Much silence can make a lot of noise.

(African proverb)

Words sometimes become shy, as life passes by, while the endless film of the universe continues to be projected. Descriptions, opinions. definitions in soundwaves or script lose meaning and fail to encompass moments of felt being. Silent embraces and love remembrances acquire more significance in making one´s life feel whole. Inner quiet becomes more present than all definitions and assertions, no matter how high sounding they can be. Political or spiritual punditry, passionate argumentation, scientific theories, they all become secondary, to a perceived inner moment of silence.

A sweet mellow then surges, happy, as a morning emerging from a thin veil of fog, as the inhabitant of the space within. All spaces feel fulfilled. Somehow, the usual games of yonder and salvation, the wisdom of words spoken or written by others cease to have precedence and need for interpretation, they all have been integrated in the sameness of that prevailing silence that seems to guide and enlighten everything.

The tic-tac of dials, the hourglasses, the digital shifting of imaginary numbers, might or not have moved ahead again, as always. Ions, most likely are continuing to flow unstoppably across cell membranes and photons keep sculpting life and song, as they rain from the sun, accelerated by a desire to be.

Nourishing and enabling each one of our stories as they unfold through coded verses and pulses, as we walk and evolve and laugh, love, and hate and meet and conjecture, in all sorts of melodramas and comedies, which we produce and own. We, of course, have become forgetful of the ricocheting of golden bullets of light fired by the sun, and the sweet dance of protein molecules in space, as they are caressed by them, forgetful of the delightful mitochondria powerhouses building energy for our dreams, and those ions fluxes connecting everything inside and outside in pulses and impulses; the rhythms of life, the substance of smiles and tears, of fears and certainty.

Yes, our eyes are open to looking out, but they do not see, instead we cast out our defined images of our own self-importance, our shadows, and miss the intrinsic beauty that exists beyond hierarchy or classification. Thus, we accumulate and catalog books and theories and explanations, as we cannot bear the awe of just being.

Therefore, we start bookkeeping dawns, counting how many times the sun winks and allows mother night to come along with her mantle studded with silver points of light. We count, the endless tic-tac of our beating hearts and extend as far as our calculations can take us in the past, to talk about the history and the first light, or predict a future end of time.

We do meet, we come across each other, these amazing temples of consciousness that we are, and we look at ourselves, but we do not see that we are looking at really. Instead we compare, accept, project, and reject, as the definitions we have identified with, dictate.

Yet, unbeknown to us, we are constantly embracing and recognizing the one Silence inspiring all and because of that, and beyond our interpretative objectivity we sometimes feel like smiling, and a secret empathy overwhelms us inside in floods of love. We become amazed, overjoyed, and compassionate, in those moments of silent secret recognition surge and our common photons and ion fluxes dance seamlessly in the enchantment of just being.

So, while we count and play our games, in our fear of abandoning ourselves to total awe, let’s celebrate the pauses we make when we stop counting and recounting, when our hearts resonate in embraces so deep, that thinking ends. How wonderful is life when we lose the fear to see and just surrender to the awe of Being.