The Boys made an amazing comeback with a gruesomely fantastic Season 3. The series resumed a year after Becca's death. Homelander is still coping with the consequences of Stormfront being revealed to be a Nazi. And Butcher is working for the government. The series delivers even more degenerate superheroes, societal satire, obscene comedy, gory violence, and twisted psychosexual neuroses. You know, all the good stuff.

If you never heard about this show and it is wondering if this is really for you, here’s a brief synopsis. The Boys is a satirical look at what happens when superheroes who are regarded as Gods and are treated as celebrities abuse their superpowers. A group of guys, tired of the superheroes abuse and without any superpowers get together to fight back. They call themselves “The Boys”, and are on a noble mission to reveal the truth about the superhero team called "The Seven" and the corporation that backs them, “Vought”. It's the weak versus the strong. And a very interesting spin in the otherwise very tired and genre.

Honestly, I don’t think you guys are ready for all the craziness you’re going to get in this season. I had a chance to watch all 8 episodes and without spoiling anything I can tell you that you will be blessed with things such as — a massive superhero orgy (Herogasm), a big Hollywood-musical-style song-and-dance number, some very funny cameos, and a lot of very gory fights. The storyline offers a moral debate this time, how far are you ready to go to attain your goals? The season’s central theme is about Soldier Boy, played masterfully by supernatural alum Jensen Ackles. As a result, it allows the series to not only explore new aspects of the plot in the present day but also to go into Vought's past in the last 60 to 70 years.

However, I think some people will be upset with the way the show is portraying the Alt-right and Anti Wokeness people. I can see already some grow ass men complaining online that their childhood was ruined or something. But the whole social satire shouldn’t have been taken so seriously. It is just jokes, people.

In my opinion, Season 3 is the craziest season of The Boys yet. It's so good and I had so much fun watching it. It’s just pure enjoyment for those who like such horrific (in the best possible way) things. Kudos to the writing team and all the actors involved in this season for such a great job. Also, thanks to Amazon Studios for having the guts to create something so unique and not go on the easy route of the formulaic, soulless superhero movies and shows that other studios keep spewing.

The eighth and last episode of the third season of The Boys will premiere this Friday, July 8 on Amazon Prime Video. And if is the first time you are hearing about this series, I highly recommend checking the two previous seasons that are also available on the streaming service.