Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.


On one of those days of pandemic, I went for a walk in a park with a friend. Avoiding groups and faces, of potentially infested people, we walked in this forest that was established as a spiritual retreat. We talked about, oh so many things, while we were also silent in many moments of awe, admiring the stillness of the forest or a lake scene, or listening to the enthralled song of an unknown bird announcing spring. And we talked and talked, about stillness, about the process, about life and consciousness, about our encounters with others in life.

In a certain way, we climbed that wall that separates the two worlds that we move on, the intimate unfathomable inside and the vast outside universe. We sat in that verandah that overlooks both dimensions and we chatted, as we walked. We marveled at the processes recounted by the collective knowledge of the human mind, the discoveries, the dimensions, the occurrences and intricated relationships, and the connectivity, between all manner of forms. Our thought and senses intertwining theories, findings, observations, and our own guesses. We marveled at beingness, at existence, at the whence and whither, at the transientness of life, its meaning, and at the nature of that thing, we call love.

As we reflected on the surrounding stillness of nature, we remembered that the surface of the Earth was spinning at 460 meters per second - or roughly 1,000 miles per hour. That the planet is moving around the sun at a speed of nearly 30 kilometers per second, or 67,000 miles per hour. And that our solar system whirls around the center of our galaxy at some 220 kilometers per second or 490,000 miles per hour.

We reflected on the constant motion of the machinery of life. We thought about how many chemical reactions occur in the life that we were seeing around us? Just in one cell, according to latest estimates, every second there are 9 milliards (10 billion in us) chemical reactions occurring. We figured that in one human body, which contains around 37 billion cells (us 37 trillion), there were about 37 billion billion (37 x 21 zeros) chemical reactions, taking place every second. Fascinating.

Everything is in motion, all the seemingly endless universe or universes, the countless molecules, the atoms, their sub-particles, all is exploding, dispersing, contracting, interacting, vibrating. Then we proceeded to wonder about our minds and thoughts, feelings, opinions, moods, beliefs - consciousness - constantly churning like clouds shifting in the sky. And we marveled about how the multiplication of the numberless things happening times the endless process of time, results in an infinitely complex fragmentation, in constant motion and evolution.

Yet somehow a stillness at all levels seems to manifest out of it.

It is amazing, that we can find each other, as we walk these turbulent paths of existence. Alone, circumscribed by each personality id we traverse in these universal scenarios, plagued with so much distraction and thoughts. It is astonishing, that we can still exchange the joy of being here, the dream of being alive and our stories of loves lost and found.

The simple fact that we look at each other, even if only once askance, each one on his/her own dance, makes us capable to come in together to the hall of forgiveness. Capable of drawing holy water, from mutual understanding, from the deep wells of our souls. People like you and me, who all crashed-landed at birth, in so many different places, with hearts on fire.

Life is about sharing love. It is when words are born, from that point of departure when we say, “I know”, that everything complexifies and we end up entangled in a mess of yarn. Each one then tries to describe the patterns of the tapestry as they perceive it, and we argue arduously about this way or that way, as we forget that there is only one thread intertwining all hearts.

But there is a beautiful morning song that we all hear - unwittingly. And eventually, we run to find each other in the sunrise. Like moths, we fly towards light not knowing why. And we share our dreams, our weaknesses, and strengths, and we smile and dance and play like children in a country fair.

Suddenly, you and I meet, as our lives cross each other. And we know then that we are not alone. We feel that love, is spilling between us. And a new life blooms among total strangers, a shared imagination, dreams for a better world, filled with differences and arguments and forgiveness, as it happens among those who are close.

Unexpectedly, improbable binomials of people are sharing their depths. They meet. They come from all places, from Europe, Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan, Congo, the US, India, China, Middle East, Australia -from anywhere. Because birthplace does not matter. Because they all recognize the ancient song that plays within, again calling the children to come to the fair in the park, to be truly human, to be.

Words separate us. The silence growing within us, brings us closer.

Deep inside, the continuous vibration of existence, reverberates in each atom, in each being. This ancient song of always, echoes itself, bouncing against the infinite surfaces and labyrinths of its imagination, and everything sings in marvel, before the exuberance and matchless beauty of existence. Planets, comets, suns, erupt in a deafening intergalactic symphony -humming joy.

Electrons sing along with all their families, jumping orbitals in microscopic concerts of energy. Life sings, in form and color, instincts and breath, birds sing, beasts roar, wolves howl to the moon in the prairies, and men and women sing in words, tunes, poems, explanations, mathematics, loves and longings.

We talk, but really, we sing talking, thinking, we dream singing, the songs that echo the first song. And we all go on singing and dancing, without knowing that our rhythms of motion, thought and movement, are just reflections of the ancient song that existence is always singing.

Avalanches of sound, emitted in energy and form, in conflicting waves, praise the miracle of being and the joy of knowing. Of knowing, that we are the song of ant and nightingale, the song of the planet and the volcano. We sing in words to celebrate silence. Our words form rhythmical dances to channel the cosmic explosions and emotions born in our souls, through our games. But when we know who we are, when we get to know who we really are, we will stop talking, we will hold hands like children in a roundabout and will sing madly in bliss.

When we become humble, we will sing again the song, like the birds, winds and the sun do, but consciously. We would sing in harmony with silence and be in communion with the awesome and fragile thunder of the innocence and oneness of all life. When we become humble, our words will stop even if we talk, and they will have meaning, and they would have to do with love, with the ancient song of always. The continual impulse of love to experience itself in the wholeness of an ever-never reunion creates a forever response. Coherent never parting forces, disperse in an imagined eternal projection that never, yet always, is happening, to return from a journey never taken of seeking and finding. A journey from Love to Love.