Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point.

(Blaise Pascal)

I do not know much really about all of you, and just a little bit about me. Yet somehow, your eyes and diversity of origin have made a deep impression, on my brief passing by. I have befriended some of you, a minute fraction, yet an awesome totality remains forever unknown, in remote locations of geography and history.

O we do have colors and flavors in common, even though when we played as children, our words, worlds, and signposts were so foreign and unknown. But somehow, this humanity of hours has met. It has danced in soul, and shared tears from our eyes, as we intuitively recognize each other from afar, being so close, in being who we are. And we have all laughed.

The urge of knowing each other overtakes us all, despite aromas of towns, and customs so strange to our sounds, we explore and ponder as we try to iron out the folds accumulated in brain, culture, history and form that we so much cherish.

They vanish in those common long evenings of none, where so many lovers die in each other’s arms and philosophers in their words, as they try to understand the unthinkable once more. We sit in porches, overlooking bays of enchantment, with boats ready to sail deserts and mountains and tales, in this constant fear and curiosity of crossing borders of culture and form.

Invaded by forebodings and memories of songs, old and new, remembered and forgotten, some even still not sung, we call on each other again, from the depths of soul. So many echoes but it is the same call, as waves tumble us all from surf to the shore. Wet, we taste the salt of each other, and try to form clubs of some sort, as we all wait for the ocean to breathe us in.

We fly atmospheres in thinking and know not of the fathomless realms where everything started. So, we hold on to our respective crafts and try to chisel each other’s countenance to our sameness, although we do not know the beauty of our real faces.

It all began like that, with a primordial call unexplained, in the heart cells of our beings, there, where Jewish rituals and northern frontiers, and Latin, Asian and European, joined the dances of Congo and Beirut, and even as they feared themselves in their spaces so clearly defined, they spiced up their flavors to each others rhyme.

We collect again like droplets on a windowpane as we parade with garments and poses and smiles, as we come to this plaza not knowing why. But we all dance, and figured out that stars also shine, not knowing why.

So tonight my memories shift between poles, North and South has become whole inside like an equator of soul, and I integrate so many moments of desire and fire, of inspiration and desperation, of planning and the desire of running away to a an island in the lost Ocean of life, a Shangri La to live forever happily ever after. Yet, somehow I dream all of you and remember and feel through you, whom I know really en passant and I just raise up my arms in the air, as I sense the cascade of humanity, draining through this awareness, in this darkness of separation which becomes music and light, as some hidden feeling, some intuition hints about the oneness of it all.