The first Incredibles movie was just so amazing. It managed to resonate for adults while still being very entertaining for the whole family. The story had grown-ups subjects like politics, death and even a suspected affair. But it had a lot of fun scenes and light jokes for the kids, too. It also had great character development and basically showed us that just because it's a kids movie doesn't mean it has to be a shallow flick.

Considering how long this sequel took to get made, I expected more from this movie. A lot more. It was almost disappointing to watch it. Mainly because this is a safe movie. The kind of movie that doesn’t add anything for the franchise. The Incredibles 2 may have made a lot of money for Pixar but is definitely not on Parr with the first one. And it feels a lot like just a money grab movie.

But hey, not everything about the Incredibles 2 was terrible. The action scenes were great. And I really liked the usage of Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl's powers. The whole sequence of her riding the bike was really good. The movie has a beautiful animation, it is crazy to see how far animation has gone in the last 14 years. And I can’t leave out the Jack Jack scenes. He fighting the raccoon and hanging out with Edna were both great moments. I really liked the performances from the entire cast as well. Especially Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson who jumped right back into these characters 14 years later and made it as if, no time has passed at all.

However, the movie had more lows than highs in my opinion. The plot was half-baked. It was pretty much just a rehash of the first film with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible roles switched.There were no real character arcs. None of them really grow in the movie. And the film never dives deep into any of its themes. I would like to see more about how politics and business affected the lives of superhumans for instance. But instead of that, we had bad jokes and the most predictable plot twist ever. The dialogues were also really bad most of the time. Pure lazy writing. The pace of the movie was terrible. And this really caused a significant amount of drag in the first two acts and a very rushed third act.The villain could be better, too. She was so poorly handled. She had a very weak motivation and didn't pose much of a terrorizing threat.

The Incredibles 2 is an OK movie. it looks good and it has a couple of great action scenes. But because the first movie was much more than the standard kid's flick, I think I was expecting a sequel with the same depth. And it is a shame that a movie that was supposed to be a milestone in animation is instead a forgettable popcorn flick.