I can not believe 2016 is ending, it passed so fast! Like last year, I made a list of my ten favorite movies and TV shows. This is the first part of the list and it will be all about TV but the second one with the movies is coming next month.

10. Girls [Season 5]

I was never a big fan of Girls but this season was really great! It was the most confident and consistently funny. Characters have matured, everything has settled. I definitely appreciate the witty dialogue written by Lena Dunham. Girls does very well with talented acting from Jemima Kirke and Adam Driver and I would totally watch a spinoff show with Shoshanna hanging around in Japan, just saying.

9. Transparent [Season 3]

What a great show and what a great season! Transparent keeps exploring the notions of identity, sexuality and self-discovery even deeper, beyond the scope of excellency. Superb writing and performances. The Pfeffermen family is even more dysfunctional than in the previous seasons and that is awesome! I hope Transparent continues to push boundaries in rewarding ways in the following seasons.

8. The Americans [Season 4]

The Americans just keep getting better and better. Great acting, great characters. It has a consistently strong plot with interesting roles for the whole cast. They have found the right balance of action, suspense, and old fashioned family drama to keep the show feeling mostly realistic.

7. Black Mirror [Season 3]

Black Mirror delivers another batch of excellent episodes. This series has a way of describing just how much horrible our world can be. It is brutally dark and terrifying and It will keep you on the edge of your seat and frothing at the mouth to see more and where this crazy journey is going. Shut Up and Dance is probably the best episode but the California-set San Junipero is one of my favorite episodes of the season. it is deliciously nostalgic and endearing and besides i am such a sucker for all 80s things, this episode will require two viewings for better appreciation though.

6. Halt And Catch Fire [Season 3]

This show has really grown on me over the years, actually this is another perfect example of a television show that just keeps getting better and better each season. It has a compelling an interesting story especially if you are interested in the technology industry and how ruthless it is. For me, the beauty of this show is how they show brilliant people having human flaws, A shame more people don't watch it.

5. Game Of Thrones [Season 6]

The sixth season of Game of Thrones did maintain the slow pace of the previous season early on, but as usual, quickly began to push things forward. I was worried that without the guidance of the books the show would fall into a cycle of TV cliches. However, the directors and the showrunner proved once again that GoT id beyond cliches. the show still has the same tension, surprises and shocking deaths that we all know and love.

4. Bojack Horseman [Season 3]

This show is simply amazing. A great project from a smart and insightful group or writers. Season 3 kept up to my high expectations with a great season.The blending of dark humor and drama are simply perfect! Netflix has delivered a real gem.

3. The People Vs OJ Simpson

I was obviously aware of the story of OJ Simpson prior to watching this and the show perfectly captures the emotion, the feelings of what was going on at the time of the real O.J. Trials. The performances were fantastic and the writing excellent. This is easily Ryan Murphy's greatest achievement.

2. Atlanta [Season 1]

Atlanta is breaking ground in television and easily one of the best new shows on TV, a solid A+ across the board: writing, acting and cinematography all perfect! Atlanta is funny, smart, witty, deep and it is like nothing else on television, maybe ever. The characters actually feel like real people, not cliches of "black gangbangers" living in the hood and Zazie Beetz stole my heart. She is gorgeous and a fantastic actress.

1. Mr Robot [Season 2]

For the second season of Mr Robot, Sam Esmail the show's creator, director and writer took risks few other series have before. Like, would The Sopranos have aired a single episode without Tony? Well, Esmail did a whole episode without his main character and this was just one of the many risks he took this year. The show was perfectly executed. This was film quality television a masterpiece.