We human beings have a remarkable capacity to justify our actions. When the left hemisphere does all the thinking, and the right hemisphere, the pre-frontal cortex and the heart are ‘left out’, rationalizations can abound.

So it is with Afghanistan. This ancient, tribal land, rich in culture, language and custom dating back thousands of years, by the time of the U.S. invasion in 2001, it was left as rubble. Archaeological evidence shows humans living in this region some 50,000 years ago. Its cultures took root going back a few thousand years. Its tribes and languages are many and it has managed to keep its many cultures generally intact despite being conquered numerous times over the centuries as it is the crossroads between East and West for trade, minerals, poppies, etc. It has an old, intriguing history.

Yet, in October 2001, the President of one of the youngest countries in the world launched missile strikes from the U.S. in retaliation of what was considered to be the handiwork of one person, not even Afghani but Saudi who lived in Afghanistan, in the bombing of the World Trade Center in NYC on September 11, 2001.

It was a charged moment. I live in New York City and was present for this horrific event. We only had suspicions of who did it and why. There were numerous leads coming in from all over the world about “who dunnit” but hard evidence was missing.

Yet, it was said early on that the Saudi Arabian, Osama bin Laden, was the mastermind behind the bombing. This same bin Laden whose parents were very successful in the construction industry in Saudi Arabia, and who were partners with the Bush family for years. This was through the Carlyle Group and possibly other business ties.

Osama bin Laden was never arrested, brought to trial, or found guilty in a Court of law, only in the Court of public opinion. We may never know if he had anything to do with the bombing though certainly, he may have. Inferences may lead to that but nothing is conclusive. He was denied due process as International law requires and we would all want for anyone. Hardly an apologist, but as most anyone would, I want to see fair play which is due process for one and all.

Let’s take a moment to analyze this. There was an attack on The World Trade Center. Intel suggested but did not know who was responsible and official fingers pointed to bin Laden. It was also said that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, considered an ally to the U.S. in general and the Bush-Cheney Administration in particular.

If we knew that the origin of most of the hijackers was Saudi, why wasn’t Saudi Arabia attacked? If retaliation is often the basis of, the modus operandi for war, why should they not have been attacked by the U.S.? Was it because of oil? Money?

What was uncertain was that bin Laden had anything to do with the 9/11 attack though indeed, he may have been—we might not ever know. But instead of say, sending a small team to find him CIA-style covertly, the U.S. sent missiles and armies to attack, not him but an entire country. Thousands of American troops stormed into the country cost American taxpayers billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Now where is the logic in that? If you are seeking to find one man in a country of about 31 million, is the best way to achieve that to bomb and invade the entire country in which he was temporarily residing?

In my limited version of reality, none of this makes sense. There have to be a host of other incentives, because this one—to capture the man said to have been behind the 9/11 attack and to go to war with the country he happens to be in, deploy thousands of troops at taxpayer’s expense, putting thousands of lives, American and allies at risk, is one of the most illogical and irrational actions that could have been taken. And if he moved over to Pakistan in the dead of night, should the U.S. then bomb Pakistan?

Perhaps this is what perpetual war looks like.

Twenty years have passed, trillions of dollars spent, one of the oldest cultures on Earth virtually decimated, a tremendous number of deaths and injuries have occurred and within a week of the U.S. withdrawal, the Afghani forces capitulated and the Taliban took back the capital, the Presidential Palace and the country. If this doesn’t qualify as insanity, I don’t know what does.

It was said that bin Laden’s compound was raided during the Obama years, which led to his murder and his remains were dumped into the ocean. No positive I.D. can ever take place.

Obama was hailed as a hero for having accomplished this task, again, no due process, no trial, in violation of International Law. Does this sound like the activity of an ethical government with moral compass or the Mafia?

It is so interesting to hear the military experts “analyze” all that has happened, from why we ‘had” to be there, why we had to stay there for 20 years and why we had to leave when we did. There is a justification and rationale for every part of the story. Dissenters are dismissed. Mainstream media, unlike in prior times, loves to cozy up to power instead of speaking objectively about it. The government owes us the truth and apparently it is only non-mainstream media that any longer provide it. There is an exception. Mainstream media can usually be relied upon for fairly accurate reports on the weather.

