The first half of 2018 has proved that there’s way too much good TV right now. It is getting really hard to keep up with all these shows and still have any kind of social life. This list has my 10 favorite ones in no particular order.

Atlanta (Robbin’ season)

Robbin' Season is the second season of Atlanta, a show created, written and sometimes direct by Donald Glover.

This show is absolutely incredible. What a wild ride was this second season. I liked it even more than the first season one. It had such a substantial amount of character growth. And the way they explained Earn and Al's relationship was perfect.

I think Teddy Perkins was this season's best episode by far. Just everything about it was fantastic. Directing, writing, acting, music, and story. Actually, I never was bored with any episode this season and there was always at least one moment that really captivated me.

Atlanta is Weird, dark, sad, hilarious, and so far, my number 1 show of the year and I doubt it will be beaten.

Hopefully, they are going to take many EMMYs home this September. I cannot express my excitement for season 3 and I hope we get some details about it soon.

Cobra Kai (Season 1)

Cobra Kai is comedy-drama web series based on The Karate Kid film series.

I can't believe how good this is. I was expecting to watch the first couple episodes just for nostalgia. But the show is really well done and I couldn’t stop watching it. All the central themes that made this franchise great were in the show. And I loved all the nods and callbacks

Johnny Lawrence’s journey was great, I found myself rooting for him to get his life together; the writers did a good job making his character sympathetic. And the series did really well at showing that both, Daniel and Johnny, had problems.

The show has also shown great themes about fatherhood and how a father figure could affect their child's behavior.

I had a really great time watching Cobra Kai. Can't wait for season 2

Barry (season 1)

Barry is a dark comedy starring Bill Hader as a depressed, low-rent hitman from the Midwest.

This show is really refreshing. Barry is such a great antihero. And Hader is a way more talented dramatic actor than I ever expected. He did a great job walking the line between a character the audience can feel empathy for besides his sociopathy.

I really hope this show gets another season. I can’t wait to see where the show will go next after the insane finale it had.

And they better bring Noho Hank back. He is the greatest!

A.P. Bio (Season 1)

This comedy follows Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton), an ex-philosophy teacher at Harvard who loses his job and now has to teach a bunch of nerdy AP Bio kids at a local high school in Toledo.

I had zero exceptions about this show but I actually liked it. It's kind of amazing how well they got me attached to the characters in such short amount of time (13 half-hour episodes). The writing is pretty good for Network TV and the kids really deliver all of the great lines (Heather is my favorite one).

Also, I'm a massive Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan. And I love seeing Glenn get a bigger gig.

The show was already renewed for season 2 and I hope they come back even better.

Wild Wild Country (Documentary series)

Wild Wild Country is a Netflix documentary series about the controversial Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), his one-time personal assistant Ma Anand Sheela, and their community of followers in the Rajneeshpuram community located in Wasco County, Oregon.

Absolutely incredible documentary. During the first episodes, I was actually empathizing with the cult people. But as the show progressed and the cultists started doing all kinds of crazy shenanigans I quickly changed my mind.

Netflix is the perfect medium for documentaries. No time constraints, just tell the story in however many episodes it ends up as after editing.

Trust (Anthology Series)

Trust tells the story of John Paul Getty III, inheritor of the Getty oil fortune, and is set in 1973 when the young Getty was kidnapped in Rome.

I thought the show was great. I've been a fan of Danny Boyle since Shallow Grave and he being a producer and director of the show was what made me give it a chance. And I have no regrets. I'm always impressed with his work. The cinematography is beautiful, the editing very creative and the music choices are excellent

Brendan Fraser was also awesome. He was a standout for me, it's been so long since I saw him. And he really disappeared into the role. I’m glad he is back

All in all, it was a pretty good series.

The Americans (Season 6)

The sixth and final season of one of my favorite shows did not disappoint me.

I thought that was the perfect ending for this show. The series was always about the marriage between Philip and Elizabeth. And this final season stayed true to the emotional spirit of the show.

This was a perfectly crafted story. But I would absolutely love to know what happens next for everyone. I’m hoping for a movie in a few years. But, it will probably never happen.

I will really miss this show!

Killing Eve (Season 1)

Killing Eve centers on two women; Eve a bored but smart, pay-grade MI5 security officer whose desk-bound job doesn't fulfill her fantasies of being a spy. And Villanelle, a mercurial, talented killer who clings to the luxuries her violent job affords her.

This show is the biggest surprise of the year so far. It's sharp, intelligent, and incredibly well done. So entertaining.

All the show actors have been great this season but what Jodie Comer has done was amazing. She really did an amazing job making us sympathize with a cold-blooded sociopath.

I'm happy that it got renewed, for a second season. I definitely want more!

Counterpart (Season 1)

Counterpart is a Spy and Sci-fi show. It stars J.K.Simmons who is fantastic as the two lead roles. He plays a low-level employee Berlin-based spy agency who discovers the agency he works for is hiding a gateway to a parallel dimension. The show explores themes of identity, fate and lost love.

I found this show so interesting on so many levels. It is a slow burn kind of show. But it totally pays off the time invested. But just so you know, this is not the kind of show that you can be playing on your computer or phone while watching it. You really have to pay attention.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 4)

The first six episodes of the fourth season of this comedy from Tina Fey and Robert Carlock is probably one of the funniest things I watched this year

The DJ Slizzard documentary episode alone had me laughing so hard. There are so many jokes in it. And how about that the old footage of Jon Hamm? Hilarious! It was even difficult to keep up with so much funny stuff in one single episode. I had to watch it twice. The writers really went after everything that is wrong with modern culture/media in the US.

If the rumors about the show being over after this season are true, then it's gonna go out with a bang for sure.