to an end by exhaustion. Meanwhile, according to the laws of natural selection, the fittest minds, those that will pass into transcendence, giving continuity to humanity, will choose universal values. The superior force of universal values follows the universal order and, therefore, governs human life.

It can be affirmed that today's humanity is governed by universal laws, even when we humans attribute the authorship of our actions to ourselves. This attribution is only a way of understanding based on the worldview that we have built. The worldview that governs current human life belongs to past centuries. Therefore, it is inappropriate for the 21st century, for the era of knowledge, for the era of universal integration. In human beings, ideas determine actions. Therefore, outdated worldviews determine the wrong actions that lead us to failure. The failure of humanity is reflected in the global, social, and personal crises.

The way out of this crisis is the update of the worldview based on the principles and laws of the universe. The update of the worldview in accordance with the 21st century equates to the formation of universal wisdom. Universal wisdom is based on universal reason, which is based on universal truth. The universal truth is based on the principles and laws of the universe. Therefore, the universal truth is a universal value that has the power to integrate humanity. This integration of humanity materializes in the formation of the "Universal State of Earth."