I am reminded of course, of the immortal words of the highly-decorated, U.S. General Smedley Butler, who, in 1935, said in a book he wrote that “War is a racket”. He discusses how business interests commercially benefit from war and that is a major motivation for wars altogether. He knew because he was commanded to head up mercenary attacks on other countries for the sake of private corporation’s profiteering from cheap labor and land in the name of upholding Democracy.

Just as there is in the current ‘war’ against Covid, there are opinions spouted everywhere and few real facts about the nature of human health, the immune system and the potentially hazardous effects of the MRNA technology which its inventor, Dr. Robert Malone, has warned the public to stay away from as they are still in an experimental stage. Despite this, the White House, CDC, Anthony Fauci, the FDA and the media march ahead tossing caution to the winds, jeopardizing unsuspecting people everywhere.

The narrative here is why we needed an experimental vaccine, why nothing else that modern medicine or Nature have in their respective arsenals would work, and in order to be ‘safe’, everyone needs to take this novel, barely tested vaccine that didn’t even exist. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with the world.

I would suggest that it is as irrational and illogical a story as the Afghanistan story. Or most other war stories. None of it makes sense—it defies logic—except the logic of the age-old one, virtually undefeated in accuracy: follow the money trail. Then, and only then, do the pieces of the puzzle begin to make sense in both scenarios, and of course, many more.

When there is an illness, one seeks a remedy, a treatment. One selects from the existing body of treatments, be they natural, holistic, herbal, homeopathic or allopathic. There is virtually always something that will help to alleviate symptoms if not get to the root cause. That is how intelligent Nature is. No one thinks that they better spend the next year developing a brand new one while people are suffering and dying left and right.

But strangely, the CDC doesn’t think that this simple logic applies to the case of Covid. Suddenly, nothing in the world’s vast pharmacopeia works, not Nobel-Prize winning research into the anti-viral effects of Vitamin C (thank you Dr. Linus Pauling), not the long-time role known to doctors and scientists worldwide of zinc, Vitamin D, nor the many anti-virals, anti-parasitics, anti-malarial drugs that have populated the medical marketplace for decades and have proven track records across the world, including those that are FDA-approved, not that any longer has much distinction due to its conflicts of interest running through the agency for decades that most Americans simply don’t know about. Shall we pretend that the FDA has standing because we would prefer it so, or shall we look at what historical research and fact-finding has shown us?

Good doctors use the resources at their disposal, and thoughtfully re-purpose what they have in hand. The results kept people out of the hospital and sometimes symptom-free in a matter of days.

But apparently, not a single existing drug showed value in treating Covid-19, to those who wanted the government to underwrite R&D for a new designer vaccine.

This single form of coronavirus has apparently defied every known treatment and required a novel vaccine that didn’t yet exist, that the R&D had to be ramped up “warp speed”, standard protocols of animal experiments put aside, very select demographics used for testing, and then thrown into the market, all, by the way, at taxpayer’s expense, putting billions of dollars into a few corporation’s pockets.

An entire country and world’s health was put into the precarious position of relying on a vaccine that didn’t even exist for its ability to conquer what has been called a pandemic despite many epidemiologists disagreeing with that assessment. The riskiness of this enterprise, of this White House and CDC-level choice, is nothing short of alarming, putting the whole world population at risk with existing treatments readily available for pennies on the dollar in the medical arsenal.

The absence of a thorough review of existing medicines that were already immediately available at the local, Main St. pharmacy that could have been used starting in January 2020 and could have saved countless lives should alarm everyone.

It was as though there was one single solution to the Covid problem, and well, it didn’t exist just yet—just have some patience Y’all! and become a patient. So many lives across the world could have been saved had the White House, the CDC and the FDA utilized what was already available instead of putting ‘all bets’ on a vaccine that did exist only on paper and wouldn’t be available for almost another year.

How medically or ethically responsible was that choice? Could you say that this is a war on People?

There were those doctors who used Vitamin C, D and zinc with great success early on both here and in China. Northwell Hospital in NY used intravenous Vit. C back in March 2020 highly effectively. This emerged in my interview with Dr. Andrew Saul, a specialist in orthomolecular medicine.

Did that get headlined in the newspapers or news media on TV or radio? Not once, yet this natural approach was saving lives. Had they been deployed en masse, or for those who prefer drugs, Ivermectin or Hydro-chloroquine with zinc, it could have saved millions of lives as well as alleviated profound suffering. A simple African herb, Artemisnian, has been shown to have significant therapeutic effects on Covid-19.

