We come across each other in the spilling of life that surrounds us. Under a magical sky sometimes we see each other and meet. In an enchantment that heals, like sleep coming after a long sleepless night. But where is this love coming from? From ancient, coalesced stars, from multiple lives lived in evolution of form, from the sway of cosmic arms. We grow and love so much that we don’t even know. Skin is threaded and entangled with thoughts and nostalgias, burials, weddings, baptisms, and kisses. Yes, all these imaginary kisses heal us from time to time and fill our hearts with life, opening and closing wounds at the same time. There is something about this love that does not go away. And we cannot feel whole until this love permeates our thoughts and hearts.

The cobwebs of Nothing foreboded, sans premonition, (as feelings and time are not yet born), the moment always programmed in the never, for an endless concert. There was no prior tuning, as there were no instruments, scores, musicians, or audience. There was only, in that eternal plenitude of a vacuum of vacuums, the latency of an inexplicable whim to know and to love.

Out of an unknown undefined silence, as darkness and quietude were still not there, erupted a deaf symphony unheard, because senses were not present. Nobody ever heard the piercing cry, when the infinite womb tore an infinitesimal point in its Nothing entrails, to give birth to the primordial concert of forever.

What marvels accelerated and emptied out of that wound, nowhere!

They whirled and whooshed discovering instantaneous speed. So accelerated, that they separated and created space between them. However, being imagined by unity they longed for cohesiveness, and gradually started to gather and condense.

Baryons, leptons, mesons, and hadrons were named retroactively. Mischievous points of energy emergent in a rush out of that urge to know, what it was to be: that.

They generated space, out of possibility, defining speed, and traces of joy, the first notes of the symphony. Some met and fused in passionate quantum kisses, others kept solitary, bouncing forever, crisscrossing nothings, expanding spaces. Those that congregated, wove their ethereal gaseous transparent limbs into intergalactic intercourses that turned on the light.

Yes, light was born out of lovemaking in so much darkness. Self-illuminating, phosphorescently, like storm flashes, she then spilled in points called stars, to peek out and be seen, even when they were there no more. The space theater was now bright, as the endless symphony persisted.

Quantum kisses and intergalactic copulas continued, and they engendered molecular constellations that gave birth to irritability, sensitivity, and perception - life. The concert created an audience that would not only perceive, but reproduce in unique ways, the Song, from each point of perspective, multiplying marvelous improvisations of the concert of universe.

Light, procreated by darkness born out of Nothing, now had eyes. Eyes to see its colors, ears to listen to its melodies, an olfactory sense to breathe itself in condensed aromas of rose, taste buds to taste its wine transformations, and touch to caress its tenderness in skin, and enjoy kisses in the lover’s lips.

One breath of light out of a long night. Reverberating through all, like music in the concert hall. Simultaneous, ephemeral, spontaneous, eternal. A Silence broken, a question posed, a word unspoken, an urge in pause.

Molecular caresses of sun, procreating infinite forms. One Breath insufflating thought, one Light fermenting into Love.

All a dream, a dream, to wake up!

These infinite improvisations of the endless symphony of the concert of Universe continue always, in perpetual explosions ever new, the dreams, shadows, and mirages that confirm in an Eternal Nothing, the Love that always Is.

Every atom of this world hides an infinite Universe.