Absolutely together, as infinitesimal particles, we hurled out of the stillness of Being in search of the paradise of self-consciousness. Bouncing on the boundaries of nothing we expanded space with our cosmic dance as we held hands most intimately in our quantumness. A hunting party we were, amongst numberless others, sent out by Being to explore and arrive at the knowledge of Oneness.

Rebounding with each other we coalesced into forms more settled and rearranged our possibilities in more elaborate filigrees of matter and energy, as we built more complex bodies to experience qualities of essence, like melting and flowing. We were endlessly connected by most intimate nuclear forces.

We bonded in molecules, so closely, that we reproduced and self replicated, into forms of life that transformed light into flowers and aromas, and the universe explored itself in a garden of color and fragrance within all possible states of vegetation. We were together in those original puddles of life, in the gardens that ensued, and in the creatures, that acquired locomotion to explore all dimensions and niches, from crawling underneath to flying in the heavens. Walking together, our hunting party evolved and evolved until we came to know that we were.

We have bonded so close; we have eaten each other, and mated, struggled together against predators or hunted together our preys. But now we see each other in recognition, endowed with awareness, human. However, the residues of searching deposited as inertial instincts; and all the volcanoes, novae, predation, survival struggles, they combine now as solid memories, etched on the mirror of our consciousness; preventing us from seeing our true reflection.

The procession continues, as we clean our mirrors, as we sift recorded memory, shaking them loose, through the intensity of alternating roles and gender, and the enactment of so many different plays. Our hunting party continues the search for the knowing, in human form.

The most first particle, born from the divine womb, after much ricocheting, tasting, struggle and love, finally knew itself as really being the Ocean of Being. Love was fulfilled with awareness. Love and Infinity and the never-ending bliss emerging inundated all. The Beloved was born out of Infinity embracing the yearning particle bouncing in space. All had been endlessly connected to the Oneness in an unconscious impulse to know, and now all were connected to the conscious knowing of Love.

Hunting parties now search for the Beloved, knowing he has a face. The Beloved, having been in the surge to be of yearning, radiates pulses of Love, as a Beacon in the night, so all hunting parties can see the way back to the source, and Love can infinitely rejoice as each one of the innumerable particles returns and recreates the forever bliss of knowing.

The procession progresses through the many mansions reflected in the house of infinite mirrors. Alert hounds; now and then perceive the trail, the fragrance of the Most Beautiful One. And while learning the intricacies and subtleties of this romantic search, they become aware of being endlessly connected as One.

Those eyes that look with light into yours, that compassion that moves you to heal and protect your fellow ones, those nurturing hands that caress the fallen, the bright sounds of laughter, the smiles that bloom like gardens in the faces, when we humbly recognize the uncertainty in each other. It is all part of this Life budding, budding everywhere, in a miraculous emergence of form and sentience, striving to become, mandated by that most original Urge to know the essence of Being; Love.

Can’t you feel our hearts beating music as our incompleteness is filled by love flows, as we recognize our connections with each other, with our hunting party companions?

Now a time has come in which wireless cables are being laid everywhere, like spider webs in the forest, and our images and symbols, traverse the space between us in a continuum of thought and electrons. Our planet is traveled by fast air, bringing our bodies closer in time. Our hunting parties are coming together.

Eyes are now seeing, more eyes than ever before, distant eyes, of all colors and shapes, expressing the same yearning, beyond the bias of the reflections perceived by each of our limited mirrors, we sense this. We sense a new dawn, as the Beloved’s latest beacon of light, beams through the connectivity scaffolding and simultaneously reveals in our hearts that we are endlessly connected, because we know each other in Love.