Last year I had a chance to go to Web Summit, a technology conference that happens here in Lisbon. Walking around the event I met with a lot of very interesting entrepreneurs and saw many great new tech companies. These five startups are some of my favorites I encountered there and I decided to share them here.


SubBook, allows users to collect pictures from both Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and the iPhone camera roll to make simple photo books as easy as possible. They have made it with a particular focus on a user-friendly experience so that people can both create and order their photo books while grocery shopping or on the bus on the way home from work.

As a photographer, I have mixed feelings about printing books with my photos. But SubBook has joined in with the organization One Tree Planted. This collaboration means that a tree is planted every time a customer orders three books using the SubBook App. This also means that their customers like me can order books with a clean and green conscience.

For now, the SubBook App only works with iPhones, but as a part of their international launch the team is working on developing an App for Android users, too. is the largest support network for expatriates. They provide content, networking facilities, and tools to help their 2,6 million members to make their expat project a success.

Their target audience are from graduates taking a gap year abroad, professionals breaking into the global job market, to retirees settling abroad for a fulfilling retirement and quality of life.

I found it to be an informative website that helped me to network and interact with different people from all over the world that are living here in Lisbon. is present over 500 cities and 197 countries and available in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)


Eastnine is an App providing structured audio training from professional athletes and coaches. They're built a digital training platform to give you a coach in your ear and creative sports content when and where you want it.

The Eastnine coaching team is made up of qualified coaches from the world of professional sports. The startup has a freemium model, with an optional monthly subscription similar to Calm or Headspace that can be canceled at any time.

The App is super easy to understand, keeps users motivated, and interested. I like the social element, too.


Moodit is a social platform designed to empower people to share how they feel, track their mood and get real-time data on how many people feel similar to them. Moodit was created by a psychiatrist and is founded on the principle that awareness and insights into thoughts and emotions are the cornerstones of mental wellness.

The App allows you to share your feelings and emotions simply and intuitively. And it is an engaging, interactive and dynamic experience.

Mental health affects us all, and I’m very happy this App exists.

Travel à la Carte

Travel a la Carte is a travel App that organizes all of the users bookings in one platform, solving all the problems of the modern-day traveler by creating a seamless experience.

This is a simple and user-friendly application that allows you to book your entire trip all in one place with only one payment. The App is designed to assist the user with all the traveling organizations such as booking your trips, staying within your budget, keeping all your booking information and tickets in one place and also being your personal pocket guide when traveling. User can also store their favorite travel photos inside the App creating their very own travel album.