It has been a while since I wrote about my 10 favorite podcasts in this website, after that a lot has happened, some of those podcasts don't exist anymore and some really good ones were created too. So i decided to update that list and add these five podcasts that I have listen to lately to that list. It has a little bit of everything, Pop Culture, Politician, Comedy and Sports. I hope it will help some of you to find new shows to listen to on your commute or in your leisure time.

5. The Bill Simmons Podcast

To start things off, I will talk about a show which the host annoys the hell out of me. Bill Simmons launched a new podcast network under HBO’s umbrella last year. Simmons departed ESPN after some conflict with the sports station. He quickly signed a new contract with HBO, and some of the editorial talent from Grantland also left with him. ESPN shuttered Grantland shortly after. The show mixes sports, humor, pop culture, and sounded like a real daily conversation between friends that just so happened to be recorded. The format is free flowing which allows the guys to enjoy themselves. It’s also a one-hour show instead of three to four, which helps keep an emphasis. Simmons annoys me because being a Boston Celtics fan he is very bias in his opinions about the team and also he loves to talk smack about the Lakers which is the NBA team that I root for and obviously that drives me crazy. Some trades that he visualizes for the Celtics are so stupid and impossible that make me laugh hard, but on the brighter side he always has good guests to balance his biased opinions which makes the podcast very entertaining.

4. The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr

Comedian Bill Burr rants and rambles with a general hard-nosed approach to the issues of the day on Monday mornings. The show is heavy on the profanity. It is also gritty raw and unapologetic. Burr discusses current events like what's on TV, sports, mechanics of comedy, marriage, etc... In his usual angry and edgy sense of humor. Burr is one of the most well known comedians performing these days. He's what critics called comedian's comedian. He has no guests on the show, majority of Burr’s content is done completely solo, but sometimes his lovely wife sits with him and it helps to balance his angry [but very funny] attitude. The highlight of the show for me is when he reads the Advertising copy, he does it in a way that is so funny that almost makes me want to buy some of that crap.The show is great introduction to Burr's comedy -- assuming you're not a fan already.

3. Keeping’ it 1600

Two of President Obama's former speechwriter, Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer get down to the nitty gritty of the election. Yes, the hosts are democrats, but they're more wonky than partisan, and they do bring on conservative guests to balance things out. I really love listening to these guys they give some great inside-baseball insights on politics today. They're both so incredibly knowledgable and and they don’t overreact to every story like most media people do. The show is also a great insight into the workings of the current disastrous election cycle in the USA. I Always look forward to this hour long podcast.

2. Tomorrow With Joshua Topolsky

Host Joshua Topolsky, former editor of The Verge and, briefly, Bloomberg's digital efforts bring us a weekly podcast about current trends in technology, news, and culture. Each episode of Tomorrow features a special guest and it is an essential resource for anyone who works in digital publishing/media or is merely obsessed with it. Josh is entertaining as hell and always gets the most out of his brilliant guests.The show always feels fresh and he is always bringing someone entertaining to have a chat with him. The informality and honesty of Joshua is what makes it unique and less scripted than other in the same genre, the show allows for the topic being discuss to wander without the looming restraint of always having to be something specific. I love hearing from the fascinating people he interviews who are all somehow making an impact on culture. This is the most entertaining and diverse podcast out there, I highly recommend to check it out.

1. The Watch

Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan -- longtime friends and pop culture addicts -- break down the latest in TV, movies, and music. I have been a big fan of Chris and Andy since their Hollywood Prospectus days when they used to work for Grantland. They are uniquely insightful, funny, interesting, and relatable. It feels like a conversation with smarter, more interesting friends than you probably don't have. With so much to watch on TV, they will help you to find some great new shows to watch while helping you steer clear of bad shows. They also talk a lot about music and occasionally about movies. If you are like me, obsessed with Pop Culture and especially TV shows this is a must listen podcast.

Well, that is my new list, I hope you guys like it. As I said I tried to be as broad as possible with the topics. From pop culture to politicians there is something for everyone in this list. Always remembering that you can always listen to these shows for free on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube and many other places on the internet you can also use one of the many free Apps for iOS or Android and download and listen to these shows on your device. Have fun!