The situation in Ukraine is described almost only in the daily news from the front. This kind of information has to do mainly with victories and defeats, heroic events, astonishing war tactics, missiles with drones, and other similar events. But there is not too much on the suffering population and its survival. Our hope is that local or state authorities have already taken specific actions and given orders to protect them, but we are not aware of how they carried it out. Assistance must have been provided to these brave inhabitants, but there is no precise information.

It is necessary to address the consequences of the current disaster and reduce its impact on the affected population. For example, evacuation orders that require people to leave their homes and march towards a location or area as a precautionary measure must have been given correctly. It's important for them to have all the necessary information to execute the evacuation order correctly and quickly upon receiving it once they head to the shelter.

It's not simple to issue an evacuation order because specific, well-designed instructions are needed. Guidance must be given to the population on where to go and the best routes to take to successfully exit the area. In case the population is forced to evacuate, it is important to identify and gather personal dependencies and disaster items for everyone in the family. It is recommended to have protective attire such as long-sleeved shirts, long underwear, comfortable shoes, hats, gloves, and others. The specific route announced by the local authorities should be followed after closing the car windows, ventilation facilities, heating, or air conditioners. Avoid using alternative shortcuts, as they may be unsafe or impassable in certain areas.

It is important for everyone involved to carefully listen to all instructions for evacuation and sheltering, keeping in mind that no one should be left behind. Not only should we constantly listen to the emergency authorities on television or radio, but we should also check and make sure that our neighbors are also notified to offer help to people with disabilities and special needs.

If staying outside during an emergency event poses a greater risk for an individual, instructions should be provided for shelter on-site, such as a house, school, business, or public building. In addition to staying indoors, it is important to give instructions on covering his mouth and nose with a cloth if there are any contaminants in the air. Guidance on closing windows and doors and turning off all fans, heating, and air conditioning systems.

Living in these conditions is challenging, and those responsible should be cognizant of communication issues among citizens and identify individuals who are overactive. While waiting for the authorities to notify them that the evacuation process is over and the return home is safe, everyone should follow the emergency rules. In the event that urgent work needs to be carried out outside the shelter, it is important for them to take all necessary precautionary measures to protect their bodies against external hazards. In this case, efforts should be made to keep the time spent outside the shelter as minimal as possible.

Those from sensitive groups such as the Lgbt community, pregnant women, children, the elderly, sick people, hospitalized patients, people with disabilities, special ethnic groups, racially determined immigrants, conflict groups, religious teams, and many others may need special care and treatment and possibly support. If, for example, we realize someone is in a wheelchair, it is best to notify them and aid them through specific evacuation procedures as given by the public health authorities. It's important to ensure that he wears proper or protective clothing and keeps his medication, valuables, personal documents, photographs, and other valuables in a box.

Care must also be given to citizens who are obliged to take certain medications every day. It is important to make sure that they have enough quantity during a disaster. Also, some diseases require taking pharmaceutical preparations at specific times and for a specific period of time. To guarantee the necessary intake of these medicines, they need to get in touch with their doctor or pharmacist to determine which medicines should be available and estimate the necessary quantity available.

But if someone finds himself away from a shelter and inside an infected area with an unknown airborne agent having already contaminated the area around him, he must warn bystanders about the agent and leave immediately. It is important for him to thoroughly rinse his eyes and exposed skin with soap and water and remove contaminated clothing quickly. Turn off fans or ventilation units, and close any doors or sections to prevent others from entering the isolated area.

The authorities should have been aware that Russia was in the pre-invasion phase in Ukraine and had the opportunity to prepare the population accordingly. From our perspective, the Ukrainian emergency authorities should have instructed families to be prepared for a possible military event and maintain available resources. It's important to remember that the basic needs of people remain unchanged during disasters. It is a matter of time before they start asking for food and water.

Continuous support from the state is necessary for people because provocative announcements like 'Don't drink water—it's contaminated!' may cause panic. It is important for authorities to portray that everything is under control and that they will only issue announcements on water resources if something unexpected occurs. It should be noted that the state's public health services are working hard to provide the necessary specific information on the effects and care of potential victims of contaminated water. It is necessary to have a list of health units that can provide specialized care.

It is important for the state to inform the public immediately of any concerns about the reliability of water resources during an emergency. The public should also be aware of communication channels with the water supply facilities, the relevant ministry, public health authorities, and pharmacies. If there is an intentional waterborne disease or attack on a local water supply system, people should be informed about how drinking water facility authorities and local authorities will activate their emergency plan together. To prevent contamination, it is important to take every precaution. It is recommended to use uncontaminated water supplies first.

An important issue has to do with the kind of food supply available in a disaster event and what to accumulate. Answering questions about salty foods, foods high in fat and protein, high-calorie foods, and diets is crucial, especially for children and pregnant women. Let people know how to check all food for signs of deterioration before using it. It is necessary to provide instructions on what to do in the event of a power failure. The management of cooking after a power outage is necessary.

In the event of a disaster, the triangular hospital, pharmacist, and local physician determine and influence the effectiveness of health needs. If there is a sudden surge of patients, the hospital's resources may be overwhelmed, its pharmaceutical potential may be exhausted, and local physicians may become obsolete or freeze. We hope hospitals in Ukraine continue to work hard and find the best way to use their disaster plans.

To help Ukraine deal with the consequences of the ongoing disaster, there are several non-military steps to follow. Although there may be no one emotionally prepared to deal with these situations, it must be done. Transportation has been stopped, infrastructure has been destroyed, and markets have closed. Anarchy and panic have been caused by the collapse of local and national resources.

In our opinion, the main issue for Ukraine is related to the availability of local and regional responses as well as the establishment of a well-functioning information system. The effectiveness of it is unknown, but the people there require immediate help.