Make everything within you an ear, each atom of your being, and you will hear at every moment what the Source is whispering to you, just to you and for you, without any need for my words or anyone else's. … Who can ever explain this miracle? It simply is.


This has been an everyday thing for almost 80 years. I first became aware of it, at about four years of age. That is as far back as my conscious memories go. Since then, it has happened every day. Life, I mean, this awareness of myself as a perceiver of things that happen, in my body, my mind, and in the endless out there. Growing up, like everyone, was spent, learning the cultural codes, and discovering the built-in instincts, capacities, and precast moldings of body and mind. Building the ego and personality, finding out about possibilities, limitations, and death, and being in total awe at this thing of being.

Conventions, learned at the home, neighborhood, and in school, with family, teachers, and peers, were narrowed mostly to the consensus in my island country, around the basic elements of Western civilization; Catholic religion, and European and North American history, with Roman and Greek ancient history (en passant). The other people who met, beyond these close circles, as I moved from childhood to adolescence, shared similar cultural makeup and beliefs, although they all exhibited their own hang-ups that were different from mine. The rest of humanity’s history, all of the African, Asian, and Native American experiences, culture, and religious beliefs, were either non-existent or remote footnotes, in the day-to-day information and educational context surrounding me.

At a young age, I found out that diversity was a main defining characteristic of life, in all of its expressions and contents. I had a lot of curiosity about life, discovering death still being a young child, and questioning religion, its contradictions between the presentation of a loving being, creator of everything, and its judgmental, exclusive, and punitive rules and regulations. At the onset of my teenage years, it all just ceased to make sense to me.

Reading became an early habit in my life, searching for alternative views about what life was all about, outside the code taught in school and the tribal context of my bubble. ‘The Little Prince’, ‘The Prophet’, ‘Why I am not a Christian’, ‘The Phenomenon of Man, Being and Nothingness', and other similar books. I wanted to know other ideas.

Once in the university, science, and biology, in particular, became my focus, trying to know all about the substance and processes that make up everything, so I could understand the purpose.

Of course, alongside the search for explanations of outer phenomena, I was witnessing my own personal unfoldment; the relationships established, my hang-ups, likes and dislikes, desires and frustrations, inhibitions, my dark and my bright side, the excesses. And then there was also the interaction with different currents of collective thinking, politics, prejudices, ideologies, fanaticism, anarchy, and so on. All the history, stories, perceptions, evolved as the collective human mind expressed its different flavors, and sought organization, freedom, explanations. As it created subtle beauty in art, manifested instances of love beyond imagination, carried out monstrous crimes of hatred and subjugation, pursued pleasure and avoided suffering, mostly caused by our own interactions with the environment and with others.

And all of this, as we were trying to figure out, desperately and personally, or adopted an established consensus, as to what is this day-to-day irremediable thing of being, that happens when one is alive. Through science, I found out about atoms and subatomic particles, dissected specimens from several phyla, to learn about the constituents of life. Studied the cycles of respiration and photosynthesis, that make energy into living tissue, and air into elephants, sparrows, and human hearts. Discovered awesome facts, like that our human body, contains 37 trillion cells plus more than that number of bacteria, which live on and inside us, and are essential for our bodies to survive. That we are really walking ecosystems of coordinated living entities.

I found out about the entanglement of the whole universe. Of the Big Bang, the relativity of time, the formation of stars, the evolution of life out of a vast unfurling cosmos, about the “Phenomenon of Man.” I understood why Loren Eisley said, “One could not pluck a flower without troubling a star.”

But then why, what is the reason for being? What is this consciousness of consciousness that we have, this awareness, this mind that gives our species, the capability to understand, manipulate, manage, amplify, or heal the entangled system of which we are part of, and at the same time the capacity to destroy it and to cause great harm to ourselves and others thriving in this concert of life?

