We are all going through weird times right now. And since almost everyone in the world is in quarantine, I decided to put together a list with some very interesting content. I hope it will help to keep you busy.

Tv shows

High Fidelity

This show is a contemporary re-imagination of the Nick Hornby novel of the same name. I really liked the movie that was also based on the novel. But to my surprise, I ended up liking the TV series just as much. At first, I was skeptical about the idea of remaking this IP. However, the show is really good and it totally had me hooked from the pilot. The plot is basically the same. The main difference is that it has a female lead. This is great because Zoe Kravitz is adorable and she really kills this with a great performance. She is excellent as Rob. The show looks good and is very faithful to the source material. Also, the music is amazing!

Looking forward to a second season!

Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire is one of the most underrated TV series ever made. I absolutely adore this show. It is in my top ten all-time shows along with Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Sopranos. It’s basically a trip down memory lane. It tells the story of the original tech boom in the 80s and 90s. And the birth of the "start-up" model of business, as well as the birth of social media. HACF is interesting, complex, has a lot of heart and very well developed characters.

It is a real shame that it flew under the radar from start to finish.

Money Heist

This show may have a cliché name (it is originally called La Casa De Papel) and is in Spanish but, don't let that put you off. Money Heist is such a gripping thriller. The plot is fun enough to make you want to see more. And each episode builds tension and offers a nice twist to it. The show brilliantly written and never loses steam it is beautifully shot and manages tension really well

Very entertaining and totally Binge-worthy


Kingdom has taken me by complete surprise. This is the most incredible TV show about Zombies, that was ever made. The show is set in the Korean medieval Joseon period amongst a mysterious plague. Yeah, you read it right, a period piece with zombies and court drama. The characters are well fleshed out and the makeup and the overall CGI/practical effects are pretty good. Strong story-line and very good acting all around.

Forget the zombie genre fatigue, Kingdom is an amazing series!


Office Ladies

Office Ladies is hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. The Office co-stars and real-life best friends. They teamed up and are doing the ultimate The Office re-watch podcast. And each week they break down an episode of the series that made them famous. I really enjoyed The Office, one of my favorite sitcoms ever. So if you are like me, you will love this Pod. It is so fun hearing about behind the scenes info on one of my favorite shows! Also, the non-office stories that they tell are quite entertaining.

I find both ladies and their friendship to be charming. Totally worthy checking it out

Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is an investigative podcast created by Jack Rhysider, chronicling true stories about hackers, malware, botnets, cryptography, cryptocurrency, cybercrime, and Internet privacy. I love the style of this Pod. The host, Jack, does a really good job. He is so good at telling stories. The show is very well researched, well-paced, and informative. I can’t get enough of it. The stories are always fascinating

I highly recommend!

Reply All

Reply All features stories about how people shape the Internet, and how the Internet shapes people. The Pod is hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, who launched the show in 2014. This is incredibly interesting, great hosts, amazing content, and an engaging format. The production value is top-notch and is funny and entertaining,

Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed.


The Hunt

The Hunt is an over the top political satire. Which means it will divide audiences. I was unexpectedly entertained by the movie. It totally worked for me. The Hunt is a very unpredictable fast-paced, action-packed, gruesome and hilarious take on the battle between the polarized political ideologies in the US today. Liberal, Conservative, it doesn’t matter. The movie makes fun of everyone. A political statement that throws shade on both sides. Betty Gilpin is fantastic in it. Her scenes with Hilary Swank were so cool.

No matter which side you are. This movie will keep you entertained beginning to end.

Honey Boy

Honey Boy is Shia LaBeouf's cinematic therapy. He wrote the film as a way to cope with life while in rehab. The movie is based on his own life and is an emotional rollercoaster. A heart-wrenching story, extremely difficult to watch at times. Director Alma Har’el delivers a very great movie here. Performances are great across the board. Shia LaBeouf plays his own abusive dad, Lucas Hedges plays the role of adult Shia LaBeouf (he nailed Shia's mannerisms and body language perfectly) and Noah Jupe plays young Shia.

I recommend this film even if you're not a fan of Shia. It helped me realize that everyone is going through their own stuff and battling their demons.

Big Time Adolescence

Big Time Adolescence is about a drug-dealing college dropout that becomes a mentor to his best friend - a 16-year-old boy who idolizes him. This is such a good movie. A beautifully done coming of age story with a cautionary tale that isn't force-fed to the viewer. It's authentically funny. With great pacing, and wonderful character development.

Pete Davidson's performance is masterful. He’s playing a charming loser who peaked in high school and he totally nailed it.