There have been times in history when societies or large groups have found themselves opposed or with opposing feelings at times hostile to the central government or the authorities. In turn, these groups were accused of civil disobedience of morally deliberate action and aggression. We speak of social movements without thinking or looking at their tactics or the opposing forces behind them. We say that such a thing is not our concern, but there may be far-reaching implications for future developments.

It is difficult to analyze what motivates people to civil disobedience and whether such disobedience is ethically justified. But the way the authorities should respond to those involved in these processes is a matter of serious concern and urgent analysis. As social status introduces new social norms, politically and economically driven interests can seek to capitalize on the crisis to deepen social inequalities.

We know that those who commit themselves to low-level civil disobedience have accepted the potential legal consequences of their actions. But what happens when public action in terms of civil disobedience, reaches and exceeds the limit of faithfulness to the law. What happens when the actions of the population fall between illegal protest and revolutionary action, sometimes referred to as militant protest. This seriously preoccupied phase can drive people away from simple civil disobedience by raising burning questions to the authorities about how they should respond. Security issues now appear with officials to suggest urgent monitoring of the situation and provide insights into the changing alarming social status that emerged with severe invasive or harsh methods. The initial concern over the nonviolent status of societal protests may now give way to an alarming situation for the authorities.

The situation worsens if the protests spread to many places and at the same time and possibly around the world. It is true that among international designers and security agencies, the phrase "control is lost" has been heard increasingly frequently. This great problem, a constant headache, led us to find a way to subdue the centrifugal and disobedient forces on the ground. Rumors among people of the violent response are beginning to prevail. Many are seeing dark evolutions, and possibly a Middle Eastern-style disaster. There are both fears of social deadlock and fears about the implications of the formal response both in terms of balance and security.

Certainly not a convenient situation.

Suppose that the authorities must react. But controlled societies shaped by the work of security decision-makers can turn to 'benignly' immersed in our societies. We know that such actions seem inevitable, especially when the risk of the prolonged disaster of the immobilization of society becomes very high. Before taking action, the authorities must of course seriously consider their obsession with risk, control and insecurity. Before taking action, the authorities should also have a clear view of the synergy between policymakers.

We must keep in mind that in such situations, protection and problems are increasingly important for alarming status. National interests guide the measures taken but needs to be better aligned with a model of global security cooperation. The information age has made it possible for us to observe personal data in a very automated and systematic manner. With the increase in intensity and the expansion of monitoring, decisions are more susceptible to error. We need to be cautious because such an “advanced” process can lead to uncontrolled decision-making processes that limit not only the individual but also our ability to make effective decisions. Whatever the intervention strategy may be broadly based on cooperation, the views of all actors must be taken into account. Since an effective response is constructed in cooperation with the authorities, business, life, NGOs and communities, and citizen protestors.

But the tumultuous world situation continues to unavoidably produce plans to control the masses.

Much recent information suggests that something strong in this direction is occurring or might occur. Coded messages claiming somehow the secret existence of a giant intrigue or a project to control the masses circulate. These days a dynamically catastrophic scenario called Project Hamelin is out there, but we don't know much about it. We need help to get to the bottom of this case and especially to anticipate or even prevent unpleasant future developments.

The following video expresses concerns about the planned intervention and its design as well as the social consequences of corporate control.