After being caught by surprise by the first season of Master of None, I had very high expectations for the second season, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I hit play on the first episode and binged through the whole second season of the show in one sitting. It was the perfect way to end a very long week. This season was so much better than Season 1, which was also great in its own way. I Like MON so much. I think this is the show that best captures the life of young adults in the 2010's. The whole series kind of remind me of Louie, but with a younger more upbeat Louis CK.

The second season is definitely a step up. The Cinematography is beautiful and every episode was masterfully crafted to tell the story. The writing is damn near perfect and the acting of the Italian actress - Alessandra Mastronardi, who plays Francesca, was unbelievable good. The scene where she is having the confrontation with her boyfriend, Pinot, in the kitchen is simply heart wrenching.

I thought that season two would be a simply continuation of Dev (Aziz Ansari) and Rachel (Noël Wells) and the story of their eventual return to one another. But I was pleasantly surprised with the premise of exploring a new relationship with Francesca. Oh, Francesca. Every time she is on screen… It’s not even how attractive she is. It’s how comfortable she makes you feel. She’s funny, silly, smart and forward enough to keep you entertained and engaged.

Anyway, I also really loved how the first two episodes were a great little nod to Italian films. Before start shooting season 2 , Aziz spent some time in Italy. He learned Italian and got really into Italian cinema too. The two episodes were shot in Italy and they are basically a homage to Italian classics like: Bicycle Thieves and L’Avventura.

The other episodes that really caught my eye were the religion and The Tinder, which was so accurate. For someone who actually uses Tinder, it was almost too real. But the last 3-4 episodes are the ones that will hit you right in the feels. I was really into them. The writing between Dev and Francesca was so good.

The biggest criticism the show has been facing is how unrealistic Dev’s lifestyle in New York City is. He's a 30-something actor who barely works. But he lives in a massive apartment in Manhattan, goes to expensive bars and restaurants all the time and is always sharply dressed. In real life, this lifestyle would be definitely impossible. I understand the criticism but honestly, the show would not work if Dev was a living a realistic NYC lifestyle. So that doesn’t bother me at all.

Spoiler Alert!

What bothered me though, was the very last scene of the season. I was like: “Wait, was that a flashback or a flash-forward? Did they get together?” I was disappointed. Because I want to see what happens next, but then they end the season (maybe, the show) with that scene?

Aziz said in an interview, that he has nothing left to say about a single man living in New York City and going around eating in nice restaurants. And that he might need to get married and have kids, in order to make another season. So, I’m guessing he will take some time off before jumping back into 3. Which makes the ending of season 2 even worse.

When Aziz did the Bill Simmons Podcast a few weeks ago, he talked (and laughed) about the fact that it took him eight months to write, shoot and edit the show. But people binge watch it in two days and want another season right away.

Well, I’m one of these people and I was a bit sad to hear Aziz saying that. But I hope he changes his mind and come back to at least one more season. I cannot wait!