Everything seems to be always in a process of mixing ingredients and the generation of an intermediate or perhaps final product. An evolution. In the processes of synthesis, dilution, or amalgamation, two or several factors or elements combine and achieve a different state of being together, in accordance with the energies that each brings to the process. During the combination moment all is very unstable and unsettled.

One can see the different stages of the process of attaining the new state when you are observing a simple interaction of two elements, say like salt diluting in water, and the factors that enhance it or retard it, like heat or stirring. However in more complex processes, involving a multiplicity of known, partially known, subjectively appreciated and totally unknown elements - like in the case of the synthesis of a new human civilization - it is not so easy and might be actually impossible, to predict the outcome that will surge from the merging.

There is a saying which is falsely attributed to the Chinese as a Chinese curse “may you live very interesting times", and which might be, according to research, British. But independently of this curiosity, there are very intense moments of merging happening in our humanity right now, and yes, we are living very interesting times, and they are getting more and more interesting. Viruses are going viral, climate is changing on our account, people are resisting the notion of interconnectedness, while at the same time being the most interconnected ever, physically and culturally. Many people are becoming entrenched in fortified droplets of nationalism, resisting what seems to be the process of being merged into one humanity.

Yet I believe there is a new message being written in the new walls of Babylon; an indelible message: Love Is.

Intriguingly, Our World which was the first live, international, satellite television production undertaken (by the BBC on 25 June 1967) and involved creative artists, opera singer Maria Callas, and painter Pablo Picasso -and had the largest television audience ever up to that date, an estimated 400 to 700 million people around the globe, closed with the song All You Need Is Love, performed for the first time by the Beatles.

I am sorry to take lightly the false Chinese curse, but when if we look back to the times of Pangea and even before, to the origins of life, of Planet Earth and the universe itself, we realize, undoubtedly, that this evolving advancing mixing project is unstoppable.

And when I look, at all the incredible times that our human species has gone through and combine these collective moments of prehistory and history, with my own life moments of joy, depression, fear, love, pain, awe, laughter, beauty, and desperation, I can only say that we are all the time being blessed and cursed with very interesting times. Because life is simply amazingly interesting, indeed, awesome all the time.

The irony is that now, a simple virus, a speck of dust alive, a replicating chain of RNA, the oldest (according to some) form of life, the link to the so-called inanimate world, true to its nature has become viral and has made us think and feel about the fragility and temporariness of our fortresses and walls, no matter how much we try to create permanence in the transitory, or define ourselves as special behind superficial characteristics. Rich or poor, famous or unknown, Chinese, European or African all ethnicities and nationalities are vulnerable to this tiniest of the parasites.

No, it is not a world war with nuclear weapons, like the feared one during the Cuban Missile Crisis, is not an extended terrorism wave, or an asteroid coming from heaven. It is just a speck of life wannabe, that now, like it has done throughout history, threatens humanity’s complacency and establishment everywhere. The modern and ubiquitous media megaphone, blaring info bytes, connecting us now not in love, but in fear, not in awe of discovering the magic of life, but in making us aware of our fragility. Fragility that is really with us all the time.

A pandemic (which does not mean a combination of panic and epidemy) although it sounds like it. A pandemic for which there are still many factors unknown. There is lack of data to come to precise predictions of final outcomes.

But the important thing is that the virus is there, is viral and that we can protect ourselves, like we do from any other virus, by keeping away from each other until the wave passes, at least for a while we develop means to prevent infection or to treat the disease. In the end we do not know about final outcomes, so we must do our best and trust that the most compassionate plans in the storyline of this moment of humanity, of these very interesting times, lead to a good ending.

That it leads to a more stable state of humanity, than it was when the virus struck us. Maybe, the discovery of our common fragility will lead into the adoption of new and more collaborative ways of organizing our societies among themselves, with each other and with the life support system that is part of our oneness.

We do all know about the fragility of life. Each one of the conscious living beings, in one way or another becomes aware, sooner or later, of this fragility, and if we learn to share it and recognize it in others, there begins a sentiment we call compassion, that opens the doors to love, the essence of oneness.

And this love, according to our highest aspirations, is the sole purpose of this parade of life, the subtlest manifestation of the universe. When love dawns, then fragility becomes strength and we understand the real meaning of vulnerability.

This viral virus, wrapped in viral news, comes at a time where were having, as always, a push pull between living "la vida loca" and deep concerns about our future as a civilization. And this time is a special time, because we are now more globalized and interconnected than ever before, we have the means to globally self-destruct or create utopia. However, at the height of the mixing process some have become afraid of integration and want to go back to nationalism and tribalism. This fear is being manipulated by astute populist leaders, who want to build walls and promote isolationism while the eddies of mixing are manifesting inevitably towards one humanity, one love, recognizing that we are all in the same boat.

But this time the boat of is almost full. There are no continents left to explore and to conquer. This time our best chance is not to continue business as usual but to change the nature of our business. This time, the motto cannot be: each one to his/her own, but we must recognize our common humanity and vulnerability. Our challenges now are systemic and global not national and regional. We cannot make one country great if the rest of the world collapses.

Suddenly, during this debate, humanity, the most advanced form of life, is collectively exposed to the fragility of life, by the simplest of all the creatures that are called living. A virus.

There has been a long way on the long path of our evolution, from the Big Bang, the Earth formation, the origins of cells and viruses. A way through the Cambrian, the Cenozoic, the great extinctions, the first primates, the Adam or Australopithecus moment, the evolution of man, our history, our most sublime moments. A long way, from the mysterious stirring of existence manifesting in the cosmos until the yielding of humanity.

Human, this magic conglomerate of cells, organs, molecules, bacteria and virus guests, plus thoughts and feelings. A walking ecosystem, that evolved little by little and through incredible moments of fragility, but with great determination and purpose. I believe to manifest love. Love, which in its most naked and pure state, is at the same time infinitely vulnerable, powerful and transformative.

Let’s, beyond all present past and future cautions and precautions, embrace this love.