The summer movie season is all about big-budget productions and moneymaking franchises. But due to the current situation in the world, most of these blockbuster movies have been moved to the Fall season or delayed indefinitely. That opened a door for small, indie movies and this was not a bad thing. Here a list with some very interesting indie movies I watched this summer.

Yes, God, yes

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this film. But I enjoyed it. Maybe it was the 2000s nostalgia, I don’t know. But It managed to keep me engaged until the very end.

I cannot talk about this movie without bringing up the hypocrisy in the Catholic Church. It is in full display here and it made me sick. But even with all the Christians' false goodness, the movies kept a light tone. Never got abusive or tragic.

The writing was sharp. Despise some silly moments and a few boring tropes. Director Karen Maine's mastery keeps this film moving forward with precision and never misses a beat. Natalia Dyer is perfect for the lead role, she embodies her role.

The rental

The rental is a solid directorial debut from Dave Franco. The cinematography is gorgeous. The cast is fantastic. And the characters were actually pretty decently fleshed out. And I caught myself invested in the tension between them. I also liked that most of the characters' actions were believable and made sense as opposed to what happens in other horror movies.

I enjoyed the suspense throughout the whole movie. It is so creepy. My only problem with it was that the buildup was great but the payoff, was just okay.

Overall, I was entertained, but yeah, I think it would’ve been a more interesting film with a different ending.

But having said that, it was a pretty good debut if you ask me. And I’d love to see Franco direct more horror flicks after this.


This Australian film is genuinely creepy. A great debut of the director Natalie Erika James. She wrote it as well and she made a great horror movie.

Relic is extremely well executed. James opted for a slower burn rather than traditional and easier to please the crowds, jump scares. The film is more of psychological horror. A very unsettling allegory for getting older.

Emily Mortimer and Bella Heathcote delivered powerful and great performances. Robyn Nevin played a super creepy grandma and she was so good.

If you prefer watching fast-paced movies, with jump scares this probably won't be for you.

The vast of night

This is such a pleasant and clever indie sci-fi film. A stunning debut from director Andrew Patterson.

While it isn't exactly ground-breaking (it borrows heavily from The twilight zone) I really liked the sense of mystery the movie presents.

The film is very well written and acted and I loved some of the long takes the director used. They are just straight-up impressive. They also did a great job with the 1950's speech patterns and jargon in the opening scene and throughout the movie.

The vast of night is not perfect but is a great example of what you can accomplish with a small budget. I think it will go down as a cult classic.

Palm Springs

This was a pleasant surprise. What a delightful movie. So fun and entertaining. Palm Springs take that same inspiration from Groundhog day but make something new out of it. And thanks to its terrific execution and tight screenplay, also adds something refreshing to the old and beat up rom-com genre.

The movie explores pretty deep existential themes. The characters have depth and Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg had perfect chemistry. The pace is perfect for this kind of movie and it helps to tell the story.

I’m normally a sucker for "infinite time loop" movies and I totally recommend this one.

She dies tomorrow

I really liked this movie. But I also completely understand those who didn’t like it. This is not for everyone. It is so weird and intricate.

She dies tomorrow has such a unique identity. It is so unsettling and unlike anything I've seen before. And the anxiety that the movie produced hit me on a personal level.

I loved the cast, especially Jane Adams a personal favorite of mine and an underrated actress. I loved to watch the characters spring out of control in a fascinating descent into madness.

She dies tomorrow deviated between genres. Sometimes is very dramatic but sometimes it goes full-blown dark humor. The movie is also very satisfying to watch aesthetically. The cinematography and editing are both amazing!

Trust me, you will not walk away from this movie without feeling something.

I used to go here

This is a charming indie dramedy. A low stakes hangout movie.

Gillian Jacobs plays a writer in her mid-30s which college dreams haven't exactly panned out. Her book is a failure, her love life is a mess and the only invitation that she received to promote her book is from the college that she went to.

The film has a perfect combination of nostalgia, self-doubt, and also captures the essence of college life perfectly.

I have a massive crush on Jacobs so I may be biased here but I really enjoyed the flick.


I liked Becky for what it is, an ultra-violent version of Home alone.

The movie is totally self-aware of its silliness and If you like home invasion turned into a revenge thriller flicks, this will entertain you.

I loved the over-the-top violence and gore. Lulu Wilson did an amazing job. It's hard to believe a little girl could do the things she does. But that’s part of the fun. Also, Kevin James trying to cast off his stereotypical comic persona is actually hilarious. But hey, at least he is trying. Good for him.

I noticed one thing though, they never really explained the purpose of the key that the bad guys were looking for. So, I smell a possible sequel.

The movie isn’t a masterpiece, but it is a fun summer evening watch.


This movie is absolutely bonkers in the best possible way. There are a lot of flicks out there trying to satirize internet culture but this one is by far the best.

Joe Keery plays (fantastically I may add) a young guy thirsty for Social Media attention. He would do anything to get himself some subscribers for his video stream. What happens next is pure mayhem.

The movie is fast-paced and really well put together. The attention to detail they put in was amazing. Every little social media feature was perfectly done. The multiple screen format was very interesting and the live comments from viewers of Kurt's stream made things even more interesting.

The director, Eugene Kotlyarenko, did a good job of keeping the movie engaging. The gore and the very creative death scenes were horrifying yet, Incredibly fun. The story made absolute sense from every character's point of view. And the unjustifiable actions from the protagonist is a perfect commentary on our social media-driven world in 2020.

Spree is a brilliant thought-provoking black comedy and I recommend it.

Also, I’ll never take free water from an Uber driver again.

Miss Juneteenth

This is a wonderful movie. It is so well written and engaging. Stories like these not only inspire us but also educate us. I didn’t know what Juneteenth was about before watching the film.

Miss Juneteenth, is not a political movie. It is a bittersweet tale that not only offers the depth of the meaning of Juneteenth but manages to direct thought towards racial and socioeconomic issues without being preachy.

I loved the relationship between mother and daughter. It was one of the most authentic I've ever seen on film. The love between them felt so real. It was like they aren’t acting, but playing themselves.

The cinematography is stunning and the pacing is perfect for this type of narrative. Nicole Beharie delivers an Oscar-worthy performance.

What a beautiful film!