All this was passed on in exchange for a novel vaccine that didn’t even yet exist. All bets were placed on that and now so many fatalities and injuries have resulted among those who have taken ‘the jab’.

If mainstream media make reference to Ivermectin at all, it is mocking, completely embarrassing from a scientific point of view. But one has to just remember that their salaries are paid for largely by Big Pharma. Facts, objective science and truth simply have little to do with today’s commercial media.

But instead of a normal medical protocol of using drugs currently available, a story was promulgated that this one virus, in all of human and likely, planetary history, was so severe that no treatment existed, everyone had to stay at home and the world economy had to be shut down.

Instead of studying countries that overcame the virus fairly quickly such as New Zealand, South Korea and Singapore, and what they may have done to accomplish this, there was a single approach only embraced, a spanking, new vaccine that was going to skip most all testing protocols to rush it to market. The illogic and the utter absence of commonsense is startling and should shock anyone.

It should be pretty apparent that there is another incentive here, another agenda in the background. Another ‘something’ at play. What is it, Sherlock?

We were told that there was some kind of ‘bat soup’ in a wet market in Wuhan, where, coincidentally, one of the major virology labs in China also happens to be, it seems, just across the street. But no, it didn’t come from the lab, but some kind of bat culinary delight. First “quirk” of many.

This little falsehood was followed by so many, ensconced in a package of fear that was clearly designed to scare the daylights out of anyone. At first, it scared me!

The word pandemic began to be bandied about. The world has seen many real pandemics over the course of human history and we’ve survived them all without modern drugs or vaccines. It seems that many of them got cleared up through improved sanitation practices, better hygiene and plumbing.

It was discovered in early 2020 by Australian researchers that the long-time, FDA-approved anti-viral drug, Ivermectin, was working well in cases of Covid-19. Yet this was either disavowed or simply ignored. Same with hydro-chloroquine with zinc and others. Yet front-line physicians were finding good results, keeping people out of the hospital and recovering quickly.

We also know that when one contracts an infection, that letting it run its course, with proper, overall treatment, the immune system of those infected becomes vastly stronger and often leads to life-long immunity and costs nothing. It is Nature’s design. It’s called evolution and adaptation.

The immune system ‘learns’ and strengthens through exposure. In fact, it weakens without it. There is, needless to say, a balance between too much and too little and one needs to be highly judicious about this, as in the example of ‘nursing a fever’. But this biological principle is foundational to understanding immune function and evolution.

But medical science, almost an oxymoron these days in which corporatized science is passed off as objective science, rarely favors Nature’s intelligent ways, and always favors the man-made vaccine or drug that costs thousands more and is rarely as good.

Few know about the history of the CDC and vaccines but if people knew about its dark history, they would re-consider who they deem as authority over their own health and bodies. They in fact, should be in an uproar and demand that the agency is dismantled. Conflicts of interest abound.

It’s hard to admit that some of our sanctified institutions are profoundly corrupt, serving its own Board members first and the public it is there to serve, second. Often, painful as it is to say, the CDC provides Americans a dis-service and has jeopardized the health of everyone at times, and especially Black Americans in a series of God-awful, repugnant experiments over the course of decades. How in the world can we continue to uphold the word and status of such an organization?

So now we have a world that is ‘at war’ and divided between those who dismiss the vaccine as altogether too novel and experimental, therefore potentially lethal if not just plain out dangerous, and those who believe the TV pundits and companies that produce them. It’s a different kind of war, no missiles as such, but war nonetheless. But the world is again, divided. Divide and conquer, the classic military strategy is at play yet again, now in a civilian context.

A sad but virtually incontrovertible observation is that the wealthiest people on this planet, those who lobby and significantly influence governments want war, some of it grossly on a battlefield, some of it in cyber-space, and some of it more subtly on the ground through the food and water supplies. But it is a war against the People and our health and minds.

Another version of war and contamination is the use of electro-magnetic fields such as with the technology of 5G. We are fed images in TV commercials and yes, in the news, that 5G is the best thing that could happen, a true advance. But who looks at the health effects? The data are plentiful of the dangers, yet this is simply ignored and dismissed by the corporate giants who pull the media strings and talking heads!

Is another form of war the drumbeats advocating that people get “shot” in the arm with a vaccine even when an alarming number of scientists and doctors, say that these vaccines are experimental at best despite the FDA just granting full approval as to its safety? No one, lay person or professional, could agree with this due to the number of fatalities and injuries caused by them.

