This morning, as I walked my dog, I saw an insect of color, posed on a flower of color. I realized how colorful is the surround and thanked whoever is the designer for the diversity, realizing that everything has color and that it is a privilege to perceive so many different tonalities and shapes. I guess this the passion that painters want to express.

Ever since I remember people around me, when I was a child would say "they are people of color" or "colored people". I remember thinking as a child, but everyone is colored, everything is colored.

Some people call themselves white and are really sort of pinkish beige. Others are called black and range from chocolate brown to dark coffee, still others are called red and they are light brown perhaps, then, there were the so called yellow, which I found are whiter, than the ones that called themselves white.

I wondered then and now, that the human species is probably one with a less variety of color, I mean after looking at birds, dogs, cats, butterflies and snakes. Life is multicolored.

In recent times there was a big uproar in the news as a man, seen as a leader by some and as abominable by others, a man shaped like a humpty-dumpty and who looks yellow-orange, told some women of "color" (what color?) to leave the country if they did not like what he and his partners were doing (so apparently the country belonged to him and his fans, not to all the citizens, but only to those who looked alike in color and shared the views of the humpty-dumpty looking yellow orange old man.)

As this subject was being debated, fundamentally about the shades of people’s skins, the planet we are floating in space, was turning around itself at 1000 miles per hour, and hurling around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. All within an endless universe, where fragile life is made possible by a coordinated ecosystem of cells, environment and light. Also, a life where humans are gifted with awareness and sensitivity to think, imagine, dance, paint, love, sing and be happy, and which each of us inhabits for a brief time. So, the debate about people of color, whiteness, and ownership of countries and ideas, really sounded kind of ridiculous against the context of the phenomenon of life.

As I was looking at that butterfly of color, posed on a flower of color this morning, I thought about how we spend our time debating differences and ignoring the beauty of diversity and interconnectedness. I wondered about people with fake yellow hair talking about fake news, about fake news talking about people of color, and the fact that everything that is, is of color.

I thanked the butterfly for showing off her beauty, and provoking me to wonder more and more about life, and I thanked whomever or whatever designed all this beauty, for letting me see and enjoy some of it and prayed that the color blinded, can come to see the diverse beauty of the universe of color and realize that life is one symphony played by many instruments.