Paris John Mavrokefalos

Paris JM is a medical physicist with international training and a rich working experience in hospital environments in Greece.

He has developed and applied techniques in radiation control and has considerable knowledge of radiation accidents and disasters.

In collaboration with the National School of Public Health of Greece he has gained important experience in public health emergencies and through participation in teaching programs such as computer simulation and health disaster management.

Worth mentioning is his participation in the development of BIMS (Balkan Incident Management System) a useful communication tool during complex response interactions in disaster events.

Some of his work has been presented through the World Association of Disaster Emergency Medicine in the Balkans, Europe and Israel.

Other activities include the development of disaster scenarios covering topics from nuclear disaster to telemedicine and from cybercrime to bioterrorism, novels Terror in the Balkans and the advanced (prophetic) trilogy Terror in Macedonia. Some of them are currently hot topics with modern realistic insights and can lead to revolutionary changes in disaster response thinking in public health.

Articles by Paris John Mavrokefalos

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