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Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC. is an international speaker, founder & CEO of A Better World Foundation and A Better World Media & Promotions.

By training and background, Mitchell is a coach, a stress management consultant, an eco-entrepreneur and host of the popular podcast and NYC Community TV show, both called A Better World with Mitchell Rabin. He has been on the air on community television and A Better World TV since 1993.

In the 1990s, he began co-hosting shows on WBAI FM, and Pacifica Radio in NYC, hosting on Progressive Radio Network with two programs: A Better World as well as Progressive Film Hour with Mitchell Rabin. A Better World can also be found on Blog Talk Radio and Spotify.

For Mitchell, Conscious Media and Social Enterprise-based business are the drivers of the Global transformation that need to take place to save our species, to preserve and restore our precious ecosystem. Mitchell’s work is about identifying & implementing creative solutions to people’s and the planet’s greatest challenges and communicating them in practical and interesting ways.

As a holistic coach, psychotherapist and stress management consultant using biofeedback software that reads a client’s energy fields, Mitchell has been working with individuals and couples for decades, facilitating greater listening and empathy in couples, helping individuals with their personal and professional development.

For decades, Mitchell has been a student and teacher of Qi-Gong, Taoist Meditation, Buddhist Psychology, Energy Medicine and wisdom traditions East and West, bringing these to bear in his work with clients and business.

In A Better World Podcast, Mitchell interviews the sung and the unsung heroes of society across the board, from healing, breakthrough technologies, progressive economics and politics to consciousness, neuro-psychology, quantum physics and to regenerative practices, holistic health, food-as-medicine, social impact and sustainability, all about creating a better world for all.

A Better World’s Youtube channel has hundreds of interviews with scientists, healers, spiritual teachers, psychologists, politicians, green economists, futurists, healers, quantum physicists and environmentalists, to name a few.

He has been an expert speaker in documentaries on PBS as well and in several award-winning documentary feature films on healing and consciousness.

A Better World Communications & Promotions use media on behalf of social enterprise companies & orgs. to promote their message and to assist in branding/messaging campaigns to create positive change and impact. A Better World Business uses ESG-based social enterprise as a vehicle for doing well by doing good, a motto of A Better World.

Mitchell helps to build companies that are both profitable and committed to personal & planetary wellness, zero-waste, sustainability, building a renewable energy-based economy and reversing Global Warming. Along with that, he has been advising eco-minded investors to identify what may be high-impact and at the same time, profitable projects.

He is currently working closely with the CEOs of the following companies:

  • A start-up renewable energy-based micro-grid/micro-utility company in CA. designed to bring off-grid electricity where it is most needed in the world.
  • An air pollution reduction/energy-efficiency technology for vehicles that reduces toxic emissions, thus reducing asthma and respiratory illness. This project begins in Mexico City, one of the world’s most polluted cities, and is set to branch out all over Mexico.
  • A lawn seed co. that sequesters carbon 10x more than ordinary grass and needs almost no water to thrive. Eco-friendly, A/C-refrigerant replacement to repair & protect the ozone layer.
  • A CBD/health & wellness co. that has a unique & high-healing product line.
  • A co. that has a patent on young Thai coconuts such that the nutritional value is fully preserved.
  • A Nicolai Tesla-based carbon credit co. that awards landowners who are preserving their land and building owners who reduce their carbon footprint.
  • A waste-to-energy company that takes fat, oil & grease (FOG) and converts it into usable energy as a clean bio-diesel.
  • A solar developer who has engaged A Better World to bring air-to-water technology along with his solar installations in remote villages across Colombia where there is no electricity or clean water.
  • A medical software company that provides an app. not found in the field that is designed to save lives by reducing iatrogenic injuries and deaths.

Mitchell first ventured into social impact, values-based business as a teenager, producing benefit rock and jazz concerts in Westport, CT.

His last concert was for a Presidential candidate whose platform was world peace. This and the previous concerts were so successful that when he went into the field of psychology, he stayed active as an entrepreneur, especially in promoting wellness & green tech, products and services designed to make a positive impact ever since.

He learned the principle then as a teenager that one can do well by doing good, and his work has been guided by this. He is a systems/holistic thinker.

Relationships and communications, whether in business or at home, are core to everything and are the focus of Mitchell’s work as a coach, media host & entrepreneur.

Mitchell has facilitated groups in Stress Reduction, conflict resolution and communication internationally. He teaches Qi-Gong, Meditation and Stress Management at retreats across the U.S.

In all of A Better World’s endeavors, it promotes the guiding Green Party’s idea of People & Planet before Profit, that real prosperity comes from sustainable service.

Mitchell is President of the (ECOSOC) NGO, the Institute of Global Education, which oversaw the building of schools in India and Nepal. Currently, it is in the process of building an online presence for Global Education largely around regenerative agriculture, which in itself resolves Food and Water Security, peace, and building local economies.

He is on the Board of FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences), CarePoint, a medical diagnostic co., and Source of Synergy Foundation.

Mitchell is on the Advisory Boards of Ethical Markets, All-Faiths Seminary, World Water Rescue Foundation, Emerald City (a green city project), and Partnerships for Change.

Mitchell was invited to be a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle in 2018, co-founded by several luminaries, including Dr. Deepak Chopra and Social Artist Jean Houston.

In 2009, Mitchell was knighted into The Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller, St. John of Jerusalem, an Order which does charitable work for children in poverty-ridden or war-torn countries. Mitchell has published articles in numerous health magazines and several chapters in a few books. One is Heart at Work, with two chapters on compassionate capitalism and bringing heart into the business. One is a chapter of a spiritual odyssey he had in India, and another on social entrepreneurs.

He was invited to write for the Huffington Post by Arianna Huffington.

He is completing books on relationships, solutions to Global Warming, creating a better world, and the art of the interview.

Mitchell has a B.A. from Bard College, New York, M.A. from Antioch/New England Graduate School in New Hampshire, Certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, a Diplomate in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture from the Tri-State Institute in NYC.

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