Sometimes, an ineffable feeling of inexplicable joy seeps in secretly and opens hidden alcoves. No special mantras or efforts in prayer, can take you there. Oh well it can coincide, if you do pray or meditate all the time, that doors open, as if a password was said, but it was just grace. Serendipity, flowing to you without conditions, like true love, warming everything with a glow of light sublime. Making hearts melt down, smiles flourish in stern faces and bodies acquire a special rhythm, that prompts embraces.

Yes suddenly, the magic of Antares and her legions of sister stars, appears in the dark of night, like a princess dressed for her wedding. But what prompts that corner breeze to whirlwind suddenly inside? What commands spontaneity? Certainly, it is not yielding to any straining, repeated mantras, disciplines, austerities, wealth, prayers, chants, magic potions, or secret scrolls. No formulas can take you there, where the sun rises in miniature but so bright that its cool incandescence outshines daylight. This laughter of the spirit is so provocative and free, that one can only jump in the air, if the body is still fit or sport a brightness in the eyes, or a tenderness in the skin, wanting to caress whoever comes across when it springs. It is merry, happy, sublime, just perfect, its rhyme is the engine that moves joy, it is the summa cum laude of love. Yes, that little candle, that swift breeze, that primordial song, which is found sometimes, somehow, somewhere, so unexpectedly inside of you and me.

So, let’s dance with it and etch that special moment somewhere in our memories, as the dust of our kaleidoscopic actions and thoughts collects, yes, as the debris of our point of vantage, accumulates experiences, as if ours alone, and asphyxiates our soul. Let´s keep it in our memories, icons and traditions, till one day, suddenly and in total surrender and awe we find ourselves again bowing down in that secret alcove, pulled in by spontaneous combustion.

Our hearts on fire, our feet tap dancing the only song that can never be predicted or asked for or bought forth. Let’s share the glow in our eyes then, and caress the tenderness in others, who in that moment of solace are nothing but one with us. Let’s rejoice in that breeze of sacred corners that reminds us of our best feelings and wipes out our prides and laments.

Yes, let’s savor the kiss of the unknown Beloved as it catches us unaware, and makes us be. It is an old story, a romance of spontaneity, which love only can see. For it to dawn there is no coercion possible, no bribery enabled, no path, no discipline. Nothing can harness this whimsical graciousness, that makes everything such a delight. The unknown Beloved once-in-a-while kiss is so intoxicating because you really can never know when it lands on your lips. So may that grace fall upon you, one of these days and may you remember, once it does, never to forget that ineffable feeling of inexplicable joy.