Of those who have taken the vaccine, I wonder how many have taken the time to read about the numerous adverse events that are known that can and have taken place? I wonder how many people, after reading the potential for myocarditis, blood-clotting, and much more, would roll up their sleeves? Most would likely think twice or thrice before agreeing to it. And now we have a President using the imperative: “Get vaccinated today!” he said yesterday. Will they mandate vaccines against people’s will due to a partial narrative?

If one doubts the narrative of the money trail, one can follow the track of patent filings regarding the coronavirus which David E. Martin has done brilliantly, going back to the 1990’s. This provides a context for all that has been happening since the Covid story has been media-ized. Interestingly, what Dr. Martin has brought forth is largely, if not completely, a matter of public record. Most currently, it is further buttressed by Dr. Fauci’s own emails recently leaked. When you review these and hear what Eco-Health Alliance’s CEO, Dr. Peter Daszak, has to say, well, the house of cards comes tumbling down because, unaware of who his audience would later be, he tells the truth.

One can look at the work of Dr. Zach Bush who has been outspoken about the CDC operating on the basis of 100-year old science, of Robert F. Kennedy who has put everything on the line, to tell the truth about the dangers of vaccines and medical racism, Gary Null and his daily reporting on the lies being perpetuated by the establishment about vaccines, and orthodox, vaccine-supporting physicians who oppose the MRNA vaccines and much more.

There are heroes in and around the medical profession itself, who are standing up to speak, putting their jobs and reputations on the line in respect to this white-washing/brain-washing taking place regarding what Covid is, its origin and its best, safest and cost-effective treatment. Even the inventor of the MRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone has admonished the world not to take it. But he has been marginalized and not given a forum in the mainstream media.

So it’s another year, another war. Would you not think that human beings would get sick of perpetuating this carnage on every level? That we would “see behind the curtain” that we, the People, are being manipulated on most every level by our governments, big Pharma and the world’s largest media corporations?

We do want to ask: what is it in the human psyche that wants to subjugate other human beings to create different levels of submission and slavery? Is freedom, human potential so daunting to those in power?

In 2001, the Bush-Cheney White House began a massive public relations campaign to solicit the backing of Americans to go to war with Iraq. They flatly falsified information and presented it to the American People, to the Security Council at the U.N. and to the world.

They committed dastardly acts such as outing a deep-cover CIA agent, Valerie Plame, when her husband, former Diplomat Joseph Wilson, contradicted the White House’s story about Saddam Hussein seeking to purchase yellowcake for warheads. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

The White House wanted war and they would lie, cheat and steal to get it. Weapons of Mass Destruction was a fiction that they spoon-fed the American People who swallowed it whole. Like Afghanistan, Iraq is an ancient culture, also one of the oldest on the planet, and its heritage was decimated, as happened in Afghanistan and its people mortally and morally wounded.

Should we look at Vietnam, staging coups all over Latin America, even Iran to install the Shah by deposing a Democratically-elected President? It is hard to find a single year in all of U.S. history that we cannot find a war, or as they are called these days, “an armed conflict” or a “skirmish” which names are much easier to get through Congress or to avoid it altogether.

If government has been so willing to lie to us about just about everything Administration after Administration, agency after agency, Republican and Democrat, run experiments on Americans, give Black American men syphilis so they can be ‘studied’, what in the world makes you think that the agencies and White House are suddenly telling the truth about Covid and its treatment now?

I am inviting the reader to look at so much of what goes on day by day in our lives, and see that there are manipulations of facts, the promulgation of propaganda, the politicization of data that engage us to support actions that, left to ourselves, we would not approve of. I invite the reader to consider that war in different forms is being waged against We, the People, here in the U.S. and elsewhere and being told that it is all for our own good, safety and security! It is very clever, age-old and often effective.

Good to remember that the Press is said to be the 4th branch of government, keeping us informed of what’s going on and blowing the whistle on abuses and lies. Hence the First Amendment. One could say that it is predicated, in good measure, on the age-old sage saying that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Much of the Press has been found in bed with the entity it is there to report on.

By recognizing what is happening and calling it by the right name, we can identify what is going on and to some extent why (think money-and-power trail) and from this recognition, seek to liberate ourselves from these forces, recognize our own power and seek to course-correct our government and business community so that they fulfill their true function: to serve people. There are many members of both government and the business world who are wholly committed to making the world a better place for all—light seeps through even in the darkest times.

