Devs (Season 1)

Devs is cerebral science fiction along the lines of Ex Machina and Mr. Robot.

The show has a really great concept and I really enjoyed how ideas like free will, our place in the universe/universes were explored.

Alex Garland's vision unfolds a fantastic, challenging, and intelligent, sci-fi story that is completely captivating and unique from the first episode. And I consider the show’s overall aesthetic, score, and subject matter and performance by the cast amazing.

Congratulations to all involved in the production of Devs, you really have done a great job.

High Fidelity (Season 1)

This is a phenomenal reboot. Even with a total gender reversal it totally kept the spirit of the film/book it is based on. I know these types of changes aren’t always popular, but I think it worked well here because this was an awesome season.

High Fidelity has great writing, acting, and music supervisor. I absolutely loved the music. It was kind of a character in the show. It connects all together but at the same time, it doesn't overshadow the story.

The show has great performances from Zoe Kravitz that is incredible as Rob. And from Da'Vine Joy Randolph. She is not Jack Black, which killed it playing Barry Judd in the High Fidelity movie, but she steals all of the scenes she's in.

It is totally worth to check this show out.

Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet (Season 1)

Workplace comedies like The Office are always fun to watch and the first season of Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet proved that once again.

The show which is about a game development studio is pretty solid. One of the best series on Apple TV Plus so far. I would even dare to say that the show is a mix between The Office and Silicon Valley and it works for those who are interested in gaming, and even those who are not.

The show starts as just a funny workplace comedy but it changes its tone from the 5th episode on. Seriously though, episode 5 hits you like a brick and things got much more interesting after that.

Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet is great and I absolutely recommend it.

BoJack Horseman (Season 6 - Part 2)

I’m definitely still working through my feelings regarding the BoJack Horseman finale. I loved it but, I’m really sad it is over.

The second part of the 6th and final season was unique and very brilliant as usual. And I really liked how it wraps things up in a realistic way.

After seeing these characters go through so much I could not be happier with how they ended up.

It's ironically funny how a cartoon with talking animals could better reflect reality than other live-action series. Just such a great example of the amazing things you can do with animation.

BoJack Horseman was amazing from start to finish, I'll certainly miss it.

Ozark (Season 3)

Ozark just keeps getting better. This season not only continues raising the stakes for the characters but also deepens the development of the relationship between the Byrdes and drug lord Navarro.

The show writing, cinematography, and casting are exceptional. Great acting especially from Jason Bateman, Laura Linney (Marty and Wendy Bryde) and Julia Garners (Ruth).

Tom Pelphrey, who plays Wendy's brother Ben, is one of the best additions to the cast this season. Watching bipolar disorder take over a person was so intense. And he totally nailed his performance.

Ozark is without a doubt one of the best shows on TV, cable, or streaming service right now. Can't wait for Season 4.

Better Call Saul (Season 5)

Another incredible season. My favorite one so far. They played the tension between Jimmy and Kim perfectly.

Season 5 basically explores Jimmy turning into Saul and Mike becoming more of a hardened criminal. I'm also enjoying the gradual fade of the show into the breaking bad universe.

The writing is rock solid and execution is on point. The show is so consistent but also so unpredictable. Great acting all-around but Rhea Seehorn & Tony Dalton had outstanding performances and hopefully will be nominated for an Emmy.

Overall this was a very great season with a thrilling ending. I can't wait for Season 6.

Schitt's Creek (Season 6)

This show is a very rare gem. And I’m embarrassed to say that I was late to it. I watched the first season and liked it a lot. But for some reason never came back to it. Huge mistake. Durant the quarantine I binged watched the entire 5 seasons that I hadn't watch and loved it.

The show was created by Dan and Eugene Levy and follows the wealthy Rose family. Johnny (Eugene Levy), his wife and former soap opera actress Moira (Catherine O'Hara), and their adult children David and Alexis (Dan Levy and Annie Murphy) They lose their fortune and are forced to rebuild their lives with their sole remaining asset: a small town named Schitt's Creek, which Johnny had bought for David as a joke birthday gift in 1991.

I really like the way this rich family was integrated into the small town. It felt very natural while they kept their identity.

Season 6 is the final one and it is fun, crazy, and endearing all at the same time. A heart-warming, progressive comedy with exceptional casting and flawless delivery. Also, how special this had to be for Eugene Levy to do this show with his two kids (his daughter is also in the show) and one of his closest friends (Catherine O'Hara) for over 6 years?

I really like all the main characters of the show but Moira is definitely my favorite. I really like that Catherine O’Hara had a great influence in creating the character. She’s truly a genius and I’m glad the Levys gave her that ability to be creative and shape her character. She gave Moira so much humanity and depth. Not to mention the funniest accent ever!

The 6th and final season of Schitt’s Creek is the perfect end to a perfect series.

The Outsider (Mini-Series)

The Outsider is a thriller based on Stephen King's best-selling novel of the same name. The show begins following an investigation which at first seems like it will be simple and straightforward but then things completely change.

I haven't read the book to know how it relates to the original story, but for me, the show stands fine on its own.

It has a little bit of everything: drama, suspense, thrill and it is also full of twists and turns. You will be always fascinated by what will happen next.

The acting is absolutely first class and Jason Bateman has done a fantastic job in the first few episodes! He is excellent and did a great job producing, directing, and acting in the show. He was always a great actor but he has seriously become a director to be reckoned with. Between this and Ozark when does he even sleep?

This is a must-watch for people who love Stephen King.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 10)

Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is as fresh as any of the best past seasons. Larry David is still as cringe as always and he keeps giving that sensation where you're left feeling super uncomfortable.

The writing is at its finest. And the spite store arc had a huge payoff.

The guest stars were great either, with both new and old faces injecting life and flare into the long-running series. John Hamm was definitely my favorite celebrity cameo, he's really funny and I really want to see him doing more comedy stuff in the future.

I also laughed at every single word Leon said.

Anyway, LD never disappoints!

Dave (Season 1)

Dave is a comedy based on the life of rapper and comedian Dave Burd, better known by his stage name Lil Dicky.

I was hesitating to watch this show but I was happily surprised by it. This is by far one of the best comedy shows I have seen in a while! It is clever, witty, extremely funny, and original. It is not for everyone, though. Because some of the humor may seem extremely juvenile at times. But that didn’t bother me at all.

Dave is one of a kind show. And I really enjoyed it!