Various games have been playing between both sides of the Adriatic lately. Criminal organizations, mafia groups, and local Balkan groups are cooperating in very lucrative drug smuggling and human trafficking. But the game has changed since modern mafia leaders have promoted a new model between the two coastlines of the Adriatic while in the Balkans warlords make their fortune killing and robbing during the conflict in Croatia and Bosnia.

Times for new kind of criminal cooperation and involvement since profit by exploiting unrest and the needs for survival of the inhabitants of the Balkans by illegal commerce and smuggling offers bigger shares. Not to forget that historically tobacco smuggling has verified the potential of the eastern Adriatic coast for the Italian Mafia which has organized itself accordingly to highly profitable goods.

The disaster scenario takes place in the town of Senj on the upper Adriatic coast in Croatia and is located in the foothills of the Mala Kapela and Velebit mountains. Senj has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is mentioned in ancient Greek documents of the 4th century BC. The military captaincy of Senj was established to defend against the invading Ottoman armies. It is exactly n Ottoman times where the famous Uskoks after their persecution ended up on the Adriatic coast, become militant rebels around the port of Senj.

An important role in the scenario plays the Fortress Nehaj which was built in 1558, with materials from destroyed churches, monasteries, and houses found in the city walls, with a square shape with corners showing the four points of the horizon.

The main character of this scenario is Smiljana a Christian Croatian married to a Muslim Bosnian. But how unfortunate they were. The story of her family has been shocking since soon a war between Croatia and Bosnia started forcing her new family to migrate towards the Adriatic coast. Senj became their new home a town with a temperate climate, a climate usually described as temperate Oceanic or Marine west coast, with mild, windy winters and relatively dry and warm summers.

But once again how unfortunate they were.

In the mad dash, the Muslim husband of Smiljana fell victim together with their children, who, after boarding their fishing boat, were heading for a beautiful creek they had newly discovered. Their luck and life ran out because this creek had become a mafia’s safe shelter. They were executed on the spot children and all. A lovely Adriatic creek became their watery grave.

In the story of the disaster after a mission of Smiljana ended successfully with the smugglers spotted and intercepted before the cargo could reach the Italian coast the last part begins. The town's Fort Nehaj symbol is now its destination where a ceremony was already in progress. It was a gathering of Gladio, a legendary group that played in the Cold War, when the CIA and MI6 began a company with NATO, and European military intelligence. They are said to have set up a network of anti-communist armies hidden in Western Europe a training network for unorthodox war tactics. It was well equipped with high technology explosives, machine guns and communications equipment.

But after the changes in ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, Gladio found itself in a new and dangerous environment in Europe. The threats came from smugglers and Islamist fanatics with the ongoing conflicts becoming too uncontrollable for Europe's security. Also, the role of mafia and organized crime in relation to Balkan funding has been improved. Some counties of the former Yugoslavia merged power under the pretext of a strange blend of organized crime and pseudo-patriotism. High-ranking state officials with greater confidence in organized crime structures have begun to transfer national resources into the hands of local elites. Criminality started to escape its local context and was exported to Western Europe. The Adriatic has become Mafia Lake.

Gladio resurfaced and created a strike force for the Adriatic Sea with a mission to chase down all forms of illegality and erect a wall of defense on every threat to Western citizens. The striking force would be a review of the heroic Uskoks of the sixteenth century. Today, under Gladio's guidance, some will operate as new Uskoks to attack the modern enemy: organized crime on the Adriatic.

This was finally the reason for the rally at Fort Nehaj an anniversary activation of a team to fight crime on the high seas.