Beautiful forms and shapes constantly coalesce, from nowhere, it seems. Surrounding every space at every moment of time. They bubble outside of me in a substance ethereal that solidifies in atoms of flesh, bone, and matter, illuminated by the light of sun, or conceived inside in thought-forms, in mind-stuff, memories, imaginations, and dreams.

This point of view, that I call me, is a consolidated and solidified substance of form, intricately combined with currents of mind stuff. It identifies with certain predilections of behavior and is at the mercy of stored instinctual storms of evolving form, as the scaffolding was being built to house, this abode of imagination and thought. Its opinions and justifications are influenced , by collective expressions of the cast of forms, the tribes, partisans, coreligionists, and countrymen, as well as by undercurrents of desire, nobility, awe, perversion, affection, pride, fear and inspiration, born out of subconscious seeds inside, a sort of DNA of mind.

Yet sometimes, the kaleidoscope freezes in one position, and for just brief instants of no-time, in a beyond thought and bubble realm, a light hint itself, like the bright sun through the clouds in a stormy day. Then, all haze is dissolved, and no words or thoughts are concocted, just an unimaginable moment, beyond conception and form, that dawns when the kaleidoscope freezes.

You might be doing nothing special at that time, or maybe you have been straining to stop the usual roll of the dice, or were caught up in a song, or distracted by the beauty of a shape or form, or confused in an embrace. But these thoughtless, formless, no-moments of no-time, do happen to all.

It is like looking at the ocean from the shore and suddenly becoming a drop in the ocean drowned.

There is no explanation, no imagination, no thought chains, no philosophical appreciations, no religious or spiritual revelations, no associations of any kind with your bubble or any bubble, no id, no description. Yes of course, later you call it whatever you want, love, grace, realization, madness, hallucination, whatever your bubble envelope and thought DNA leads you to call it. But you will not be able to pinpoint it in a concept, because it lies beyond conceptualization.

Somehow, from that no moment of time, beyond mind, a light-shadow will be cast on you, maybe forever, or perhaps never, it does not matter, and somehow a no time moment, will happen again or never, because time is not part of the equation, and the kaleidoscope will freeze, the sun will rise above all clouds, and you will feel drowned, while looking at the ocean from the shores. Yes, somehow, this shadow of light, will always keep you company as you walk, in its dark illuminated silence.

So, in the meantime let your eyes feast in the changing colors and shapes, and bear the ever renewing spectacle of coalescing forms that surround you, suffer the streams, with all its turns, rapids and stagnant waters, the gross instincts, the fears, as well as the inspired moments of revelation, the pains, the healings, the losses and the findings. Because all this tumbling seems to be in place, forever rushing out from a nowhere that flip-flops, till it becomes still, in an indescribable, timeless, thoughtless, and formless whole. And these non-momentary peeks, whatever you call them; blessings, aha moments, revelations, or hallucinations, are just previews of the final waking up from the kaleidoscope of thought, shapes, praise and complaint.