It was a Saturday of the summer of 2014, I was recovering from a wild night out in Berlin when I decided to check out what was new on Netflix and I stumble upon Bojack Horseman. An animated comedy-drama that takes place In a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals live side by side. The show follows Bojack [voiced by Will Arnett], a self-loathing 52-year-old alcoholic horse whose acting career peaked when he starred in a successful show called Horsin' Around, a 90s family sitcom. The supporting cast also includes Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Paul F. Tompkins, and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. At the time I went into this show expecting very little, only to find something unexpectedly hilarious. Hilarious, and sometimes quite deep.

Arnett perfectly brought to life the title character and the struggles he goes through that border between funny and depressing. The show, fundamentally understands the human experiences (never mind the irony of starring anthropomorphic animal characters) and poses challenging questions to its audience about life and the pursuit of happiness. Basically, the show’s first season does a great job of making us laugh while also deeply impacting us emotionally. Needless to say that when I was done with season one I was hooked and could not wait for the follow up season which did not disappointed me

In season two Bojack continued its bizarre story with the blending of dark humor and drama and the writers brought the show to another level of awesomeness. Once again it had me laughing, pondering, and riding an emotional rollercoaster as I watched the beloved characters succeed or fail. Bojack, Diane, and Princess Carolyn's character development in season two is especially poignant and engaged even more long time viewers who were already invested in the show.

In season three, that was added this year on Netflix, Bojack Horseman continued to astonish me. In this season we continue to see more and more of the characters develop in a natural, yet surprising way. New characters like Judah, Anna, and Jessica Biel were added and we also saw the return of old ones like - Vanessa Gecko, Rutabega Rabittowitz, Sextina Aquafina, Kelsey, Sarah Lynn and Charley Witherspoon to continuing supplementing the cast and being hilarious. Season three of Bojack Horseman is definitely one of the best tv seasons of this year, by far and pays off its mistakes with really good and appealing new content, like for example the episode underwater called 'Fish Out of Water' [the silent episode]. It was flat-out flawless, I love the fact that I endured a 30 minute episode of a show with almost no dialogue. The whole story was told with only some bubbling sounds, gestures, and great artwork. It was adorable, hilarious and amazing all at the same time and I loved every second of it. The last 3-4 episodes of the season in particular made me feel incredibly uncomfortable, which is why I love the show, they had large bombs dropped in each one of them and felt like a kick in the gut. After finishing the third season I spent a day lying around, questioning my life choices, really good stuff! It is crazy that I liked this season even more than the second, I had liked the second more than the first, and I thought the first season was incredible. This show just gets better and better.

I understand that maybe this show will not be for everyone. This is may be more suitable for people who, although not depressed, will sometimes spend a day in a melancholic vibe wondering about their life's struggles and where they are headed. My hope for season 4 [Netflix already confirmed it will happen] is some kind of a Bojack's redemption story but realistically, I see this ending with him dead and/or alone. No matter how the show ends I can only sing the highest praise of this great comedy/drama and its creator, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, and my words only betray the important life lessons this show has to teach. So do yourself a solid and open a tab in your browser, go to Netflix, and watch this show. It will make you feel more human.