In the universe, the beings that follow the principle of conservation are integrated and form stable systems. Unstable systems disintegrate and perish with time. The ways in which unstable systems perish are multiple, among them are conflicts. The global conflicts that humanity suffers reflect its instability as a system. The way to solve the global crisis of humanity is the formation of a Universal State of the Earth (USE)1. The bases of the formation of a Universal State of the Earth are in the foundations of the universe, such as in its essence, in the universal principles and laws. Even though the solution to humanity's problems is clear, it cannot choose this path for a solution because the transformation from individual consciousness to universal consciousness is still missing. The preliminary step is the task of education. Education cannot choose this task, because it lacks new philosophical foundations. These philosophical bases must place humanity in the order of the universe.

Humanity and the universe

Humanity as an entity is part of the universe and is governed by its same principles and laws. The essence of the universe is the unity of energy and matter, correspondingly; the essence of humanity is culture and world population. In the universe, energy is conserved by integrating itself into matter. In its integration, it forms organizational systems. In humanity throughout history, culture has materialized into organizational systems such as the family, the community, society, nations and supranational organizations. The current instability of humanity and its tendency to self-destruction is due to the absence of a universal culture that allows it to materialize into a stable organization. The first step to solve planetary instability is the formation of a universal culture. The path to the formation of a universal culture is education. Education in its current concept is the process of transforming individual consciousness to universal consciousness. Universal consciousness is the basis for the creation of a universal culture. Universal culture is the basis for the creation of a Universal State of the Earth. The Universal State of the Earth is the basis for the conservation of humanity.

Humanity and planetary nature

Humanity today is an unstable system on the way to self-destruction. The cause of this self-destruction is a mistake in the approach to life. This error is centered on individualism and on the false slogan that man is an end unto himself. No being of planetary nature is an end unto itself, nor is any entity in the universe an end unto itself. All beings in the universe are interdependent. Due to our interdependence, we are connected to the whole. Our existence is a contribution to the conservation of the whole. In this sense, we follow the same principles and laws of the universe. Therefore, the human being is not the author of his history, rather, history happens according to the principles and laws of the universe. In planetary nature, existing beings are governed by the principles and laws of the universe. Human reason is the best instrument to join the universal order, for this purpose, the knowledge of the human being must be based on universal principles and laws to order the meaning of human life. Human creation has been successful to the extent of its adequacy to the laws of nature. Thus, the creation of the technique and the instrument are the reproduction of the laws of nature. The laws of nature are the expression of the principles and the laws of the universe. Therefore, to humanity awaits the path of integration into the order of planetary nature and the universe.

Humanity and nations

Humanity is in a process of integration. It is still very far from reaching the full integration of humanity. The nations of the world are in different stages of development that, as a whole, express a state of disintegration. Each nation has economic development as its main objective. The focus on economic development inevitably leads to destruction. This destruction is evidenced in the human crisis and the multiplication of the world population. Global overpopulation is the inevitable result of the individual-centered philosophical approach. The individual who considers himself an end in himself is inevitably destined to suffer from his deepest instability. The reaction to this profound instability is biological reproduction; that is, the multiplication of the population. For this reason, nations experiencing the highest level of instability have the highest population growth. As can be seen, the problem is the approach to life centered on matter that determines its economic development. The solution to this problem is the complementation of economic development with cultural development. To direct humanity towards cultural development, one of the main obstacles is the individualistic vision of life that reflects, at the same time, the weakness of its philosophical foundation. This indicates that it is necessary to reconstruct a universal philosophical thought on the basis of universal principles and laws.

Humanity and the citizen

Humanity is dependent on the citizen as equally as the citizen is dependent on humanity. Thus, the conservation of humanity depends on the conservation of the citizen. The conservation of the citizen in the 21st century depends on the transformation of the individual conscience to a universal conscience. Universal consciousness is the result of education. In order to succeed in the formation of universal consciousness, it is necessary to establish a universal model of education. At present, each nation establishes its educational model with different results in its levels of consciousness. Most of the citizens are formed with an individualistic conscience and a minority with a social and planetary conscience. It is necessary to establish a universal educational plan that allows us to lead all of the citizens of the planet toward universal consciousness. The universal consciousness integrates the planetary consciousness. The planetary consciousness integrates the social and individual consciousness. Thus, in the universal consciousness, all levels of consciousness are included.

The law of integration and the Universal State of the Earth

The formation of universal consciousness is the necessary condition for the integration of all humanity. The integration of humanity is the necessary basis for its conservation. The foundation of the integration of humanity is the law of integration. The law of integration has three conditions:

  1. Conservation affinity: Humanity's affinity for conservation includes its dependence, interaction and integration with nature. On this basis, the Universal State of the Earth is constituted.

  2. Quantitative proportionality: The quantitative proportionality between humanity and the beings of nature constitutes the balance based on dependence, interaction and integration. The breakdown of the balance of the planetary order is a problem for humanity and for the living beings of nature. At present, it is impossible to establish the balance between humanity and the planetary system, since humanity itself has not yet constituted a Universal State of the Earth. In order to become a Universal State of the Earth, it is necessary to cultivate a universal consciousness. On the basis of universal consciousness, the lower levels of consciousness, such as planetary consciousness, social consciousness and individual consciousness, are developed.

  3. Qualitative difference: The qualitative difference between human beings, or between societies and nations, is the basis of dependency, interaction and integration. In planetary nature, the beings that are integrated have qualitative differences because the opposite poles attract each other by complementation. On the basis of qualitative difference, identities are preserved within the universal identity; such as individual identity, social identity and planetary identity. Universal identity expresses the highest level of human consciousness. The universal consciousness is evidenced in the universal identity. Universal identity is the guarantee of conservation at all levels of organization of the human being, whether in the family, in society, in humanity and in planetary nature.

The formation of the Universal State of the Earth is inevitable for the conservation of humanity. It is also the correct path guaranteed by the law of integration. The law of integration is the expression of the conservation principle. The conservation principle is the expression of the conservation of energy. The energy is expressed in the universal culture. Therefore, the constitution of the Universal State of the Earth depends on the formation of the universal conscience and the universal conscience depends on universal education. Thus, universal education is the way to solve the problems of humanity.


1 Universal State of the Earth, USE.