It's been a great year for television. So many good shows. It was really hard for me to pick my 20 favorite ones for this year. I left so many good shows out of this list. Search Party, Master Of None, Legion and Dear White People are all amazing shows that I loved, but didn't make the final cut. Anyway, let's talk about the ones that are actually in it, shall we?

20 - Preacher - Season 2

Preacher goes from mildly offensive to blasphemous in its second season, and I loved it! Good acting. Sharp writing. Explosive action. The only storyline I didn’t like was the Hell one. But besides that, this show was a nice surprise to me.

19 - The Americans - Season 5

Season 5 of The Americans was a little bit of a let down. The whole season felt like it was building to a, hopefully, amazing conclusion of the show next year. But I loved the Paige. Storyline though. She took a huge leap and is growing into Elizabeth 2.0. That alone made this season worth it.

18 - Stranger Things - Season 2

I never bought into the Stranger Things hype. I thought the first season was only OK and I had low expectations for the second season. But the show got much better and I actually enjoyed it. Still, not as good as the hype suggests, but pretty entertaining. Episode 7 is terrible and totally unnecessary though.

17 - Big Little Lies - Season 1

Pretty solid show with great performances all round from the A-list cast. The show has an unique narrative structure and charges every scene with a mix of drama and thriller.

16 - American Vandal - Season 1

Surprisingly good and very well done. It provides enough comedy/mystery that leaves viewers wanting for more. It is interesting how it gets better and better as the season progresses. At first I thought it would be just a silly comedy. But by the end, I was fully invested in the characters and the mystery.

15 - Narcos - Season 3

I had zero expectations for this season. But oddly, it is better than the first previous two. This time the show follows Agent Pena as the main protagonist as we witness his mission to bring down the Cali cartel. I loved it. Bring on Mexico for season 4.

14 - Girls - Season 6

Girls was always an interesting but inconsistent show. But the last two seasons, it got much better and I really enjoyed it. Season 6 felt like the transition into adulthood was completed. It also made me reevaluate my friendships and emphasized my desire to never have a child.

13 - The Handmaid’s Tale - Season 1

The show was much better than I expected. It was also, one of the most stressful and terrifying dystopian dramas I've ever seen. Great production values and very well acted. Elizabeth Moss deserves all the awards for this one!

12 - Better Call Saul - Season 3

The third season of Better Call Saul was a must-see event from episode one. It took 3 seasons, but this show finally delivered. It had incredible character development, perfect direction, and a brutal ending.

11 - Rick And Morty - Season 3

The third season of Rick and Marty got a ton of unfair criticism.I thought it was a good season overall. There were so many good episodes. Maybe next season, we should stop over analyzing every bit of the show and just enjoy the jokes.

10 - Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 9

After six years away, Curb is back and nothing has changed. The season felt like a reunion with old friends. Only Larry David can get away with this endless politically incorrect insanity. So good!

9 - Game of Thrones - season 7

Not the best season of GoT but still much better than most of the shows in 2017. This season was plagued with plot-holes and sloppy writing. But also had some very satisfying moments and resolutions that the fans have been waiting for since the first season.

8 - GLOW - Season 1

GLOW really lived up to my expectations. The show has a good mix of humor and drama. The characters are well written and interesting. It's difficult to balance a large cast like this but the showrunners did a good job doing that. And Marc Maron steals every scene he is on, he is the real MVP of the show.

7 - Ozark - Season 1

Ozark is very different and unique. Excellent cast combined with unexpected twists and original plot make this show extremely entertaining. Jason Bateman puts up an Emmy worthy performance. His character is so calm and cool with the situations he's handed. I can’t wait for the next season to come out

6 - Mindhunter - Season 1

What an amazing Netflix Original. It can get slow at times but it totally makes up for it. The dialogues are great and the tension between the three leading characters is palpable. Great performance by the cast and an outstanding cinematography.

5 - Halt And Catch Fire - Season 4

For me, this show was an under-appreciated masterpiece. It never disappointed once. With the fourth and last season taking place in the 90s, it brought a great sense of nostalgia for me. I loved every minute of it and I will miss it a lot.

4 - Bojack Horseman - Season 4

The fourth season of this animated television series was probably the best season of the show so far. It is heartbreaking and hilarious. The show deals incredibly difficult topics. But never loses its sense of humor. Still the best original series on Netflix.

3 - Mr. Robot - Season 3

Mr. Robot made it back with a bang! The show is more cinematic than ever. The plot and pacing were both fantastic. And everyone’s acting was outstanding. Special mention to the fantastic performance by Bobby Cannavale. He totally deserves an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Sorry, haters, but Mr. Robot is one of the best shows on TV. And Sam Esmail is a genius!

2 - The Leftovers Season 3

I miss this show already. The third and final season was incredibly good, and the show ended on a very high note. I loved that they left things unexplained, because this way, we can come up with our own explanations. The writing, acting and directing were all top notch. And Nora telling her story there at the end was amazing. Even though she was probably lying.

1 - The Deuce - Season 1

David Simon and George Pelecanos have done it again! The minds behind The Wire brought us another great TV show. The Deuce is gritty and sometimes very hard to watch, mostly because many of the characters are so sleazy/corrupt. Simon and Pelecanos have created a world with complex, layered, incredible characters and a great storyline to support it. The 1970’s NYC is a place that I’ve never thought I would want to visit, but this show makes me always want to come back for more.