The famous or notorious HAARP does not exist anymore. Nobody is anymore inside its installations, the roads leading to it are blocked, the buildings are locked and the generators are out of service. The once nervous guards on the front gate of the establishment are no longer there. A station that cost just over $290 million and was home to countless scientific experiments for over two decades has closed.

During the years it was functioning many suspected secret military technology with unprecedented power and range, turning weather data into superweapons that appeared to have emerged from science fiction pages. Of course, no one can say for sure whether secret military experiments were carried out at HAARP, as the sensitive and classified nature of this work keeps mouths shut. Just rumors, many rumors that were never abandoned.

Some thought that HAARP could sometimes manipulate the aurora borealis by generating energy through a series of waves. They believed they could truly make it feasible, creating a new and inexhaustible source of energy for the planet. Others believed that they had probably figured out a way to make pure money from secret funds after knowing how sensitive the military was to such proposals. The only certainty is that we will probably never know what happened because the Holy Grail of conspiracy theorists is not alive anymore. From now on new battles will be given concerning why it has been closed.

It is reported that the station was forced to shut down because they refused to upgrade the plant's equipment. The modernization needed to comply with the United States' new environmental requirements was costly and no one was willing to pay. Was that the real reason for the closure?

It is strange the news at first reading that Norway offered to lend or buy its unique equipment. The future of HAARP'S 180 famous antennas is a serious question. It's important to know that even though Tromso's ionospheric lab in Norway operated like HAARP, it was not followed by conspiracy theories.

But recently, some say that the superweapon has not closed, it has simply changed hands. They urge us to reject stories written on the Internet. For them, the HAARP is very useful and still functions in a different framework and supervisory authority. While others claim that it remains in operation with the only difference that it is no longer owned by DARPA alone. A generalized consortium took over the superweapon, most likely under the authority of NATO, and not only.

Strange claims, but let's take a look at them.

The Russians indeed have a very good knowledge of the ionospheric capabilities of these laboratories on the basis of the experience acquired in their laboratory. But Russia has always been concerned about its own military disadvantages created by foreign technology and weapons.

In this questioning environment, a Russian North Sea Navy admiral asked President Vladimir Putin to examine the situation in the Gulf of Aden. Kremlin after received the letter of the admiral took a first look at the territory and alarmed by the presence of enormous naval forces in the Gulf of Aden. His advisors were intrigued by these giant operations whose excuse for fighting pirates was unsatisfactory. They concluded that something important was happening there in the gulf and that further consideration was needed. The presence of military operations such as Ocean Shield (NATO), Atalanta (EU), Combined Task Force 151 (US) was for them possibly a cover-up.

A specific team was set up to examine the situation and provide answers in Moscow. Following an investigation into the Gulf of Aden, this team discovered a magnetic vortex in an area off the coast of Somalia and potentially connected to the HAARP system.

They had to deal with Vortex in the sea appearing to "challenge" all the laws of physics. The possibility of an American military project to absorb enormous amounts of energy emitted by the antenna system and falling into the vortex. This would cause the bay's seawater temperature to increase. The fears of dramatic effects on the North Sea are now very real.

The Russians realized that the ultimate objective of the experiment is to intervene in the cold or frozen waters of the sea. This could be achieved by the emission of energy from the HAARP counterparty in Norway and disperse it into the seas there.

They had to react immediately.