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Gilby VM, a multifaceted individual based in the picturesque city of Lisbon, is more than just a photographer and content creator; he is a storyteller, capturing the heart and soul of Lisbon through his lens.

With a background in advertising, Gilby embarked on a creative journey that led him to explore various facets of the visual arts. After earning a degree in Advertising in 2004, he initially delved into graphic design within advertising agencies. However, driven by a desire for more artistic expression, Gilby transitioned to the dynamic realm of photography.

His pursuit of mastery took him to London, UK, where he honed his photography skills, specializing in retouching photos. Yet, Gilby's insatiable thirst for knowledge and reinvention prompted him to pursue a Master's Degree in Digital Media from Kingston University, London. Armed with this extensive knowledge, he re-entered the advertising sphere, this time focusing on the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In 2013, seeking new challenges and inspirations, Gilby made a transformative move to Berlin. During this period, he not only dedicated himself to photography but also immersed himself in the startup culture of the city. His versatility shone as he took on the role of a community manager for several startups, contributing his creative energy to these ventures.

Presently, Gilby VM continues to weave his creative narrative, based in Lisbon. His portfolio showcases a love for capturing the essence of the city and sharing its beauty through various platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. As a Content Creator at Meer, Gilby leverages his skills to produce engaging and informative content.

Moreover, Gilby shares his experiences and insights through a photography newsletter on Substack titled "Visual Media Overlord," which offers readers a captivating glimpse into the beauty of Lisbon and beyond through the lens of this talented photographer and content creator. With a focus on sharing experiences and insights, Gilby's newsletter becomes a visual storytelling platform, capturing the essence of streets, events like Web Summit 2023, and picturesque spots in Lisbon. The newsletter invites subscribers on a journey, whether it's exploring groundbreaking tech advancements, engaging in discussions, or enjoying the scenic beauty of Lisbon's beaches through street photography.

In conclusion, Gilby VM's journey epitomizes the fusion of creativity, resilience, and an unwavering passion for the arts. From advertising to photography and digital media, his story is a testament to the transformative power of artistic exploration. Gilby VM's distinctive style and broad knowledge of TV and movie history, make it a unique and enriching experience for those passionate about photography and pop culture alike.

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