Top Gun: Maverick

Initially, I was unsure about this movie but was pleasantly surprised by its success. I was not a fan of the original Top Gun, finding it to be outdated, but found that Top Gun: Maverick was a superior film in terms of quality and action.

Joseph Kosinski directed the flick with enthusiasm and clear goals, resulting in thrilling aerial sequences. The cast gave performances suitable for this kind of movie, and the runtime was appropriate. Top Gun: Maverick also included nostalgically enjoyable elements for fans of the original movie. While the plot may be simplistic and predictable, the movie ultimately succeeds in its execution.

Overall, Top Gun: Maverick is an enjoyable and uplifting movie that provides a long-awaited sequel that surpasses the original in a highly entertaining manner.


Bros is the first gay romantic comedy from a big studio with a completely LGBTQ+ lead cast. As well as being a lot of fun to see, Bros represents a step forward in rom-com representation.

It's difficult not to laugh for the majority of this film. It's a hilarious screenplay that honors the LGBTQ+ community and sets a new standard for movies. I really enjoyed all the characters and I think that Luke Macfarlane is a revelation, while Billy Eichner showed the doubters that he has the charisma to carry a lead role.

Bros is raunchy but also really cute and do a great job making fun of the rom-com genre. I would totally recommend it if you are an open-minded person.


Barbarian is such a refreshing break from the average scary flicks. In my opinion, the reason it outperforms so many of the horror movies from this year is because of how unpredictable it is.

I didn't watch any of the trailers or had any idea what it was about. And I think that was the reason I liked it so much. The film employs the surprise component very well and the wild sudden tonal shift midway completely threw me off guard. The movie is brilliantly performed, written, and directed. And I love how twisted, wacky, hilarious, and unconventional it is.

Barbarian is conceptually excellent and constructed to play with its audience. I found it to be remarkable and nearly flawless! Definitely a must-see movie for everyone, not just for fans of horror.

The Woman King

This film tells the story of the Agojie, a group of skilled and fierce female warriors who protected the Kingdom of Dahomey in Africa during the 1800s. The story follows General Nanisca (Viola Davis) as she trains the next generation of recruits and prepares them for battle against an enemy determined to destroy their way of life.

The Woman King is a film with powerful performances from its entire cast, particularly Viola Davis, who delivers one of her best performances and showcases her strength and power. The film is based on historical events that have been twisted for cinematic storytelling purposes. But it's fundamentally a very human film about relationships between the main female characters. The film, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, is both provocative and beautiful, and it combines serious historical cinema with action-packed blockbuster elements.

This is a classic war epic that features powerful performances and great action choreography that does a good job of illuminating a period of history. Despite the fact that the true story has been altered, it still makes for a highly interesting movie.

Glass Onion: a knives out mystery

Glass Onion is extremely enjoyable and I'd say it's probably superior to the first Knives Out. Rian Johnson's films continue to be super clever and stylish.

All can I say without spoiling anything is that Glass Onion is a wicked and tangled comedy with a stunning twist. It has an excellent screenplay, a great score, amazing cinematography, and outstanding production design. It expands on many of the concepts from the first movie with a mystery that is even more intricate. There are many entertaining characters and scenes, and also some fantastic cameos. This is undoubtedly one of the year's best ensembles, and the acting is up to the standard that everyone should be expecting. Daniel Craig, who reprises his role as detective Benoit Blanc may be the main character, but Janelle Monáe is the star of this movie.

Glass Onion is without a doubt one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in 2022. I have a lot of fun watching it and I’m sure you will have as well.


Babylon tells the story of ambitious and lavish individuals in early Hollywood, showing their rise and fall in a time of unrestrained extravagance and immorality.

I greatly enjoyed Babylon, but even if they didn't, I would still respect the bold and excessive approach taken by Damien Chazelle in making this film. It offers a thrilling and nostalgically bittersweet depiction of the excess, debauchery, and chaos of 1920s Hollywood, not to mention the striking score by Justin Hurwitz. The acting is stellar. Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie give one of their best performances. Diego Calva is outstanding, and Jean Smart is great as always. Also, Tobey Maguire is hilarious with his limited screen time.

