The past is an interpretation. The future is an illusion. The world does not move through time as if it were a straight line, proceeding from the past to the future. Instead, time moves through and within us, in endless spirals.

(Shams Tabrizi)

Every day is one day. Today, tomorrow, yesterday. Embedded in each one’s identification, form, cultural upbringing, personality, and outlook. World news comes in waves, about clashing ideologies, self-interest, war, calamities, despair, winners and losers, new technologies, new understandings, and misunderstandings. Yet, life in all its splendor continues its cyclic processes, blooming, seeding, decaying, and dying.

The human spirit, and its essence, continue to manifest the glory of being, through smiles of valor, embraces of solidarity, impossible loves, dreams, and tenacity in living. Seeking completion through moments of love through dissolving the barrier between I and the “other”. Longing for serenity amid the chaos brought by the continued upwelling of forces within and without, manifesting conflicts, history, relationships, and ancient streams, as we move towards a goal unseen.

Every day there is an opportunity for a renewed awakening into relationship potentials, a discovery of inner spaces and outer moments that reveals a deeper consciousness of being.

We stand in the present, looking back into relics of insubstantial past moments, or stretching our imagination and hopes to an unmanifested future from our point of view. Through our unique perception, we each appreciate and react to this inexhaustible current of ever-renewing life, that gurgles in both laughter and tears. That grows in delicate nurturing caresses of light, no matter what pavements and fears are imposed on its seemingly fragile tissues. Each drop of life eventually breaks free of its own ignorance and continues its flow towards the ocean, inevitably, graciously.

Beauty reigns serene amid the clamor of wars and disaster. Kaleidoscopically, life’s forces rearrange and push again in a carillon of morning voices, to achieve the most sublime. That love and understanding, of one another, leads to a "silence" within. To an inner serenity that soothes this pain of separateness, this insecurity of displacement by the other.

For an instant then, we all know, see, and experience, the beauty of being. For an instant, we suddenly become aware and awake and realize that all the sweat and blood, the smiles and the kisses, the nights, and days of each one’s lives, are nothing but stitches in an exquisite tapestry that we are all weaving irremediably.

Every point of light seeks each other in the darkness, inevitably, through all time and form, in all arrangements. The Universe is a one-liner. A word that is expanded in reflection of itself and multiplies its ghost images, till eventually, it tires of bouncing and consolidates in simpler understandings. Where it finally arrives at just one point.

Meanwhile, thoughts continue to come from dark spaces, behind curtains, on off-Broadway stages. They perform in-flight and captivate our energies. They lead us to ruin or laughter, those rascal actors sublime that has been engendered by brewing instincts and impressions of yonder, as we wander around in all shapes conceived in space. But thoughts are butterflies that lead to the fields of consciousness underlying the mind, harbingers of self-knowledge.

Sentience rushes us through make-believe time, like latitudinal monarch migrations searching for warmth and life and love. To express beauty, in a clumsy flight of equivocation, falls, colors, and random spontaneity.

Let us embrace, as we bloom in these gardens tilled in silence. All this dryness will pass. All the winds will calm down. It is only me and you darling, just you and me hiding in One.

This is the joy of today, the one of tomorrow, the one from yesterday. Unique and fresh as it draws its substance from the never-ending and never beginning simplicity, of that ancient-forever young stream, pouring out from the heart of hearts, pierced by the whimsical curiosity to know, the limitlessness of its capacity to love.

What happened yesterday? Nothing. What will happen tomorrow? Nothing. All happens now . . . the eternal NOW from the beginningless beginning to the endless end.”

(Meher Baba)