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Arsenio Rodriguez

Presently, Chairman and CEO of Devnet International, an NGO promoting sustainable development founded in Rome, Italy in 1989. For 39 years held senior advisory positions, with the United Nations and later the World Bank, in the design and coordination of international policy for sustainable development. His expertise lies in the negotiation of alliances for sustainability between governments, intergovernmental organizations, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

He co-founded, the Alliance for a New Humanity, with a group of leaders from all sectors of society including, Deepak Chopra, Oscar Arias, Betty Williams, Ricky Martin, Baltazar Garzon, Kerry Kennedy, Roberto Savio, and Ashok Khosla. He served as its Secretary General from 2003 until 2008. The Alliance aimed to be a broad alliance for human understanding and global sustainability integrating agents of change operating in the areas of social equity, environment, ethical values, human rights, artistic expression and other endeavours of the human agenda.

Earlier, he coordinated the World Bank Mesoamerican Biological Corridor Initiative, a public-private sector civil society partnership to integrate development, social, environmental and disaster management factors for sustainability in Central America. Was Director of the Regional Office of UNEP for Latin America and the Caribbean and Special advisor to the Executive Director of UNEP. Co-Founder of Tierramerica a unique communications instrument for sustainable development in Latin America jointly sponsored by Inter Press Service, World Bank, UNDP and UNEP and partnering with regional and national media and coordinator of an Action Plan for Environment and Development of the Coastal Areas of the Wider Caribbean Region developed by UNEP and the Economic Commission for Latin America.

Has been a Special Editor of AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, Editor of “The Americas we Want” a book of essays with visions of the future of the Americas published by the Fondo de Cultura Economica which includes articles from political, academic, business and social leaders of the Americas. Has been invited lecturer on sustainable development at the Universities of Cambridge, Elon, Colegio de Mexico, Universidad Austral de Chile. He has published two poetry books “The Fermentation of Light” 2008 and “Soulwriter” in 2008 and 2018 respectively.

He graduated in biochemistry from the University of Puerto Rico, worked as a researcher on electrophysiology, at the School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico. Later he received a Ph.D. with high honors from the University of Miami School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. Was granted fellowships for his research and studies by the Organization of American States, The Economic Development Administration of Puerto Rico and the National Institutes of Health.

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