In my opinion, Babylon is a highly entertaining and daring film that may not appeal to all audiences due to its chaotic nature and potentially divisive humor. However, I enjoyed the movie's extravagant style and thought the ending was excellent as well.

Triangle of sadness

Triangle Of Sadness was the winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year and it was written and directed by Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund (The Square).

The film is a fun/crazy ride and follows models Carl and Yaya when they are invited to join a group of extremely wealthy guests on a luxurious cruise. Initially, everything seems worthy of an Instagram post, but the cruise ends tragically, leaving the passengers stranded on a desert island. Nothing that I will write here can properly prepare you for the intensity of this film. Because the shocking degree to which it accurately describes our current reality is unsettling.

Triangle Of Sadness is a hilarious, sarcastic, and caustic parody of social roles and class. It is wildly amusing but also disgusting and nauseating at times. The film is well-directed and the cast does a truly exceptional job. It could have been a bit shorter, but it's still very entertaining. A nearly flawless strike on the mega-rich.

The Banshees of Inisherin

The Banshees Of Inisherin is the latest film of the writer/director Martin McDonagh that debuted at the Venice International Film Festival and is currently accessible via VOD. The film revolves around two friends who come to grips when one of them ends their relationship unexpectedly, with terrifying implications for each one of them.

This was one of the few films I watched this year that left a lasting impression on me, from the many laughs, the excellent dialogues, and the stunning location to the tragic situations and its simplicity, I loved every minute of it. It is uncomfortable, it has a surreal tone, and is very Irish. I liked how the movie intensifies as it goes along, building to a surprising and stunning ending. All of the actors delivered outstanding performances. But Colin Farrell has really wowed me. This is his most nuanced and passionate effort to date. It was also lovely to see him working with the slightly restrained but no less powerful Brendan Gleason once again (they worked together in the 2008 movie In Bruges). They complement one another incredibly effectively, with their respective characters driving the narrative toward the gloomy conclusion. Kerry Condon also delivers a stunning breakthrough performance that, hopefully, will lead to her being cast in other projects down the line.

I really enjoyed The Banshees Of Inisherin, The film is beautifully shot has amazing performances, and great writing, and will make you laugh but also make you feel sad at times. I highly recommend it.


Tár is set in the international classical music scene and focuses on Lydia Tár, a highly regarded composer and conductor in the classical music world, and the first woman to hold the position of chief conductor in a major German orchestra.

This film is extremely interesting and well-acted. It is meticulously crafted and has amazing attention to detail. It brilliantly explores the theme of the relationship between art and the artist in a unique and thought-provoking way, and demonstrates how ego can lead to manipulation in collaborative fields. The film also takes its time in developing the character of Lydia Tár and does not try to tell the viewer how to think. Cate Blanchett's performance as Lydia Tár is impeccable. She did an outstanding portrayal of a complex and nuanced character experiencing a fall from grace. The Juilliard scene alone is deserving of an Oscar recognition.

Overall, Tár explores the negative aspects of fame and power in a creative and insightful way. The film is led by Cate Blanchett's exceptional performance and is a captivating work of art from Todd Field. I consider it to be one of the standout films of 2022.

Everything everywhere all at once

Everything Everywhere All At Once follows a middle-aged woman named Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh). She was living a mundane life. Just trying to do her taxes. But suddenly she gets sucked into a bizarre journey in which she is the only one who can save the world by traveling to alternate worlds and interacting with her other selves.

This is a very interesting movie with plenty of action, laughs, and some tears as well. I was blown away by how complex the plot was and how well it came together in the end. Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert also known as “The Daniels” are an edgy and fresh director combo with a wacky and unique approach. They made an incredibly cool and amusing film. The writing is fantastic, the execution is flawless, and the performances are superb.

Everything Everywhere All At Once is much more than just visual noise and sequences that feel more like a series of video game cutscenes than an actual movie. I'm sure that the Daniels will continue to create more awesome films in the future. I'm excited to see what they come up with next.