Human beings have many plans that can be classified according to their objectives into individual or personal plans, social plans, national plans, and global plans. Depending on the time frame, they can be short-term plans, medium-term plans, and long-term plans. The problem with plans is their fulfilment. Many human plans are not fulfilled; they remain as mere wishes, ideals, and dreams. We have developed planning strategies, implementation strategies, development strategies, growth strategies; however, it is clear that only plans backed by science are fulfilled. Because science is based on laws, therefore, the key to success lies in these laws.

The predominant scientific laws belong to the natural sciences, hence, the success of science lies in technology. Technology is based on technique, technical creations, and everything that can be applied from scientific laws. By its nature, science is the study of specific realities; therefore, scientific laws are specific. These specific scientific laws do not apply to complex systems such as society, humanity, and planet Earth. Therefore, national political plans end in failure, international plans end in failure, and global or worldwide plans also end in failure. This indicates that science has limits, and these limits are determined by its specific laws. However, there are laws for complex systems; these laws are universal based on universal principles that in turn are supported by universal essence.

These universal laws are ideal for social plans, national plans, global plans, and planetary plans. The management of these universal principles and laws is above the scientific method. Managing universal principles and laws requires a philosophical method. If we want to go deeper, we can employ universal essence, where the philosophical method is insufficient, since universal essence is in the realm of universal wisdom, universal wisdom moves with universal essence, where it is no longer necessary to make plans, it is not necessary to have personal, social, or global objectives because in any case, the universal plan is fulfilled and understood in the realm of universal wisdom. Therefore, it can be said that when man makes plans, he is recognizing his limitations, he is recognizing his lack of integration. This lack of integration is evidence of ignorance of the universal order, and if he also has to struggle to achieve his goals, he is surely destined to perish along the way.

So, how do some people achieve their goals? Throughout history, material goals have been achieved, and the greatest material achievements endure over time because they represent the transformation of an idea into material reality. But efforts made in the social realm, although the cost has been very high to achieve them, are lost due to their lack of sustainability. An achieved goal is unsustainable because it is supported by weak human force, human power based on the number of people or the amount of material resources is also weak to sustain itself over time. Therefore, even the greatest empires fall due to the weakness of the energy that sustains them. A higher scale of energy based on universal values ​​is understood, nonexistent in today's modern culture.

Why does humanity succeed in war? War is a process of destruction, the destruction of matter, the destruction of the physical body, the destruction of works, the destruction of lives, in short, it is the destruction of matter. With war or without war, matter is destined to be destroyed and to perish. Therefore, victory in war depends only on the destructive force of matter, as it is already facilitated by the tendency to destroy the same matter, hence, all wars are won by the principle of destruction and by the law of the disintegration of matter, however, humans attribute success to themselves. One can conquer peoples, nations, and the entire world but it will always be unsustainable over time because, by principle, matter does not sustain itself in matter. Matter is sustained by energy, thus a person is sustained by their ideals, a society is sustained by its cultural and social values, humanity is sustained by universal values. The absence of these universal values makes humanity unsustainable.

Human values ​​are based on universal truth. Universal truth is based on universal essence and its principles and laws. These universal values ​​are cultivated in human consciousness through education. Currently, education on the planet does not lead to the formation of universal consciousness, it does not lead to human realization, its objective is not to achieve universal wisdom. Therefore, we have a weak, insecure, and unsustainable citizenship. Weakness, insecurity, and unsustainability determine the instability of society and the world. Instability leads to disintegration in all areas: moral, social, ideological, political, family, and individual.

In education, universal essence must be the path, the means to achieve universal consciousness. Universal consciousness is the state of integration with universal essence. To achieve universal essence, the path is mental purification; the mind is like a forest of ideas, knowledge, information created by man according to his beliefs, according to his customs. Many of these beliefs are false; falsehood becomes like a dense forest that impedes the path to universal wisdom. Purification consists of eliminating the falsehood that reigns in the human mind. Denial of universal wisdom is determined by falsehood. For this reason, a child's mind is apt to cultivate universal wisdom. An adult to achieve universal wisdom needs to purify the mind. In the mind, only truth should remain, and truth is based on reality. And since reality is governed by laws, these laws are the foundation of truth.

On the other hand, there is a hierarchy in laws: there are specific laws, general laws, universal laws, principles, and universal essence. All the laws of nature are a replica of universal essence. Therefore, the initial formation of the human being, the elemental formation must be based on universal essence. With the understanding of universal essence, the path to success becomes possible. The path to success is the path to universal wisdom. With universal wisdom and consciousness, human plans disappear. All plans are universal, all objectives are universal, all goals are universal, therefore, the same universe is responsible for achieving them through its principles and laws. Thus, the human plan merges with the universal plan.