In August 2020, the President of the World Philosophical Forum, classical philosopher Igor Kondrashin, wrote something very interesting in an article titled "Memorandum on the current situation of planet Earth from the perspective of classical philosophy." Of the many topics covered in the 34-page article, I will take the following quote as a sample: "2 billion years ago, life originated on Earth in warm seas in the form of simple unicellular organisms, such as algae."

Let's take this fact as a starting point to reflect on life on Earth. The first living beings, the pioneers of life on the planet, adhered to the laws of nature. Thanks to this adherence, life has continued its evolutionary course. Each evolutionary stage has been the foundation for the next stage of living beings. Currently, humans are the pinnacle of evolution and, at the same time, the foundation for the continuity of life on the planet. The future of humanity depends on us. The emergence of higher beings with universal wisdom depends on us. The formation of universal consciousness depends on us. Until now, humanity has taken many turns in search of solutions without success. Finally, we have discovered the path to a solution in education, not in outdated education that is destroying humanity, but in innovative education that leads to universal wisdom. It should be emphasized that any violation of the laws of nature is a sure path to self-destruction. Consider that many civilizations disappeared from the planet due to their mistakes, primarily by deviating from the truth and the foundation of truth manifested in universal laws.

However, thanks to these mistakes, humans have sought new paths, and each path has led to the truth. The truth has led to its foundation, and the foundation has led to universal essence. Today's humanity has in universal essence the support, the foundation, and the reason to move toward universal wisdom. Any other path will lead to self-destruction; the evidence of this statement is the self-destruction of the current world.

It took nature two billion years to create the most valuable living being on Earth, the human being; however, a wrong path in education, false education, is leading to self-destruction. We can see that adults blame each other, politicians blame each other, and ideologists blame each other; however, they all carry the mark of evil, the mark of a denatured formation, so denatured that it is increasingly evident in the self-destruction and destruction of life on the planet.

Every adult human, as a social actor, is the result of education. We know that every human being comes into the world with a brain ready for universal wisdom, but in the course of education, it has been denatured into a destructive and self-destructive being. However, the search for solutions never ceases; therefore, the struggle for a solution continues, and in this struggle, war emerges as an attempt at a solution through a wrong path. Another wrong path leads to self-destruction; weapons kill the body, but not the soul. The problem of humanity is the sick soul due to false education.

Stopping the problem is not about creating more weapons, not about killing more, not about deciding who has the right to live and who must die or disappear. Destruction cannot be solved with more destruction.

All these criteria leading to self-destruction come from a misguided education without knowledge of the three-dimensional nature of the human being. Under this view, even the gods are outdated because they continue to create a discriminatory, accusatory morality where some are good and others are bad. An outdated justice system where some are just and others are unjust also prevails. Thus, life is unsustainable; there is a common consensus that the human world is upside down; we just missed detecting the causes hidden in problematic education.

How many teachers in the world dedicate themselves to falsehood? How many educators destroy consciences based on false education theories? How many resources are invested in false education to destroy human consciousness? Even if the teacher works conscientiously, puts all their will into it, and dedicates their life to education and the theory of education is false, the result of their work will be a contribution to the destruction of humanity.

In the search for a solution to the global problem, we have already discovered the universal essence, the beginning and end of the new education. The time has come to start with the new education that leads humans to universal wisdom. Not only have we discovered universal essence, but we have also turned it into a method for education, a methodology based on universal wisdom. Life is energy, and according to universal essence, energy is governed by the principle of conservation. According to the principle of conservation, the new philosophy of education materializes in the new education, transforming individual consciousness into universal consciousness. This is universal wisdom. The same method serves to create new knowledge through research and is ideal for universities. This is the Princonser method. The Princonser method is based on universal essence. Starting from universal essence, it analyzes the world, reality, and life through its principles and universal laws. In current circumstances, the Princonser method is the beacon of hope for humanity. Every human being, every teacher, every leader, and every citizen holds the Princonser method in their hands, and therefore, also holds the future of humanity.