The self-esteem of the human being is a problem. The low self-esteem of the human species is reflected in its devaluation and self-destruction. The problem consists of the ignorance of the nature and essence of the human being. The nature of the human being constitutes its biological, social, and spiritual dimensions. Knowledge of his nature is not enough if we do not know the human essence. The essence of the human being is the replica of the universal essence. This universal essence is the inseparability of energy and matter. In the human being, this universal essence is reflected in the biological dimension and the spirit, in the body and mind. Just as energy is inseparable from matter, the mind is also inseparable from the body. This general description does not solve the problem yet, since it is necessary to know how the body and mind work.

The knowledge of the body and the mind derives from the knowledge of the universal essence. To understand the universal essence, we need to handle the universal principles. With the principle of conservation, it is possible to understand that energy has no structure and tends to integrate with matter. Through the principle of destruction, we understand that matter has structure and tends to disintegrate. Due to disintegration, matter is subject to temporality. And energy, due to its integration into matter, is subject to timelessness. Which indicates that energy can pass from one level to another level through matter. This leads us to the principle of inseparability, with which we can understand that energy and matter are mutually dependent. Therefore, the mind is governed by the principle of conservation and by the laws of integration and timelessness. While the body is governed by the principle of destruction and by the laws of disintegration and temporality.

The mind is indestructible, that is why it evolves through the stages of life. The mind in active form is constantly integrating itself into the organism, through brain and neuroendocrine functions. The organism is constantly disintegrating at the cellular and tissue level; therefore, it is constantly being renewed through food and metabolism. There are two interesting laws that we must consider to understand human behavior, these are the law of the ascending development of matter and the law of the descending hierarchy of energy. The ascending development of matter in the human being ends at maturity when growth ceases. While the energy acts downward, this is the reason why we human beings seek the truth. When we discover the truth, we continue to search for the foundation of that truth, and thus we arrive at the universal foundations.

The universal foundations are universal levels of energy that act in the conduction of the life of the human being. At present, in education the universal foundations are not considered, therefore, the mental development of the human being is poor, and this mental poverty is the reason for the low self-esteem in the human species. We can have high self-esteem as people but said self-esteem is weak within society. We can have high social self-esteem, but this self-esteem becomes weak before humanity. Low self-esteem is a problem that derives from an individualistic model of education. The consequences are the lack of development of humanity, the lack of development as mental growth, and the impossibility of planetary coexistence, due to the lack of integration of humanity within a Universal State of the Earth. The integration of humanity means having universal self-esteem.

Universal self-esteem

Universal self-esteem is the state of mind conceptually integrated into the universe, it is equivalent to the formation of world conceptions through the understanding of the universal essence, principles, and universal laws. This is the state of universal consciousness, and it is the basis of universal self-esteem. Universal consciousness is the force that influences in a descending way the formation of developing minds, be it from childhood and youth that are learning from their teachers. This indicates that teachers as educators should have a universal conscience to carry out their educational and training work in a descending manner. Through universal education, universal consciousness is formed, and the planetary consciousness of the world population. Planetary consciousness is the basis of planetary self-esteem.

Planetary self-esteem

Planetary self-esteem is the state of mind conceptually integrated into our planet Earth, in harmony with all existing beings. Harmony is not determined by the will of the human being, therefore, the call of men of good will does not lead to planetary harmony. What is needed is the knowledge of the principles and laws of the universe, it is the universal consciousness that determines the planetary harmony. Energy acts downward according to the law of the descending hierarchy. In the same way, the universal consciousness is reflected in the planetary consciousness, and this is reflected in the world consciousness. World consciousness is the basis of humanity's self-esteem.

Humanity's self-esteem

The self-esteem of humanity is the integrated state of mind of the human species. This level of integration depends on the greater force that comes from the universal consciousness and planetary consciousness. Therefore, the universal education of consciousness is important to lead humanity towards its conservation on the planet. The current crisis of humanity that endangers its own existence has a solution in the universal education of conscience. This education begins at school and continues at higher levels. Childhood and youth must be clear about the goal of life, and what is the highest achievement of the human being. This clarity of the meaning of life will lead to the knowledge of the principles and laws of the universe, as a way of training consciousness and that will be reflected in the levels of self-esteem. The role of the teachers is the transmission of the levels of consciousness in a descending way. Thus the self-esteem of humanity will be reflected in social self-esteem.

Social self-esteem

Social self-esteem is the state of mind integrated into society through social consciousness. The social conscience reflects the universal conscience, planetary conscience, and the conscience of humanity. Social consciousness is a level that manifests itself in social identity. Social identity is evidence of the integration of energy in society. Based on social consciousness, individual consciousness is formed, and this is expressed in individual identity. Identity is the basis of self-esteem. Thus, the sequence is: Consciousness – identity – self-esteem.

Personal self-esteem

Personal self-esteem is the first state of consciousness that is formed in descending order by levels of consciousness. This downward formation process overturns the belief that each person builds their consciousness. This belief leads to individual frustration, to social crisis, and to the instability of humanity, due to the disconnection of the human being from the forces of the universe.

Thus, the effort of humanity in the search for universal truth is the basis of education as a process of evolution, which consists of a process of ascending dependence. The father educates the son. The father is educated by the teacher of social consciousness, the teacher of social consciousness is educated by the teacher of world consciousness, the teacher of world consciousness is educated by a teacher of planetary consciousness, the teacher of planetary consciousness is educated by the teacher of universal consciousness. Therefore, the first task of humanity is to train teachers of universal consciousness.