Here are five TV shows that are worth watching right now:

The Resort

The Resort is a Peacock’s comedy/murder mystery/thriller starring Cristin Milioti (Palm Springs, Made for Love), and William Jackson Harper (the Good Place). The series revolves around Emma (Milioti) and Noah (Harper), a couple who are headed to Mexico to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. After getting into an accident, Emma discovers an old cell phone with a picture on it, which she links to a long-running unsolved missing case that involved two people named Sam (Skyler Gisondo) and Violet (Nina Bloomgarden). They vanished from a neighboring resort after a storm hit the island fifteen years ago. The show then goes to a different timeline and follows Sam's vacation to the island in 2007 and starts to piece together why Sam and Violet vanished. In this flashback, we also meet Murray (Nick Offerman), Violet's father, and also get to see some of the characters of the present timeline living in the 2007 timeline. When Emma and Noah set out on a mission to uncover the truth in the present time, things get a little weird but in the best possible way. People will undoubtedly compare The Resort to The White Lotus and Only Murders in the Building, but it goes beyond a ripoff of these great shows. The Resort has its own charm and also has some mystical elements which make the show really cool. Also, despite its gloomy concept, The Resort never loses its inherent absurdity and its humor. The series also avoids sliding into some tired investigative clichés. Even though both Milioti and Harper have previously portrayed very similar roles, they are incredibly well-cast and have great chemistry together. I really enjoyed how every new episode kept me wanting to see more. So if you are looking for a new show to binge-watch this weekend The Resort may be what you looking for.

Bad Sisters

This Apple TV+ series was such a great surprise. I honestly had zero expectations and eventually, the characters and the situations that they got into completely won me over. The series follows the tight-knit Garvey sisters. They have always looked out for each other. When their brother-in-law winds up dead, his life insurers launch an investigation to prove malicious intent—and set their sights on the sisters, all of whom had ample reason to kill him.

Sharon Horgan, the creator of the show Catastrophe, delivers a very dark comedy thriller that is super fun to watch. The series is based on the Belgian television series Clan and unravels a complex and sinister story about the influence of family and the seductive appeal of vengeance. Grace, one of the Garvey sisters, is married to a man that her family likes to refer to as "The Prick." This is a perfect nickname since John Paul is an incredibly despicable character who succeeds to hurt each of Grace's sisters in a variety of awful manners. He is a misogynist who is cruel, possessive, and dishonest. And that is why Grace’s sisters come up with some exciting ways to permanently get rid of him.

I enjoyed how the series manages its many characters. None of the five Garvey sisters feel undeveloped or forgotten. Each one has a unique personality and a well-defined motivation to kill John Paul. The characters are written and portrayed with nuance and complexity. They are all very likable in their own ways but also flawed and the writer and actors don’t hesitate in showing both sides. I also have to mention that the cinematography is gorgeous and the directors did a great job showcasing the beautiful locations in Ireland.

Los Espookys (Season 2)

Los Espookys is back to cause even more spooky chaos while navigating the aftermath of the relationship dramas of Season 1. This series is delightfully bizarre and not really for everyone, but I love it. The show follows a group of friends who turn their love for horror into a very peculiar business. They provide spooky solutions to those who need them in a dreamlike Latin American country where the unexpected and weird are routine. The group members include Tati (Ana Fabrega), Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco), Úrsula (Cassandra Ciangherotti), and Andrés (Julio Torres). This second season continues multiple plot lines from the previous one while continuing to book new projects for our favorite horror producers. However, some bizarre fantasies and terrifying nightmares also surface making things even weirder. The whole thing about Los Espookys is that it is not really about the plot, it is about its amazing characters. They are super fun but also have unique aesthetics, hairstyle, and particular personal tastes. But beneath the quirkiness of all of these personalities, there is also a strong desire for connection. Anyway, I highly recommend checking Los Espookys out. Just remember that this is not your regular comedy series and surreal is normal in this world. All six episodes of the first season are available on HBO Max and the second season is ongoing.


This series relies on the irony of the television industry's ongoing obsession to "reboot" hit shows from the past. The whole thing starts when a young and hip writer who is known for writing an independent film called "Cunt Saw" convinces Hulu to "reboot" a family sitcom from the early 2000s, bringing its dysfunctional cast back together. And now they have to deal with their unsolved problems in today’s rapidly evolving world. For me, it is super funny that the creator and writers of this show have found a way to bring old-school sitcoms back to the limelight. Reboot is witty and satirical of itself. And I love how meta the show is and how Hulu functions as one of the show's main characters. That was a very clever spin. I’m also loving to see the original show's senior writers struggle with the younger politically correct writers. Just pure comedic gold. In my opinion, the best way to describe the show is 30 Rock meets Curb Your Enthusiasm meets 90’s sitcoms. So if you like any of these things, you will love Reboot as well.

Devil in Ohio (Mini-series)

This is a Netflix series adapted from Daria Polatin's best-selling book which is loosely based on a real story. It stars Emily Deschanel , Madeleine Arthur, Sam Jaeger, Gerardo Celasco , Xaria Dotson, Alisha Newton , and Naomi Tan. It revolves around Dr. Suzanne Mathis (Emily Deschanel), a hospital psychiatrist, who takes cult escapee Mae (Madeleine Arthur) home with her. However, this sudden decision causes Suzanne's world to turn upside down and endangers to split her family up. There was a lot of potential for this series. And it was exciting in the first two episodes, and it's horrifying to realize that these things have truly happened to someone. Unfortunately, everything quickly became overly melodramatic. The series concentrated more on the family drama and the main character's whining when I wanted to see more of the cult elements. Devil in Ohio is entertaining, but it never pushes beyond what is expected in any way. There was so much more that could have been done to make it incredibly terrifying. The teen angst drama is too dull for my tastes, while the devil cult narrative never gets too frightening. Additionally, it had a rushed, unresolved ending.