Snowfall is such a great show. I wish more people were talking about it. The series just wrapped up its fourth season and I couldn't be more impressed. If you haven't watched it, the show follows Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), a young man in the 80's that becomes a drug dealer and ignites the crack epidemic in Los Angeles.

Season one of Snowfall focused on the build-up of the drug trade in 1980s Los Angeles. Season two focused on the repercussions and relationships built because of it. Season three was much more plot-focused, with more characters getting introduced, more storylines explored, and much more action. Season four has taken an even darker turn than previously. The writers attempt to depict what life was like for some after the rise and fall of crack. This season explored how the drug altered many lives including those who covertly sold and used it.

Season four also proved that Franklin is no longer the underdog. We witnessed him turning into a monster. The progression of his character was truly something. Damson Idris is an amazing actor. The emotion he shows in his face and the easy way that he shifted between “the smart but naive kid” to a sociopath was brilliant. But also, the supporting cast is so good. I do not understand why this show is not winning all the awards. It is interesting how Franklin’s trajectory is very similar to Breaking Bad’s Walter White. With one difference though, Franklin grew into being an evil, cold businessman, he used to be a nice kid. Walter White, on the other hand, was always a repressed sociopath whose ego drove him into the drug game. This season also showed us that Franklin is still capable of some goodness and emotion even though he rarely ever accesses it anymore.

Another thing that I loved about season four was the introduction of the Black Diamond and Dallas characters. Those ladies are going to be a deadly duo next season. I feel sorry for Franklin’s enemies. They will have to face two psychopaths doing anything for money.

For me, the reasons why I like Snowfall so much are its compelling story and the in-depth look into black history. The writing and acting are brilliant too. When I look back on where all these characters were from the beginning of the series to now, it amazes me. It has been such an awesome ride. And I cannot forget about the show’s cinematography which is absolutely gorgeous. Also, the production design and wardrobe really make you feel like you are back in the 80s.

We’re seeing a day and age where we’re getting more stories about black people, but they continue to rely on some old tropes and misconceptions. I think that Snowfall is on the opposite end of that spectrum as it delivers us a character-driven drama that digs deep into the nuances of what it means to be black in America.