Our paradoxical humanity, collaborates to build jewels of beauty, cathedrals that survive centuries, musical compositions that captivate the spirit, images that combine inner vision with the surrounding, in colors and forms that become alive. Our mind, individuality, beliefs, prejudices, fears, selfless service, vices, untethered love, vain selfish consumption, greed, heart, materialistic and spiritual worldviews. Our struggles to find deeper answers. Our gullibility and fear, makes us follow false charisma, and create mass ideologies and cults, to escape facing that profound question of who am I?

Today, in the silence of another morning, I peeked out again, at the inner vistas of my own life and at the surrounding “other”. Trying to imagine, a unified field of life. Playing with imagination, I placed, an impossible ultramicroscopic telescope on my eyes, to look at everything close and beyond. I saw a continuous vibrational field extending from me to the confines of the universe, to where the Webb Space scope is focusing now, capturing vistas of galaxies and stars that do not exist anymore.

Simultaneously, within my mind, behind the eyes, I explored conversations and contexts had with others, the relationships in this passing by, my own unfoldment, the joyful and sad experiences, the selfish and selfless in me, the hurt and the love felt. I thought about the innumerable others met passing by, as extras in a movie, those with whom you never exchange a glance, a word, or a moment of heart. The people, people flowing everywhere, that one never really notices.

I revived love moments. Those came back in a silent mode, dressed in nostalgia and joy, and also painful moments and the lessons learned, from missed opportunities and failings. A joyful melancholy of being, enveloped me, as the combined inner and outer scoping, revealed a continuous vastness, an incredible tapestry, spreading in and out and through me.

I recalled words from great mystics and poets, describing a love, a vision beyond the fragmented assemblage of things, singing the song of being, singing the oneness, whispering a fragrance of a Love so profound, that it makes one wonder, ponder, and be humble, about not knowing, what this being is all about while sensing an all-pervading, invisible essence, that permeates everything.

It cannot be grasped with concepts and formulas, or predicted, dissected, or described. It is present in a simple deep embrace with a loved one, in a moment of awe at sunrise, in a loving glance or smile, in a compassionate exchange, in the fragility of a flying butterfly and in the might of a rising sun.

Poets called it love.

Yes, today for a brief moment, the combined inside and outside scoping, revealed a unified field of essence, beyond contrasts of any kind, a flow of One song vibrating through infinite points. And for no time, or for an instant eternal, I merged into that oneness.

My makeshift morning meditation ended, as I isolated myself from the unified field, falling back into my ID of exclusiveness, my ego, and my point of view, for purposes still unknown to me. Convinced, that after nearly 80 years, everything that happens still seems to be following the same script, a wholeness, subdivided in a squabbling ignorance, pursuing to know, while creating on its duality path, beauty, love stories, and hatred and ignorance. Leading perhaps, I suspect, towards a moment, in which every point reaches and stays in the unified field.

Went back to my stage, and seeping a cup of coffee, I turned on the TV breaking news. Again, the constant quarrels, the same script, the hostile forces, opposing voices, hatreds, self-interests, the divide into ideologies and tribes, and the same linear thinking. No perception whatsoever of the unified field, of our common constituents, of the entanglement of life, of that secret force, called love that seems to permeate all.

Maybe, I thought maybe, these antagonistic forces are like chemicals in a laboratory, their explosive energies, heating and stirring, are just a process for synthesis. Maybe, even though we judge and hold others accountable, for this or that action, and affirm that we must do whatever we naturally feel is our role, we are all just acting out potentials of earlier synthesis, manifesting stored opposing forces, like the energies that unfurled the universe. Like volcanos, that exploded, erupted, and destroyed, while creating conditions that advanced the evolution of humanity.

Maybe these opposing energies are everywhere, including in the unfoldment of humans as they evolve, in individual consciousness and collective civilization, towards becoming aware of the unified field. I do not know the answer for certain. But I am in awe, at the incredible manifestation of being, at its pulsation between individual points of view and an entangled unified field, that happens every day, nay every instant. It is a miracle.