Another world is not only possible; she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

(Arundhati Roi)

There are at least two general approaches to look at a rose. Either one dissects it in its component parts mentally or with botanical analytical passion, or one looks at the total magic of its color, shape, fragrance and beauty. Of course, there is beauty in the disassembling of its parts as well and in discoveries of hidden beauties of the form and function of its building elements. There is also beauty in the mind, discipline and process of the individuals who would study the anatomy and physiology of the rose.

Everything in the universe is like that, there is magic and beauty in all processes and at all levels, there is always a point to behold in awe, when one pays attention to structure, function, and relation and their unfoldment in time, space and consciousness.

And since the observer and the observer’s instruments determine so much of the experience of observation, each moment of magic and beauty is shaped by the interpretation of the one looking and experiencing it. So, there are always differing points of view about the nature, causality, and significance of everything that we share in experience. Of every moment of beauty.

Nothing is probably is more confused and subjective, than trying to understand our own human behavior, and its evolution through culture, history, social organization etc. It is quite evident, one could say, that we are at present in one of the most critical periods of humanity’s moments on earth, a fundamental crisis that involves social organization, cultural harmonization, ecologic and economic integration, and a redefinition of our understanding what is life all about, from a philosophical and spiritual perspective.

The shrinking of the planet through technology, intertribal and intercultural merging, the instant connectivity, the access to immediate information, and the widespread debunking of myths of superiority of groups, races, gender and tribes is challenging the tenets upon which most institutional structures of present-day governance are based. The narrative of humanity is changing at accelerated fashion.

At the same time the resistance to this change is becoming tenacious. Old bastions of power, hierarchy and representational schemes are holding on and creating countercurrents, these will not succeed in containing the arrow of time, the drainage and convergence of separate rivers in the ocean of a new humanity. Democratization will go beyond representative organizational scheme; it already has in terms of information sharing.

Yes, the world still seems to be in the throes of deep spiritual and material poverty. Individuals in industrialized societies, empowered by technology have given free rein to their wants, and many have lost contact with the inner realities of consciousness and being, living an empty life, lacking the most basic spiritual needs, precipitating a profound divide with the rest of the world where people still lack basic material needs.

However, I feel that inner creative forces are simultaneously being released, and a great number of people, in their weariness with the impoverished narrative being told in today's world, are being touched by these forces. Their hearts are changing, they are opening, they are beginning to perceive the unified field that links our human condition; also called love. They are naturally seeking and recognizing each other, reverberating in crescendo and supporting each other in the understanding of their feelings. The mindfulness networks of these changed hearts are silently and relentlessly expanding.

A change of heart is not the surge of emotion from a momentary song, however multiplied. It is not the evanescent feeling evoked when one is fleetingly exposed to inspiration by beauty or wisdom. A change of heart, is a substantial experiential transformation of one’s being that reveals us as we are, in the context of the surrounding other, enabling the dawning of selfless action through the sacrifice of one’s attachments, and gives us the strength to struggle with the resistance to change, presented by our inertial selfish pursuits.

A change of heart surges from within, as experience crystallizes, induced by the inner touch of the creative impulses of Life, that are ever present. It is always an internal, intimate, personal and transcendental phenomenon, it cannot be coerced, propagandized, or “marketed”. It can only be shared with others who already have it, and when shared, it grows in depth, and positively reinforces the joy, the compassionate behavior and the giving tendencies that stem out from a changed heart.

The way a new humanity will surge is not though the assembling of multitudes. It would be through the coming together of those who have had a change of heart, through an organic network built from all walks of life, that shares and reinforces a new understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. It will multiply throughout the world, not through massive events, nor through the application of subliminal superficial marketing strategies that spread empty concepts in shallow soils, but through epidemic and personal, heart to heart deep-rooted contacts.

This is the love that will change the world. We will all be invited to participate in this sharing to “build the new music and sing the new architecture.”