Greed and fear are pathologies that have led to the destruction of our Earth’s ecosystem, of our justice system, of our institutions. These need to be recognized for what they are in order to heal the conditions that led to their advanced development in our society.

I recognize that when I say let’s have ‘a world without war, a world of peace’, I could easily be called hopelessly naïve, that I don’t understand how difficult some people’s living conditions are under oppressive rule, outrageously challenging economic circumstances and the like. I would have to concede that they have an extremely valid point.

Cultures are very different across the world, as are regimes and belief systems. But beneath all of this, there is a sentient nature that links us all, in joy, love, laughter, smiles, good cheer, food, generosity, singing and dance. Most all humans enjoy some or all of these. These unite us and bring us together into a human family.

Differing attitudes toward women for instance, and their role in the family and society, child labor practices, the ideas of Democracy, differing religious ideologies, can easily create polarity and division. I do not have an easy answer to this except to say that if people agree to tolerate their differences and commit to co-existing peacefully, this ideal can be approached. This has perhaps more to do with emotional and stress management on a personal level than anything else—that I will float out as a real possibility—and this brings the issue ‘back home’ to an individual level which is much more manageable than dealing, for instance, with an entire ideological movement at large.

I do believe that people ultimately prefer peace to war, both internally and externally. If we start with this premise, what seemed horribly naïve might be able to come closer to fruition. When people have a place to call home, even a modest one, and food to feed their families, the world for anyone looks brighter. Cultures differ widely but there are important points of confluence among us humans as a species, as community-builders, that are very much in common, including laughter, a warm smile and sharing food as mentioned, all powerful bridge-builders in a world that otherwise looks so divided.

I have traveled the world quite extensively. I seek to learn a little of the language of the land I visit. I see that much communication is really non-verbal and consists of a smile, a handshake, a nod of the head, the warmth communicated through the eyes. Differences diminish, humanity shows its beautiful face over and over. People, by and large, really enjoy each other! It’s when power gets centralized and concentrated in the hands of a few that troubles erupt in River City.

It is also an invitation to look closely at ourselves on the levels of mind, heart and soul, and ask: why do we agree to allow those in power to continue to abuse our beautiful world and potentially beautiful lives on this gorgeous planet as we do? What in us, part of our shadow, allows this to happen in our name?

Can we create a deeper level of inner peace and affect the quantum field by so doing as praying monks, wizened rabbis and people from every tradition have been doing for centuries?

Our reptilian brain, whose actions are fight-or-flight-or freeze and whose corresponding emotion is fear, is but one part of a vastly larger brain system. We also have a pre-frontal cortex through which higher-level thought and reflection occur.

The human heart, literally an independent brain with some 40,000 neurons, thinks perhaps in a more evolved way than any other brain and includes love and compassion in its thinking process.

Is it unreasonable to think that after so many thousands of years of human civilization that we could not task ourselves to play a higher-level game that does not involve killing or poisoning each other for the sake of a piece of paper called “money”? These days it’s more often digits on a computer screen and yet!

The good news is that the world is replete with good people doing well everywhere and making the world a better place for all. There are many who are big-hearted, kind, loving, friendly, funny and generous who deeply care about each other, family, friends and the world-at-large. The numbers are in the many millions and discussed in Paul Hawken’s book Blessed Unrest.

Going beyond war, all the levels of it, is the next frontier I suggest, for humanity’s evolution. While we are in the middle of a war being waged on us, there is no better time to move our peaceful, much more loving and enjoyable agenda ahead as now. It is truly time for humanity to re-birth itself because the old, reptilian paradigm, as with so much in our society, is antiquated.

The old, patriarchal power structures we are working to make a thing of the past. The more we open to our human potential, to the Universal Feminine, to the vastness of the Universe depicted so interestingly in quantum physics, the power of the imagination, and in the imaginal, multi-dimensional aspect of ourselves so beautifully articulated in Jean Houston and Annelose Smitsman’s recent, best-selling book The Quest of Rose, we can envision and even taste a truly beautiful world for us to give birth to as evolved humans.

I strongly suggest that there is a world of peace, love, kindness and immense creativity that we can create. We can turn swords into ploughshares, but it will take, among other things, a major assertion of will and as the ancient Vedas discussed, “upaya”, skillful means, to do so.

As Buckminster Fuller wisely said:

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

As the hero Nelson Mandela, from prisoner to President said:

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

And as the legendary rock hero, Jimi Hendrix said:

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.