2017 was a fantastic year for movies. And this was actually a really hard list to make. I ended up leaving some great movies such as Baby Driver, Nocturama, Mother! And Split out of it. Anyway, let's not waste any more time and get into it.

20 - Spiderman: Homecoming

One of the most entertaining movies I've seen all year. I had a smile on my face from the first scene until the very last one. Michael Keaton as the Vulture was so great and Tom Holland is the best Spiderman ever!

19 - A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story is truly unique. It has an amazing direction, acting, music, cinematography, and editing. The way they show the ghost experiencing the passage of time is so interesting to watch. I loved it.

18 - Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper is such an unconventional film. And one of the most interesting I’ve seen this year. It truly evades definition. Part-thriller, part-horror. Very tense. Kristen Stewart nailed her performance. She is without a doubt the most captivating young American actress right now.

17 - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

This movie made me feel a very wide range of emotions. It displays a compelling study on grief, pain and how people react to such feelings. I appreciated the dark humor and was also, blown away by the acting. Sam Rockwell and Frances McDormand performances were outstanding.

16 - Ingrid Goes West

Hilarious movie! I enjoyed this flick way more than I thought I would. The satire was on point. I really liked how it was incredibly smart and dark with the whole social media commentary. And Aubrey Plaza was great as usual.

15 - Dunkirk

Dunkirk is one of the tensest movies I've seen in 2017. Also, a great anti-war movie in my opinion. So thrilling and heartbreaking. A truly cinematic experience. One of Christopher Nolan's greatest films.

14 - Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

This documentary is a deep dive into the time when Jim Carrey portrayed the famed and complicated comedian Andy Kaufman. I am a huge fan of method acting stories and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s also a reminder of just how talented Jim Carrey is. He comes out of this looking like an asshole but I loved every minute of it.

13 - The Big Sick

The Big Sick is not groundbreaking in its narrative. But it is so charming and funny. The writing is top notch and the acting is all-around fantastic. One of the best romantic comedy in years.

12 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is not a perfect movie but I genuinely liked it. There was a lot in this film that was unexpected, and I see that as a very positive thing. I really appreciated Rian Johnson taking chances instead of treading in safe waters. He definitely took the franchise in new, more interesting, directions.

11 - IT

IT is a masterful horror film with great characters, stunning visuals, and a very creepy atmosphere. Bill Skarsgard is wonderfully disturbing as Pennywise and the kid actors from the Losers Club did a fantastic job, too.

10 - Logan

Logan is probably the best superhero movie ever made.The stakes felt more real here than in another movie of this genre. It manages to humanize the characters, and build a truly heart-wrenching story. Great use of the R rating and incredible acting from Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and the newcomer Dafne Keen.

09 - Raw

This is one of the weirdest movies of 2017 and, I know, it's not for everyone. But I really loved it. Raw does not shy away from trying to make you nauseous. So, if you aren’t the overly sensitive type, you should definitely check Raw out.

08 - Blade Runner 2049

As a big fan of the original movie, I absolutely loved this sequel. Blade Runner 2049 is visually stunning. The cinematography and world-building in this movie are unbelievably amazing. The plot is intriguing and will keep you hooked. At no point during the nearly three hours running time, I felt bored. Credit to Denis Villeneuve, Roger Deakins and everyone who made this film.

07 - Wind River

This is the most underrated movie of this year. The story was intense and emotional, and it establishes its atmosphere fairly well. Also, one of the most heartbreaking films I've seen in a while. Taylor Sheridan has been killing it lately. He wrote Sicario, Hell or High Water and now Wind River. It is a shame that not many people bothered to watch this movie.

06 - Call Me by Your Name

Call Me By Your Name is a beautiful and well-crafted film. The writing, acting, and cinematography are all outstanding. Elio's father's monologue towards the end is one of the most powerful scenes I saw in 2017. That is the kind of love and support Elio needed at that age. Also, the final scene is absolutely devastating and Timothee Chalamet proved he is one of the most promising young actors working in Hollywood.

05 - Good Time

The more I think about this movie, the more I love it. It is just so good! The film is incredibly well written, everything fits together like a puzzle. Robert Pattinson absolute killed it. This is easily one of the best performances of the year. The Safdie brothers made another great movie. I can’t wait to see what is next for them.

04 - Lady Bird

Lady Bird is funny, witty and intelligent. The movie is raw and visceral in a way that only a few other films are. It has some great acting, solid writing and direction. The dynamic between Laurie Metcalf and Saoirse Ronan is amazing! I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see what Greta Gerwig will do next. She did such a great job for a first time director.

03 - The Disaster Artist

I Absolutely loved this movie. I liked how it kept a story going while also doing a great job with showing us our favorite scenes of The Room. James Franco literally disappeared into the role and I completely felt like I was watching Tommy Wiseau on the screen. He didn't change Tommy as a person or try to make him look like a saint, either. I strongly recommend it to everyone and especially for fans of The Room.

02 - The Florida Project

Such a beautiful and authentic portrait of the harsh realities of poverty in America. Willem Dafoe did an amazing job. And so did the newcomers Bria Vinaite and Brooklynn Prince. Getting that level of performance out of children and other non-actors was a massive achievement. Sean Baker is a director to pay attention to. And about that ending… Screw the haters, The Florida Project has the best ending I've seen in years.

01 - Get Out

I really loved Get Out. It exceeded my expectations in every way. The acting and direction are top notche. The writing is brilliant, too. Every single statement made in the film comes back to tie in perfectly and add an additional layer to it. The movie has also a great social commentary and spoke very well to race issues in modern society. Jordan Peele definitely has a bright future behind the camera.